Putin, fake news & censorship in the Ukraine war

This  is huge. Please think this one through.

Banning RT. is not okay. Banning RT is censorship. Your gov’t has just become dictatorial. Compared with our own propaganda channels, RT is more accurate. In some cases, that’s even true for the  IslamoProp from Al Jazeera. 

Once the public is OK with a government action, they will use that tool to accomplish the real goal. And it isn’t against Russia. Its against us.

Former Liberal MP Adam Vaughan has called for Fox News to be taken off the air in Canada for its supportive coverage of the Freedom Convoy. 

Google, a propaganda empire of unprecedented proportions, has decided to block RT. But it can be seen on Odysee here.

Censorship DownUnder:

Stan Grant kicks an Australian-Russian man out of #QandA for questioning the media’s pro-Ukraine/anti-Russia coverage.

The Muslims are pleased when the infidels make war against each other:

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