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“America will be trampled by the hooves of the horses of the Caliph of the Muslims, Allah willing…”

Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheik Rebukes Pakistan for Not Launching Nuclear Strike to Help Establish Caliphate

This video-clip contains two addresses at the Al-Aqsa Mosque delivered by preacher Muhammad Abed (“Abu Abdallah”) on March 6 and 13, 2015. He rebuked Pakistan, asking: “Why do some generals, who have the ability to change history with one swift blow, refrain from doing so?” America, he said, would be “trampled by the hooves of the horses of the Caliph of the Muslims.”  (MEMRI TV)

Fatah Central Committee Member to PA TV: Dalal Mughrabi, Female Suicide Bombers, Are Our Role Models

But… deep down, they really really want peace, no?

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10 years after the Muslim riots, a witch hunt against the police

French Police Go On Trial 10 Years After The Banlieue Burned

Dreifus must be spinning in his grave. This trial is a prostration before the Muslims; it is a display of abject dhimmitude. It is  a disgrace of France in the eyes of the world. The two policemen are the sacrificial lambs on the altar of political correctness and defeatism.  The Muslims who burned 10.000 cars, 400 buses and a 100 businesses should be on trial, not the police who went after the perps. This is so perverse it is obscene! (Thanks to BCF)


Nearly a decade after three weeks of nightly rioting raged across disaffected French housing projects, two police officers go on trial on Monday over the deaths of two youths that detonated the explosion of violence…

…The rioting, arson, and running clashes with security forces that broke out in Clichy after the electrocution deaths quickly spread across hundreds of similarly seething French communities, inducing much soul-searching in France, yet little improvement in the projects since.

Concerns over the darker consequences of that growing socio-ethnic split between mainstream France and its marginalised inhabitants rose higher still after the January attacks in Paris by youths who had embraced radical Islam.

“It’s surprising that this has not yet been done.”

Quebec Wants to Ban the Wearing of the Full Islamic Veil
niqabslondon“It’s surprising that this has not yet been done.”

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From the Religion of Peace:

The Islamist Way  

Islamists are dedicated warriors of tolerance, religious freedoms and human rights. . . But only when Muslims are in the minority.

Could the Muslim Vote Sway UK Elections?  

Its not a matter of “could”. It already does.
What will Britain look like when Muslims enforce their demands with political muscle?

Here. Your first taste of Muselprop TV DownUnder:

OnePath Network : Everyone’s invited

Is it our fault that they don’t love us?

The Tolerance Surplus (INN)

“So far the ‘Hug them until they love us’ approach has not yielded any dividends, except more bombs and bullet holes, and bodies in morgues.”  (TROP)


If you ask American, Israeli and European liberals and leftists what the key problem with Islam is, they will answer that there is a lack of tolerance. Not of course a lack of tolerance on the part of the throat-slitters, car burners, gang rapists, car bombers and hate preachers of Islam. On the contrary they will assert that there is a great tolerance deficit on the part of Western nations toward Islam.

Daniel Greenfield

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“Runaway Girls”

Runaway girls helped by Isis double agent
 Good riddance! No one in his right mind should waste a thought on  these fanatical  jihad supporters. The question is, why are the authorities not cracking down on those who brainwashed them in the first place? And why do their tantrum throwing families need protection, at taxpayers expense, from those they hate with religious passion?2667E16200000578-2988146-image-m-97_1425997236626
clearFrom the TimesITV News and the Guardian Again I would call the girls ‘defectors’. Were they of age I would say traitors.

Turkish authorities arrested a man working for the US-led international anti-Isis coalition yesterday, alleging that he was a rogue spy who had helped three British girls to reach Syria.

On Thursday, Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told Turkey’s state broadcaster: “Do you know who was the person who helped these girls? This person was caught. It turned out to be someone who worked in the intelligence services of a country in the coalition.”

He said the agent was neither a national of an EU state nor the US, but did not give any further detail about how or where the alleged spy was captured.

Çavuşoğlu said he had informed his British counterpart, Philip Hammond, of the development. “He told me ‘just as usual’,” said Çavuşoğlu, without explaining further.

