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Speedo is a wimp:

Cory Bernardi gets death threats because he tells the truth about Islam and his cowardly  colleagues withdraw their support.

This cannot stand.

Please send a  letter or e-mail to Cory Bernardi,<>  he needs  our support. Likewise, you should sent a Tony Abbott a message to lay off.

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott slapped down an outspoken Liberal frontbencher last night for anti-Islam comments that ignited another storm of controversy.


Mr Abbott distanced himself from the comments of frontbencher Cory Bernardi, who said he had been targeted with death threats after speaking against multiculturalism and extremist Muslims. The South Australian senator last night said he had referred to the Australian Federal Police a series of death threats, including an email a few weeks ago that said: “I hope people put a bullet through your brain.”

But it didn’t stop Mr Bernardi yesterday launching a fiery broadside on radio, declaring: “Islam itself is the problem.” Late last night Mr Abbott was quick to distance himself and the party from Mr Bernardi.

“There are Islamic extremists just as there are other extremists that are a problem in a tolerant and pluralistic society,” Mr Abbott said.

“In suggesting that Islam itself is the problem, Cory does not represent my views or those of the Coalition.”

Mr Bernardi, Opposition Parliamentary Secretary for Supporting Families, also said multiculturalism had failed.

“I do reject it. They say multiculturalism works but so many Australians have concerns about isolation of Islam. Whilst we can always fix the balance sheet given enough time, you cannot fix a cultural balance sheet when the excesses have gone too far,” he said.

Earlier in the day Mr Bernardi said Mr Abbott had not tried to stop his public outburst when he had defended Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison’s comments that questioned the taxpayer cost of funerals for asylum seekers killed in the Christmas Island tragedy.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Council’s president Ikebal Patel said Mr Bernardi had “crossed the line”. “These comments are more than offensive – they are bigoted,” Mr Patel said.

Mohammedans are the most bigoted miscreants on the face of the earth. Once again, we see the arrogant Mohammedan invader telling the Dhimmi to know his place:

“Cory Bernardi needs to have a good read of the Bible if he is a practising Christian. This is hardly the language of a religious person.”

While Mr Morrison later partially backed down by describing his timing as “insensitive”, Mr Bernardi said: “I think it’s the wrong thing to do, it sends a bad message to the taxpayers of Australia – that’s a personal view.”

Cory Bernardi vs Sharia Finance, Sharia Courts & PC Police

Islamic court would be needed for rulings on Sharia finance

Australian Conservative/thanks to Mullah

The political correctness (PC) police must be reeling. After months of personal attacks on me for daring to state my security concerns about the burqa, one of the left’s political pin-ups, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has stated that banning the burqa has merit.

Now Ms Clinton and I probably don’t agree on that much but somehow I feel that the journalists and taxpayer-funded radio commentators won’t be launching the same salvo against her as they did me.

Not that I care too much for what these self-styled opinion-makers write. Their track record of accurately reflecting community concerns is less than stellar.

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I faced another attack by the PC police this week for daring to question why we would be amending our laws and regulations to facilitate the introduction of Sharia law for financial products.

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Cory Bernardi: "Sharia or Islamic law is incompatible with Australia's Western values"

No Sharia Banking in Australia!

Michael Owen/The Australian (h/t Mullah)

LIBERAL senator Cory Bernardi is looking for partyroom support to maintain barriers on sharia-compliant financial products.

The aim is to stop any moves to expand Islamic banking in Australia.

Senator Bernardi last night sent a background brief to his Liberal Party colleagues and said he had “already received a great deal of positive feedback”.

“Sharia or Islamic law is incompatible with Australia’s Western values,” the South Australian right-wing senator said.

“I want to ensure the Liberal Party is opposed to the government’s proposal to introduce any form of sharia-law banking into Australia.”

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Burqa Debate Downunder

Insight: Banning the Burqa or Freedom Sack for All?

The French Senate has voted to ban the burqa in public places.

Similar laws are being considered in Belgium, Spain and Italy.

President Sarkozy said in Parliament “We cannot accept that in our country some women will be imprisoned behind a fence cut off from all social life, deprived of identity. This is not a principle that the French republic has about women’s dignity.”

In Australia, a recent decision by a judge to have a witness remove her face veil has sparked controversy and recent polls show that the majority of Australians support a ban.

Part 1/4

The participants are: Tariq Ramadan, Cory Bernardi, Amina Ghafoor, Jacques Myard

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

Here’s Pat Condell, as good as a cold shower:

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Is Banning The Burqa Enough?

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi calls for burqa ban (again)

LIBERAL senator Cory Bernardi has called for Australia to follow the lead of France and ban the burqa, describing it as “the most public symbol of fundamentalist Islam”.

H/T Dhumme Dhimmi

“It beggars belief that these civil rights activists don’t recognise that they are defending a political agenda that has the cessation of civil rights as its ultimate goal.”

“It is time we learned from the experience of the French, the Belgians, the Dutch, the Swiss and the British,” Senator Bernardi said.

“We need to stop the expansion of fundamentalist Islam in Australia lest we lose the foundation, the essence, the very culture of our great nation.” (Heraldsun)

Muslims find themselves in good company

Geert Wilders says, “DEPORTING MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS may be necessary.”

Barenaked presents:

DEJA VU? MUSLIMS were thrown out of Europe 400 years ago because they refused to assimmilate

The Debate We Have To Have

The trouble with Islam is bigger than  KRudds fantasies about “Global Warming”. Nobody can deny the 600 pound gorilla in the room, the question is now: WTF are we gonna do about it?

After Federal Labor MP Kelvin Thomson came out against unhindered Mohammedan immigration, a few more of our timid polit-props are “coming out:”

Here’s a young senator from South Australia: Cory Bernardi

A Debate We Cannot Ignore

The recent call for a review of Australia’s migration intake has, in my opinion, a great deal of merit.

In fact I am pleasantly surprised that the usual assortment of jibes attacking those who advocate for a more measured migration program hasn’t yet taken place.

Perhaps that’s because this time, the advocacy comes from a leftist Labor politician. I have no doubt that if a conservative made such a call the cries of ‘xenophobia’ and ‘dog whistle politics’ would have been deafening.

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(Bill Muehlenberg) The Need for Clarity

An Australian writer suggests connecting the dots.


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