Woke Disney: Down With the House of Mouse!


These degenerates believe grooming children is an entitlement, a right reserved for them:

Four Disney Employees Busted in Major Sex Trafficking Sting

Disney was “woke” before “woke” became a thing. For decades the company has defended practices that put children at risk, but those practices have become more and more perverse in recent years. Today, the company that holds the attention of so many parents and children is a cesspool of depravity, most recently exemplified by their CEO coming out in favor of teaching kids as young as five about modern adult sexuality.

Grooming Gangs Run the House of Mouse

Disney is done.
Morbidly decadent wokeism is now ruling this once magical kingdom.
Flood of Families Cancel Disney Memberships over Woke Company’s Leftist Agenda: ‘Walt Would Turn over In His Grave’

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