Why is the media gone silent after Pfizer revealed 1,291 different adverse events after vaccination?

“The mRNA “vaccines are genetic engineering and genetic modification as stated by the companies, and it is, in fact, gene therapy designed to harm humanity and perpetually make humanity a slave to the ongoing gene editing fantasies of psychopaths.” Dr. David Martin

They said the mRNA would make it so the host could not carry a full viral load and could not spread… until that was revealed a baseless lie. They said vax-induced myocarditis was “mild” and would “go away in a few days”… until people were hospitalized and killed by it.

Why did the media stop reporting on Covid, after two-years straight of 24/7 coverage, right as Pfizer was forced to publicly reveal 1,291 different adverse events following vaccination including neonatal death?

Media clowns are the scum of the earth: