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Daily Mail: Muslim Hate Mob H/T Counter Jihad

Guilty? It’s a badge of honour say Muslim hate mob (and because we’re on benefits, the state will pay our costs)

Chaudary: DEMOCRACY is No GOOD but sharia is…

with Maajid Nawaz, director of the Quilliam Foundation, a Muslim counter-extremism think tank, created by former activists from radical Islamist organisations including Ed Husain. (Wiki)


“Can’t understand why anyone would call us terrorists…”

Group sues US Government for labelling it terrorist

WASHINGTON: The People’s Mujahideen is sick and tired of being called a terrorist organisation by the US Government. So its leaders settled on a uniquely American strategy: they sued.

Yes, the group has done its share of assassinations, bombings, embassy attacks and killings of US troops. But that was long ago, and now the People’s Mujahideen says it has devoted itself to democracy and non-violence, and it would like very much to be taken off the State Department’s list of international terrorist groups.  More from the Sydney Moonbat Herald

Obamessiah to address Muslim world from the Kaaba in Mecca

  • Hmm, Al Azhar is not quite like preaching from the kaaba in Mecca, but almost, almost…

obama-kaaba                                       Thanks Shem, you did it again!

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