The Warming Will Kill Us All

If the virus doesn’t kill us, the warming will. The science is settled!

Greta Thunberg’s Group Launches Protest Against Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Climate change will cost Australia hundreds of billions of dollars: UN report

“All flooding records are being broken”-
“We need 100% renewables NOW”
Panic porn on steroids.
I suggest we sacrifice some virgins on the altar of “climate change”.
Climate change will cost Australia’s economy hundreds of billions of dollars in coming decades, driven by loss of life and physical damage caused by heatwaves, droughts, floods, fires and other natural disasters, according to the United Nation’s report compiled by the world’s climate scientists.

The Biden’s stand to lose millions if Putin takes Ukraine. Is there no one who cares?

BoJo has ‘No Idea’ How Much Net-Zero Green Agenda Will Cost, Parliament Committee Claims