Abu Mazen sez:

Abu Mazen: ‘A settlement freeze is Obama’s condition, not ours, but we’ll abide by it’


American Jewish “Leaders” to Meet With The Israel-Hater that they Voted for in the White House

Creepy American Jewish “leaders” (nobody elected them), are rushing to meet with the Israel-hater in the White House that they voted for. Of course, nobody in this group will admit to their mind-numbing naivete; once again illustrating, like in 1944, that American Jewish Organizations and most American Jews cannot be depended on to defend the interests of the Jewish people.But they can be depended on to hit you up for money to pay for their jobs.  NeoconExpress

Abbas Stonewalls, World Yawns

By: P. David Hornik

The “good” Palestinian cuts off talks until Netanyahu meets conditions he has already fulfilled. ….more

Saeb Erekat: ‘Palestinians’ have time

Carl in J’lem

And you thought – because Barack Hussein Obama told you – that it’s urgent to reach a ‘Middle East peace.’ So urgent that European chief diplomat Javier Solana says if Israel doesn’t give in to the ‘Palestinians’ quickly enough, the ‘international community’ will have to impose a final solution.

Now, Saeb Erekat, ‘Palestinian’ chief bottle washer negotiator disagrees.