How to make intelligent Muslim babies and proper table manners for eating apostates

Here’s how to make intelligent Muslim babies:

Egyptian Cleric: The More You Copulate With Your Pregnant Wife, the More Intelligent Your Child Will Be

  “Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! This is the wondrous scientific nature of Islam”–Read More»

‘Shariah Is an Inevitability’

Its Andy Chowderputz and his merry gang of headbangers again:

“The idols of freedom and democracy [are] false idols, and they will burn in hell just like you”–Read More »

Nothing says light of civilization… like cannibalism:

Obama’s Favorite Islamic University Tells High School Students They Can Kill and Eat Apostates, As Long As They Don’t Cook Them

“We allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans… under necessary conditions. It [Dead human flesh] must not be cooked or grilled to avoid Haram [wrongdoing]. o he’s allowed to eat him without cooking or grilling. …and he can kill a murtadd (apostate) and eat him.”

“This is being taught here at al-Azhar (religious university)?”

Yep. Because cooking them would be truly barbaric. (Sultan Knish)

“Occupation” is keeping Pal’s from the moon, their rightful place:

Keep on teaching your children to blow themselves up and you’ll still be digging tunnels a thousand years from now.

Muhammad and Hygiene: Camel Urine (Answering Muslims via TROP)

“What happens when we examine Muhammad’s teachings to see how his hygiene practices stand up to scrutiny?”

Syria: “the freedom sack opposes the morals and values of the academy”

Who’s banning what?

Andrew Bolt

Not just racist Christians who ban burqas

Yet another government reveals its Islamophobia by banning the burqa:

The Syrian minister of higher education has prohibited the entrance of veiled female students into universities and colleges throughout the country, news agencies reported Sunday.

Daily Star

SYRIA has become the first Muslim country to ban the burka, claiming the face mask encourages Islamic extremism.   (Not really. In Tunisia the secret police also  rips  the “portable seclusion”  off  when women flaunt it in public)

Elder of Ziyon

Guess who bans the burqa?

Is Ibrahim Hooper saying anything negative about Syria?

Last January, an Egyptian court upheld a ban of the veil during university exams. And last year Al Azhar University’s religious head banned the veil at all Al Azhar schools altogether.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Files Lawsuit Against Sheikh Tantawi's Burqa Fatwa

Veiled criticism

From Al-Arabiya H/T Elder of Zion

A group of MPs and an Islamist lawyer waged an unprecedented legal battle against one of Egypt’s top Imams on Saturday after he issued a ban on women wearing the burka, or face veil, at any schools affiliated to al-Azhar, the world’s top Sunni Islam institution.

perfect islamic burqa

Kuwait News Flash:

On the other hand, the women sure are growing restless in the Lands of the Burqa. For example, two female Kuwaiti Members of Parliament, Rola Dashti and Aseel Al-Awadhi, are defying the country’s powerful Islamist movement by refusing to wear hijab, or the headscarf, in Parliament. More from Phyllis Chesler

A Muslim brotherhood lawyer, representatives of Egypt’s lower house of parliament and the Sawaseya Center for Human Rights joined forces to file a lawsuit against Sheikh Mohammad Sayyed Tantawi, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar over what they called his “unconstitutional” ban that violates personal freedom and contradicts the principle of equality for all citizens.

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He's back: Breastfeeding fatwa sheikh back at Egypt's Azhar

Egypt court annuls Azhar’s decision to expel controversial sheikh

Ezzat Attiya will be rehired at Azhar
Ezzat Attiya will be rehired at Azhar


The case of the male breastfeeding fatwa, or religious ruling, just took another strange turn as the scholar who issued the controversial opinion was rehired after being fired by Egypt’s al-Azhar University.

The Cairo Administrative Court overturned the decision by al-Azhar’s disciplinary committee to expel Ezzat Attiya, the president of the hadith department, for issuing a fatwa condoning the symbolic breastfeeding of grown men in 2007.

“ No one can argue with a court order. We respect the Administrative Court and follow its orders without thinking twice “
Sheikh Fawzy el-Zefzaf

The court annulled the university’s decision to expel Attiya after he issued a fatwa permitting symbolic breastfeeding of men as a way to loosen the customs of segregation between the sexes in Egypt. 

“No one can argue with a court order,” Sheikh Fawzy el-Zefzaf, head of religion and dialogue committee at al-Azhar, said in a statement Monday. “We respect the Administrative Court and follow its orders without thinking twice.”

Some students at al Azhar University who disagreed with the fatwa nonetheless endorsed the court’s deicision, saying that no Azhar teacher should be expelled.

“I am glad the Attiya is back at Azhar because no sheikh should be expelled from his job for his opinions,” Abdul Qader Ramadan, 23, told Al Arabiya.

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Egypt wants Obamessiah to speak from historic mosque


FILE - In this Friday, Feb. 9, 2007 file photo, a scattering of worshippers
AP – FILE – In this Friday, Feb. 9, 2007 file photo, a scattering of worshippers leave the Al-Azhar mosque …

CAIRO – When President Barack Obama addresses the Muslim worldfrom Cairo next month, Egyptian officials hope he will choose 1,000-year-old Al-Azhar mosque, the heart of a revered institution for Islamic study, as his backdrop “to convey U.S. respect for Islam.”

  •  Respect what? Islam?


*  A key difference between the Left and conservatives is a sense of responsibility, as George Orwell famously put it in his essay on Rudyard Kipling. It’s why the Left is the natural home of the young, the irresponsible, the dissolute, the reckless and the sheer silly.

Cartoon of the day: from Atlas Shrugs


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Obamessiah to address Muslim world from the Kaaba in Mecca

  • Hmm, Al Azhar is not quite like preaching from the kaaba in Mecca, but almost, almost…

obama-kaaba                                       Thanks Shem, you did it again!

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