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Belgium: Death of a Nation

Moral of the Brussels police has hit freezing point

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Burkhas cut women off from society and steal their identity



By Julia Hartley-Brewer/Daily Express     

110609_1            Burkhas cut women off from society and steal their identity

HATS OFF (or should that be chapeaux off?) to French President Nicolas Sarkozy for calling for a ban on the burkha in France.

The Muslim robe, which covers the head and body and reveals only the eyes, is, Sarkozy said, a sign of the “subservience” and “debasement” of women and is not welcome in his country because: “We cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity.” 

No British politician would be brave enough to do what Sarkozy did or to follow through with what will almost certainly be a nation-wide ban on the burkha. 

Our  politicians are, unlike our European amis, too cowed by political correctness and misguided multiculturalism to speak out on such a difficult topic and risk offending the two-million-strong Muslim population. 

Except the burkha isn’t a Muslim issue. It’s a British issue. It doesn’t just demean the woman who wears it, it also demeans the men and women who have to see her wearing it. 

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Euro News

EU launches Kosovo police mission

A whole lot of euphemistic gobbledegook from the heroin & narco republic in the Balkans from the BBC

* Charles Martel Defeated: A Grand Mosque for Tours

* Belgium arrests 14 Al Qaeda suspects (scroll down)

French Eulex police in Kosovo, 9 Dec 08      

French Eulex police are deployed on the Kosovo-Serbia border

The European Union has launched its mission to strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo, after months of delay.

Nearly 2,000 officials are taking over police, justice and customs duties from United Nations staff.

Serbia rejected Kosovo’s declaration of independence in February and still regards Kosovo as one of its provinces, but it has accepted the new EU mission.

The UN will leave Kosovo after more than a decade in charge, retaining only a small political role.

Eulex is the EU’s biggest-ever mission and will operate across all of Kosovo. The 1,900 international officials will be supported by about 1,100 local staff.

The EU will oversee the running of the police, the courts and the customs service.

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Belgium on skid row…


Before and after:        Manneken Pis

No-Go Zones in Brussels

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna


Bart Debie is a former police officer in Brussels. We have reported previously on the politically-motivated prosecution that ended his police career, and have also featured his own account of his treatment at the hands of the Belgian authorities.
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