Gotta get them young: indoctrinating children with hateful garbage starts early

Kalea Selmon, ‘diversity director’, shockingly endorses discrimination against white children when she says “it is absolutely okay to give black and brown students things you’re not giving white children.”

Private School Lies to Parents About Teaching Critical Race Theory Following Breitbart News Investigation

Maryvale Preparatory, a private all-girls Catholic school in Baltimore, recently sent a letter to parents lying about the presence of Critical Race Theory in response to an article from Breitbart News that exposed their diversity director for making racially inflammatory remarks targeted at white students. 

The article from Breitbart News cited videos that featured Kalea Selmon, the school’s diversity director, endorsing anti-white discrimination and advocating for segregation in order to protect non-white students from what she called the “white gaze.”

Texas Bar Cancels Disney-Themed ‘Drag’ Brunch, Blames Critics

Texas Bar Cancels Disney-Themed ‘Drag’ Brunch, Blames Critics

The public had enough of homo promo. But the owners of this bar still didn’t get the message.

A Texas bar is angry after canceling what has been described as a “Disney-themed” drag brunch over the weekend, citing a barrage of “horrible DM’s,” “aggressive phone calls,” and “hateful comments.”

Viewers Slam ‘Peppa Pig’ for Featuring Gay Couple: ‘Leave Our Children Alone’

Nolte: Critics and Audiences Agree — ‘Pinocchio’ Is Another Disney Catastrophe

Disney+ Banishes Episode of Aussie Children’s Cartoon ‘Bluey’ for Dog Fart

Disney+ — Full of Pro-LGBTQIA+, Pro-Witchcraft Kids’ Shows — Banishes ‘Bluey’ Episode for Dog Fart

A common complaint from today’s activist class is that our entertainment isn’t diverse or inclusive enough, and that’s why older fiction must be “updated” to fall in line with modern tropes. I’m going to quickly prove why that argument is complete bullshit using classic animated film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Loosely based on the novel by Victor Hugo, Disney released its adaption in 1996.
It features Quasimodo, a severely deformed hunchback who lives as an outcast in Notre Dame’s belltower, high above Paris. Though physically strong, Quasimodo is obviously deformed, both in appearance and the way he moves. There are few clearer representations of disability in popular culture than him.
Then there’s Esmeralda, who despite being young and beautiful is openly persecuted because she’s a dark-skinned gypsy (an ethnic minority in that region). We also see Phoebus, an experienced soldier who values his duty as captain of the guard, but nonetheless defies the film’s corrupt authority figure, Frollo, when ordered to do something he knows is wrong.
The film tackles fear of the disabled, ethnic bigotry, religious zealotry, and even sexual sadism without ever being too on the nose or overly moralistic. It manages to get all this done in roughly 90 minutes, along with stunning visuals and great music.
The fact is, the leftist dingbats who screech so loudly in this era don’t really give a damn about diversity, their only true goal is attaining the power to dominate global culture.

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