Two plucky little Arabs sign a worthless piece of paper


A Paki Degree For Ikhwan Headbanger in Chief Morsi:

By the grace of allah Egypt’s rocket scientist  PM Morsi received an honorary doctorate in philosophy from NUST in Islamabad on Monday. That’ll do him:  “Morsi is an elementary-school dropout. He is mentally insane.”

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah on Sunday signed an agreement to defend Jerusalem and its holy sites, Palestinian Authority media reported.

Jordan’s King Abdullah (L) welcomes President Mahmoud Abbas at the Royal Palace in Amman, March 31.

The agreement confirmed Jordan’s historic role in protecting sacred sites in Jerusalem, Habash said. It also confirmed Palestinian sovereignty over all of Palestine, including its capital East Jerusalem, the minister added.

“Jordan’s historic role in protecting sacred sites in Jerusalem”.

The hubris!  Remember that Jordan destroyed all the synagogues in the Old City, banned Jews from visiting holy sites, and desecrated Jewish cemeteries using the headstones to pave parking lots. 

You can always trust the Arabs to make good on their promises:

2,000 Year Old Jobar Synagogue Looted and Torched in Damascus

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, March 31, 2013

The latest casualty in the Syrian civil war was the Jobar Synagogue in Damascus.
The synagogue was 2,000 years old before it was looted and torched this week.
jobar damascus

Israel Survival Updates reported:

The 2,000-year-old Jobar Synagogue in the Syrian capital of Damascus — the country’s holiest Jewish site — was looted and burned to the ground.

Hamas "unbowed"

Yawn. What else is new?

Resheq made it clear that his Movement although striving hard to achieve national reconciliation, yet, it won’t recognize the Zionist entity regardless of the price it might pay for it, stressing, “We want it a Palestinian-Palestinian reconciliation without American or any external dictates because we aren’t happy with the current political rift in the Palestinian arena”.    Read it all: Resheq: Pressures won’t make Hamas bow

PA Arabs to Israel: We’ll Take Your State, Please

Pali Arabs are increasingly rejecting the two-state solution, leaning instead towards turning Israel into a bi-national state governed jointly by Arabs and Jews. by Hillel Fendel/INN

Haniyeh: US conditions remain obstacle to unity

America gets the blame for  “conditions which ultimately prevent Palestinian unity and weaken the national position…”

Abbas urges Obama to impose peace deal

The peace we have to have sounds more like the peace of the grave:

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) – Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbasurged President Barack Obama on Saturday to impose a Mideast peace deal, signaling the Palestinians’ growing frustration after nearly two decades of failed negotiations with Israel. Breitbart

Elder of Ziyon present:

Hamas claims 2 million people parasites in Gaza now

Palestine Press Agency reports that Hamas has announced that the population of the Gaza Strip is at nearly 2 million people.
Another Hamas member has been killed in “a mission of jihad” – which might be a bomb that went off prematurely, or it might be some Hamas infighting that they are hushing up.

NY senator Chuck Schumer piles on to the criticism of the White House policy towards Israel, the most prominent Democrat to do so.

A Quinnipiac University poll shows that Americans don’t think that Obama is handling Israel very well, and two-thirds of Jews don’t approve of the administration policies on Israel. Jonathan Tobin comments here and Jennifer Rubin is upset at the number of Jews who still support Obama.

Guess where Mahmoud Abbas will spend this weekend? At the Fatah Revolutionary Council meeting! Just the thing you would expect from a moderate, pro-Western peace partner.

Some Brandeis University students are criticizing the choice of Israeli ambassador Michael Oren as the commencement speaker this year.

Prominent sheikh says other sheikhs suffer from mental disorders

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Abu Mazen sez:

Abu Mazen: ‘A settlement freeze is Obama’s condition, not ours, but we’ll abide by it’


American Jewish “Leaders” to Meet With The Israel-Hater that they Voted for in the White House

Creepy American Jewish “leaders” (nobody elected them), are rushing to meet with the Israel-hater in the White House that they voted for. Of course, nobody in this group will admit to their mind-numbing naivete; once again illustrating, like in 1944, that American Jewish Organizations and most American Jews cannot be depended on to defend the interests of the Jewish people.But they can be depended on to hit you up for money to pay for their jobs.  NeoconExpress

Abbas Stonewalls, World Yawns

By: P. David Hornik

The “good” Palestinian cuts off talks until Netanyahu meets conditions he has already fulfilled. ….more

Saeb Erekat: ‘Palestinians’ have time

Carl in J’lem

And you thought – because Barack Hussein Obama told you – that it’s urgent to reach a ‘Middle East peace.’ So urgent that European chief diplomat Javier Solana says if Israel doesn’t give in to the ‘Palestinians’ quickly enough, the ‘international community’ will have to impose a final solution.

Now, Saeb Erekat, ‘Palestinian’ chief bottle washer negotiator disagrees.

Abu Mazen sez:

 “We Left Galilee on Our Own…”

Obama Foreign Policy Analysis

( Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas says the Arabs of the Galilee city of Tzfat left in 1948 not because they were driven out, but on their own volition.

Many biographies of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas imply that his family became “refugees” because of the War of Independence in 1948. For instance, a BBC profile on Abbas when he succeeded Yasser Arafat as PLO chairman in 2005 writes, “In the light of his origins in Safed in Galilee – in what is now northern Israel – he is said to hold strong views about the right of return of Palestinian refugees.” states, “As a result of the Arab-Israel War of 1948, he became a refugee.” Wikipedia articles on the topic say the same – all giving the impression that the Abbas family was driven out and became homeless.

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Moderate, peace-loving Mahmoud Abbas mocks the idea of a Jewish state

More on this story, from Palestinian Media Watch, May 4 (thanks to Jihad Watch).

He said:

“The ‘Jewish state.’ What is a ‘Jewish state?’ We call it, the ‘State of Israel’. You can call yourselves whatever you want. But I will not accept it. And I say this on a live broadcast… It’s not my job to define it, to provide a definition for the state and what it contains. You can call yourselves the Zionist Republic, the Hebrew, the National, the Socialist [Republic] call it whatever you like. I don’t care.” [PA TV, Apr. 27, 2009]


anim_38f06dac-0b00-feb4-e1e5-497e466736ec                                           Image lifted from Tundra Tabloids

  • The Israeli left is increasingly waking up to the disturbing reality that their country is surrounded by people with genocidal intent, and historian Benny Morris is a case in point: Running out of Solutions.

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