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"Loon Watch" got it all worked out: "The Quran does not at all say to kill apostates"

“Muslims are undergoing a soft reformation, led by the Western Muslims and the likes of Dr. Tariq Ramadan.  But it will take time, just like Europe did not reform overnight.”


The loons from Loon Watch are still in Hopey-Changey mode: who needs reality when you can cook your own?

Former Muslim receiving death threats

Ironically, just when the kooks from Loon Watch have decided that we got it all wrong and Islam has this great reform movement that forbids the killing of apostates, a former Muslim who is now an atheist, says he has been ostracized and threatened with death Sabri Husibi, who has an unlisted telephone number, said he received about 30 calls Saturday from people who were cursing him, calling him a traitor and threatening him.

One caller, whom Husibi would not identify, said that if he spoke at the meeting and said anything against Shariah (Islamic law), he would be killed.  Another caller offered Husibi’s young Muslim wife $10,000 to leave him and return to her native Syria, he said.  “Someone from Tulsa called my 76-year-old mother in Syria and said, ‘You’re not going to see your son anymore,’ ” he said. Tulsa World

Rifqa Bary

Fathima Bary Needs to Read Her Bible; “Final Word” on Islam and Apostasy

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Sweden: Soldiers of Allah set Swedish Cities on Fire

Muslim riots

Swedish cities hit by spate of arson and unrest

Muslims riot and burn in Sweden

Counter Jihad

The Local/H/T Mullah

Friday night was a troublesome one for many police forces across Sweden with several reports of arson and unrest. Police fear an escalation in the violence.

Violence continued in the Uppsala suburbs of Gottsunda, Valsätra and Eriksberg as at least eight cars were destroyed in arson attacks.

A police car was subjected to a shower of stones in Gottsunda as the unit was sent to investigate reports of vandalism by youth gangs.

At around 11pm further reports of burning cars were called in by concerned residents in Gottsunda and Valsätra, who have had to sustain continued unrest since the troubles broke out two weeks ago.

“It started on August 28th when the police were called to Gottsunda to investigate a car fire, and were then met with stone-throwing youths. It has since gone in waves, escalated, and spread to other neighbourhoods,” Christer Nordström at Uppsala police told the news website Svd.se.

In Södertälje, south of Stockholm, there were reports of serious damage to at least seven cars. Police suspect arson.

The unrest was not however limited to Sweden’s east coast with further reports of arson at several locations in western Sweden.

In the Bergsjön area of Gothenburg flammable liquid was sprayed on a tram and set alight.

Wilders blasts Obama on Muslim world policy

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, warns about the US president Barack Obama’s Muslim world policy. The Dutch MP criticizes Obama’s ‘dangerous and irresponsible policies,” and says he dislikes Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende’s policies “that entail Islamization “. Counter Jihad>>

Islamic tolerance for infidels:

Deporting an Apostate:

They welcome back non citizen terrorists from Gitmo, shelter AQ leaders wanted in France, Jordan and the USA, but want to send back an apostate. (hat tip Armaros)

Stop the imminent deportation of ‘apostate’###### to Afghanistan

Rifqa Bary, 17, hugs a Bible

Mohammedans in Rifqa Bary case go apeshit over Islamic center’s terror connection disclosure: ArabNews – Sameen Khan: “Hate groups use teen to defame Islamic center”

Miranda Rights for Islamic Terrorists: the Obambination hates the troops:

Terrorists in Afghanistan Allowed to Challenge Detention: First time in history the enemy can call witnesses, submit their “evidence”

Shaitan's Laptop: How Rifqa Bary Lost Her Islamic Faith

OrlandoSentinel – Rene Stutzman

When Rifqa Bary still was a Muslim

H/T Counter Jihad

The  Rifqa Bary case is making huge waves in the US. The major networks finally started reporting on to the abominable practice of honor killings. Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs has done invaluable work to bring this out in the open and most likely saved this girls life.  But of course none of this could have anything to do with Islam or the prophet Muhammad, who reportedly said “Kill him who changes his religion”. (Recorded in hadith collections of both Bukhari and Abu Dawud. There is also a consensus by all four schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence (i.e., Maliki, Hanbali, Hanafi, and Shafi’i), as well as Shi’ite jurists, that apostates from Islam must be put to death). Nah, nothing to do with Islam, right Solkhar?

Muslim family: Problems with Rifqa Bary began with laptop gift

Atlas Shrugs:  Dhimmi Orlando Sentinel Blames Rifqa’s Laptop “I was threatened by my dad, he took that laptop and waved it in the air and he was about to beat me with it…If you have this Jesus in your heart, you’re dead to me. You’re not my daughter” said Rifqa

Mohamed Bary is a doting Muslim father, intent on giving his daughter the best education he can. But he says he made a terrible mistake last October: He bought her a laptop computer.

Because of that laptop and access to the Internet, he says he lost his daughter to Christian extremists.

Fathima Rifqa Bary, 17, is 800 miles away, living with a Christian foster family in the Orlando area. She is a runaway who has become a cause célèbre among evangelical Christians. She fled Ohio last month, saying her father had threatened to kill her because she had converted to Christianity.

Not true, Mohamed Bary said.

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Fitzgerald: “No, it’s not, sweet little Rifqa” or, The Obscene Condescensions of Salam Al-Marayati

“In an exercise of intellectual honesty it would have been appropriate to link to Salam Al-Marayati’s entire column instead of selecting one quote then launch into a rant. It would have been even more appropriate if Al-Marayati’s latest column on Rifqa Bary, your most recent ‘Let’s-Save-the-Muslim-Teen-Girl-From-the-Bloodthirsty-Muslims’ poster child (Mmm, it’s always teen girls, isn’t it?), was included.” — from a Jihad Watch poster here.

If what I had selected to discuss had been a passage ripped out of a context that endowed it with a meaning different from what it so clearly is, then this charge might, just might, have some validity. But the passage in question, that I chose to hold up for inspection, was not ripped out of such a context. It was, in fact, a perfect example of an attempt to deceive Infidel readers, the readers at the Huffington Post for whom Al-Marayati has such contempt. For he assumes they not only do not know, but will remain so permanently incurious as not to be moved to find out, the relevant contents of the Islamic texts — Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira — and the rulings of Muslim jurisconsults. His attempt to wrap-Islam-in-the-flag-of-American-patriotism is absurd, for in Islam Believers are inculcated with the clear idea that they owe their allegiance, their sole allegiance, to Islam, and to fellow members of the Umma.

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