“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most authoritarian of them all?”

Ezra Levant points out how Trudeau is doing the classic communist trick of using common language but in a way intended to create the opposite effect.

Ezra Levant takes a look at doublespeak that’s being used by Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal government to push for more censorship in Canada while war rages in Ukraine. FULL REPORT: https://rebelne.ws/3hFPCvK

WTF is he saying?

Is this guy for real! Freezing political opponents bank accounts!

North Korea names ‘root cause’ of Ukraine crisis

Pyongyang accused Washington of pursuing “military supremacy” at the expense of Moscow’s “legitimate” security demands
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, February 27, 2022

Mark Steyn gives his view that we are experiencing a ‘Western apocalypse’

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  1. I read that Warne got his booster shot b4 leaving for Thailand….does anyone have a link? Nevertheless, given that by the end of March, in Australia, one will not be considered fully vaccinated unless they had their booster, it would follow that since Warne was going to vacation for app. 3 months, then heay have had issues on returning to Australia, had he not been boosted, consequently, it would be likely that he boosted.

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