Canuckistan & the New World Order

Justin Trudeau has zero science to back up why the unvaxxed can’t fly. There is however proof that if you don’t do as he says he will make your life a living hell. That is a fact. It’s the kind of thing DICKtators do.

The NWO is emerging:

t’s not a coincidence the White House launched its Minister of Truth immediately after Elon Musk bought Twitter and backed free speech.

The Vax

If the vax was safe and effective, people wouldn’t need to be bribed, threatened or coerced into taking it.

Turdeau for Islam

Ignore all the damage done, ignore the casualties and the injuries, just keep on forcing the survivors to inject more of the same toxin:

The situation in Canada is dire. We have an openly hostile & corrupt Gov’t in bed with a complicit media to destroy the rights, freedoms & sovereignty of its citizens. They own the courts, the lawyers and no one dares speak up.

Dark times ahead.

Please see this RAIR article on events in Ottawa this weekend. From the state denying Veterans a ride around their own war memorial. to leftist hate-graffiti on a Vanier  Biker’s Church. 

The term “conspiracy theorist” is nothing more than a derogatory title used to dismiss a critical thinker.

Trudo hates Free Speech and Canada.

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