Some early reports linked the man to Canada but a government source in Ottawa said the person was not a Canadian citizen and was not employed by its intelligence services.

The Foreign Office has released a statement confirming that Turkish National Police have arrested a man alleged to have helped three British schoolgirls cross into Syria.

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Australian counter-terror police ‘stopping 400 per day’

Beyond stupid.

For f*kcs sake, let them go!

I curse our moronic government that holds them back.

Australian police are stopping hundreds of people every day at airports in an attempt to prevent would-be jihadists leaving the country.


A new counter-terror unit conducted nearly 76,000 “real-time” stops – more than 400 per day – at eight airports between August and February.

I say let them blow each other up over there before they blow us up over here! Let them go and make sure they are never allowed to return!

Former asylum inmate Adnan Oktar sells Morocco to Jews

Muslims and Jews Living in Peace in Morocco

Morocco can guide the world as a model in which people from different faiths holding different opinions can embrace one another as brothers and live together in peace and security and show that love and brotherhood are the best way to build an enlightened civilization.

Brother Oktar has been doing Islamoprop and interfaith da’awa for a long time. The Tundra Tabloids has done extensive work documenting his efforts. His Harun Yahya organisation is a riot!

However, to call Morocco  an “enlightened civilisation” is preposterous.


Free Prostitutes for Asylum Seekers!

 Siegertsbrunn (Bavaria) During a meeting organised by the CSU , retired Protestant pastor Ulrich Wagner proposed the idea to provide free prostitute services to  asylum seekers. Funding could, he said, be provided by financial donations to charitable souls or brothel managers. Ulrich Wagner puts this idea forward in order to address the fears of sexual assault affecting German villages which are housing the asylum seekers.

Siegertsbrunn – Bei einer Diskussion der CSU in Siegertsbrunn zum Thema Asyl regt der pensionierte Pfarrer an, Asylbewerbern die Dienste von Prostituierten zur Verfügung zu stellen.
WOO HOO! Swedish Democrat calls for ban on Islam, deportation of anyone who practices it
Ban Islam in Sweden and deport those who persist in believing in the religion”, said Pär Norling, group leader of the Sweden Democrats (SD) in Bollnäs, in an…   BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Nothing must slow down Islam

Gallia Watch

The comments made by Manuel Valls on March 3 during a visit to the grand mosque of Strasbourg (above) are worth noting, even though I’m a bit late in reporting them. They come under the same category as those made by Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who recently announced a new “dialogue” with Muslim leaders and the relaunching of an Islamic “foundation” to fund various cultural activities. Both men are working diligently to implant Islam firmly in France. With every new mosque, every new concession to halal food, every new welcome to imams, they eradicate a bit more of French tradition, and bring the country a step closer to overt conflict. From Le Point:

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Still, they are lying about the law of apostasy….

Abdullah al-Andalusi Melts Down

From Harry’s Place

Abdullah al-Andalusi is one of the silliest of extremists your typical Islamo nutbag. When he is faced with good questions rather than yet another crowd of admiring fellows, a petulant meltdown is the outcome.

The pretty young apostate Muslim lady is sensational. She remains calm, cool and collected and stands her ground. (SY) The rest of them, including the moderator, seem to have missed the memo: Al-Qaradawi: “Waging War Against Allah (Qur’an 5:33)” Refers To Apostasy. Without Killing Apostates “Islam Wouldn’t Exist Today”

Victorian translations (no really), an Inquisition court, post-colonial secular states, generous helpings of whataboutery, all the flailing is there.

See it happen in today’s “The Big Questions”.

Haitham al-Haddad comes up too. Al-Andalusi can’t bring himself to condemn one of the very worst hate preachers. He is not al-Haddad’s lawyer, don’t you know (seriously).

Mohammed Shafiq doesn’t come off all that well either in the broadcast, though at least he apologised to Maajid Nawaz for the Jesus and Mo madness.

Naturally both al-Andalusi and Shafiq are signatories of the “We Are The Problem” charter.