Vax Injuries

Safe and effective they say.

Your Government is more dangerous than any virus.

They knew the vaccines were going to kill and injure people

AstraZeneca was the first of the vax manufacturers to have their product rejected worldwide after the vax led to an increased risk of blood clots forming and a whole host of other side effects.

The most frustrating part of the last 2 years is watching the majority of people comply and eat up the lies. It’s hard to keep the spirits up.

Don’t forget that Pfizer paid over $ 2 billion for criminal charges for bribery and withholding adverse events in their products. They would never lie bout their experimental medication. You can trust Big Pharma!


Once the World is engineered through this Collapse…the World Economic Forum will pose as the Saviours and offer a Global Digital ID, Cashless Society, Social Credit Score and Food Rationing’s due to Climate Change.

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