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Free crack pipes, open borders, record inflation and 40 b$llion for a war against Russia -but no baby formula. Just don’t forget: Creepy Joe got 81 million votes!

Clown World

Biden’s Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz: Liberals Censored on Social Media More OFten than Conservatives!

Twitter/Nina Jankowicz

Joe Biden’s new Minister of Truth, Nina Jankowicz, has been caught telling another whopper: claiming that leftists and “marginalized communities” are censored more often than conservatives on social media.

Ministry of Truth

🤡Jankowicz: Hunter Did Nothing Wrong!🤡

House GOP Introduces Legislation to Terminate Biden’s Ministry of Truth

Hunter Biden with Nina Jankowicz inset

President Biden’s DHS disinformation chief Nina Jankowicz defended Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with Burisma Energy during a July 2020 interview, calling the Biden scion, known for crack addiction and selling influence, a “foreign expert.”

Free Speech Failure Jack Dorsey: Twitter Blacklisting Donald Trump Was a ‘Business Decision’

Twitter co-founder and free speech failure Jack Dorsey recently agreed with Elon Musk after the Tesla CEO said that the platform’s decision to ban former President Donald Trump permanently was “morally wrong and flat out stupid.” According to Dorsey, he blacklisted Trump after making a “business decision.”

Tucker Carlson says Karine Jean Pierre’s qualifications to be the WH Press Secretary are “being a Black lesbian”

That’s about it. Apart from being a nasty piece of work. And that’s putting it nicely.

Needless to mention that leftoids are going apeshit over this.


Jen Psaki dismisses rising inflation as “temporary” and “transitory.”


The United States Congress runs the largest money laundering operation in human history.


1) Unvaccinated Ukrainians are being flown into Canada by Trudeau.

2) Trudeau has banned unvaccinated Canadians from flying.

The Great Reset

Phase 1: COVID-19, lockdowns, vax mandates, obscene money printing & inflation.

Phase 2: Provoke direct war with Russia. Manufacture shortages in diesel & food supply.

The awake see this plan. The woke display Ukraine flags & their vax status in their bio.

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