Monkey Pox: Does Renaming it Make a Difference?

Tucker wants to call it ‘Schlong Covid”.  

I would call it ‘Homo Pox’, because it’s probably a bit more accurate.

Monkeypox is clearly a “gay” disease, but the CDC is doing everything possible to avoid offending LGBTs

Why don’t we call it ‘Homo Pox’ instead?

New York Declares Monkeypox an Imminent Public Health Threat — 1,300 Confirmed Cases Statewide

Rand Paul Demands Answers After NIH Admits Redacting COVID-19 Origins Emails ‘To Prevent Misinformation’

teaser image

“This suggests NIH is censoring the information it releases to the public about the origins of the pandemic.”

Poll: 1 in 5 Americans Say They Are Worried About Getting Monkeypox

Listen to the stupid:

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