It’s a very dangerous time to be 52 and Pfizered.

But Pfizer has immunity, you don’t.

Bars and restaurants are now requiring proof of Ukraine support. Just kidding.

 Western Australia hit hard by Covid. Did they think they would get away?

Hungary is Latest EU Nation to End Coronavirus Lockdowns

As of Monday, the Hungarian government has lifted nearly all of its Wuhan coronavirus restrictions, with mask mandates now limited to only hospitals and retirement homes.

The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán ended mask mandates for indoor public spaces and on public transport on Monday and has also scrapped capacity limits on events that previously required proof of vaccination or a negative test for the coronavirus.

By that logic, if I suffer from TDS, believe in the climate racket and identify as a hardcore Marxist I am ‘intelligent’. Probably as ‘intelligent’ as a leftist wakademic can be.