The one constant in all the crisis of the past few decades, is the move to tyranny

Never forget, our governments mandated vaccines while deliberately concealing crucial information about their side effects. They stole our civil rights, silenced medical dissent, and used public resources to protect international pharmaceutical companies from legal strife. WHY?

Vlad Tepes has his eyes on the ball:

From Nuclear Winter to the current conflict in Ukraine, the one constant has been, in it’s original meaning, “political correctness.”

First, let’s visit what that term actually means:

(Youtube has now age restricted this video, and made it not playable outside of their site. This should tell us all a great deal, and also recognize it as a data-point that Whittle is correct)

The one truly consistent thing in all these events has been that you may not contradict the official narrative on the stated position on each one of these ‘crisis’. As we all know who may grace these pages:

With the left, the point is never the point, and the revolution is always the point.

With Global Warming, we all saw and continue to see, that any attempt to counter the scientisim of global warming with actual data and real science, will be met with cancelation. Perhaps we didn’t pay quite as much attention to it at the time as it was a thin strata of society that was being destroyed for offering reality on climate. And after all, didn’t we all to a degree think it might lead to policies that would be good for the environment? Of course, it wouldn’t as policies created on fictions can never make anything better. But a lot of people thought it would.

Meanwhile a lot of real scientists got destroyed for putting forth actual climate reality. Which made it quite satisfying when the hockey stick graph guy, Micheal Mann went to court against Mark Steyn and lost. If I recall correctly, he wouldn’t even present the data he used to make the graph so the Judge had to call it for Steyn.

Here is the Democrat propaganda magazine, The Atlantic attempting to tell the opposite story.

But most scientists who didn’t push the phoney climate scam would just never get a grant or be denied any kind of work in the field.

Let’s look at one of the top NASA scientists before he discovered this and after:

Flash forward to the start of Covid. There was an entire series of narratives that you could not dare contradict. Everything from the origins as being from bat soup in Wuhan, to the danger of it which must be as fearsome as possible in order to drive more narratives like lockdowns and masks and then of course, the many lies surrounding the experimental mRNA injections. In all cases and at all times you had to support or at least not contradict the official narratives as represented at any given time, by the government-media, and social-media conglomerate, all in lock step about how we must think about each aspect of each thing at every and any given time.

“The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.” -Orwell, 1984

Even now there are letters and communications circulating by the Ontario government telling medical staff to contact any patient who has not taken the goo and coerce them into it. Doctors who said anything true about the vaccines which might cause “vaccine hesitancy” risked losing their licences to practice medicine. In one case, a doctor in BC was committed to a mental facility and treated rather badly inside. This was because he told the truth about miscarriages of women who had taken the shot.

An Ottawa doctor had his practice raided by police and all his patient files taken after he closed his practice because he didn’t think the mRNA shots where a good idea. He said so in a letter he sent to his patients after he closed his practice.

There’s lots more, here…