The Coming Food Shortages

Engineered supply chain disruptions.

THIS is happening every day now. In many places of the U.S. food processing plants have gone up in smoke. Mysterious, is it not?

It appears this happened March 17, 2022

A List Of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred At Key Food Industry Facilities In US Since Start Of 2022

The great reset is their evil plan and only we can stop it.

Think the price of meat going up and food shortages is accidental? Globalist green agendas are hell-bent on reducing livestock numbers. If they do, meat will be more expensive, only available for the rich and you’ll have to eat the bugs.

Real bad craziness or just unhinged fanatics?

“They Better Be Or They’re Gonna Be Out of Here!” – Biden Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy Threatens Airlines to Follow New Sustainable Energy Rules or Face Destruction (VIDEO)

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