WEF wins elections, mysteriously…

We really need to start asking how it’s possible that every WEF Leader…who is DESPISED by its Citizens…keep miraculously winning Elections?

Sky News host Joe Hildebrand says French President Emmanuel Macron has been met with a “lukewarm reception” after being hit by tomatoes while visiting a working-class suburb northwest of Paris days after his election victory.

‘Lukewarm reception’: Macron pelted by tomatoes during visit to Paris suburb

…and our leftist media is telling us that Al Banause will we the new commander in chief, soon….

“You can get used to the taste difference.”

Bill Gates Wants Rich Nations to Move to 100% Synthetic Beef, Says People Must Get Used to the Odd Taste

I want Gates out of my food, out of my pharmacy and out of my life.

These people are infil-traitors.

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