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Dutch Elections: "Far Right" Gains; Geert Wilders has done better than expected!

Here’s the far left CNN take: Fears dominate Dutch elections


Election triumph puts anti-Islam Wilders in line for Dutch Cabinet role

The Freedom Party of the anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders emerged as the third force in Dutch politics last night, more than doubling its number of seats in Parliament in the country’s general elections. Times Online

Wilders casts his vote

Earlier this week, Wilders released calculations he says show that nonwestern immigrants are a euro7 billion ($8.6 billion) annual drag on the Dutch budget because of higher criminality and unemployment rates.  Dutch elections/Islam in Europe

Anti-Islamists gain ground in Dutch elections

ABC’s Rachael Brown chews the cud:

The anti-Islamist far right looks set to be a strong force in the Dutch national election this June, after Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party made strong gains in local elections.

The party has gained control of one city and is running second in The Hague.

Mr Wilders is a controversial figure in Dutch politics due to his anti-Islamist views.

He likens the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, wants Muslim women who wear headscarves taxed, and wants Muslim immigrants deported.  More?

Radio Netherlands:

Dutch election too close to call

The Dutch parliamentary election is too close to call. Initial exit polls announced after voting bureaus closed at 9:00 pm indicate the Labour Party and the free-market liberal VVD Party in a neck-and-neck race – 31 seats each. Official results are not expected before midnight.

Turnout was the lowest in years as heavy rain showers may have kept some voters at home. Seventy-four percent of eligible voters cast a ballot.

Far-right populist Geert Wilders has done better than expected. The initial exit polls give his Freedom Party 22 seats in parliament. That is significantly more than the opinion polls indicated in the last days of campaigning. And it more than doubles the nine seats they won in the last election.

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Wilders hails Israel 'fighting jihad'

Dutch “values” party head set to gain seats in current election.

Al BeBeeCeera is hot & bothered over “Wilders strident attacks on Islam which could allow him to make or break a new right-wing coalition government…” The  Guardian (of Muslims) sings along in unison…..


Geert Wilders, who is demanding a halt to immigration from Muslim countries as the centerpiece of his campaign for the Dutch prime ministership, has hailed Israel for “fighting the jihad” and warned that “the West is next” if Israel is unsuccessful.

The VDD’s Mark Rutte, left, the CDA leader, Jan-Peter Balkenende, centre, and the Freedom party’s Geert Wilders, before a tTV debate

“Israel is the canary in the coal mine,” Wilders said in a recent telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post, ahead of Wednesday’s elections in the Netherlands. “The jihadagainst Israel isn’t against Israel only. It’s against the whole West.”

A year ago, Wilders’s PVV (Party for Freedom) was scoring 28 percent in opinion polls and appeared to have a realistic prospect of winning the elections. It has declined since then, however, he said, as economic issues have become increasingly dominant.

“There’s not a big chance that I’ll become prime minister,” he said.

Nonetheless, the PVV is expected to double its current nine seats in the 150-member parliament, and front-runner Mark Rutte, of the People’s Party for Freedom of Democracy (VVD), said this week that he was not ruling out Wilders’s party as a coalition partner.

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Netherlands Elections: Anti-Islam parties expected to gain in Dutch vote


Google Dutch election monitor [Gadget] (Link to Islamization Watch)

Dutch anti-Islam party set to double in election

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands—”The sluice gates are wide open,” Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders says in a campaign video that shows planes landing in Holland as women in headscarves outnumber natives in shopping street scenes.

“Every day we are confronted with mass immigration: headscarves, burqas, minarets, social security dependence, crime … it never ends,” Wilders laments as dramatic music plays in the background of the clip released ahead of June 9 parliamentary elections.

“Whole neighborhoods are being Islamized.”

Pollsters expect Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV), to double its strength from nine to 18 MPs in the 150 seat parliament on a ticket of halting the “Islamic invasion”—enough to make it a potential ruling coalition candidate.

“Wilders exerts a big influence on these elections,” political analyst Martin Rosema of Twente University told AFP.

Wilders’ bold move onto the shaky ground of multi-cultural tolerance, for long a matter of Dutch pride, “has prompted other parties to adopt a stricter approach to security and the integration of Muslims,” said Rosema.

Many parties’ manifestos now propose an immigration cut, mainly for the low skilled, and harsher treatment of foreign criminals.

Wilders’ PVV came first in Almere and second in The Hague in local elections in March—the only cities it contested in its first-ever municipal campaign.

But the PVV finds itself in opposition in both cities as other parties formed coalitions to exclude it, a situation observers expect to be repeated on the national stage.

Wilders, who calls his political enemies “multi-cultural cuddlers,” claims that 40 percent of social security payments go to non-Western immigrants and that people of Moroccan origin were crime suspects five times as often as indigenous Dutch.

“What the Netherlands needs is a stop to immigration for people from Muslim countries,” says the politicianwho has called for a “head rag tax” on headscarves.

Twenty percent of the Netherlands’ 16.5 million-strong population is of immigrant origin.

“There is a significant group of voters for whom immigration is the most important issue,” said political science professor Philip van Praag of the University of Amsterdam.

“They believe that people of Turkish and Moroccan background and Islamic belief are damaging Dutch society. They regard them as a threat, especially in the form of criminality perceived to be committed by immigrant youths.”

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The Dutch Dilemma

Dutch Conservative VVD aims to get tough Islamic ‘marriage migration’, rules out coalition with Labour PvdA

More Security, Less Immigration

Gates of Vienna

Four weeks from today the people of the Netherlands will vote in a general election. Geert Wilders and the PVV are poised to make significant gains in Parliament, despite the firewall erected against them by the Dutch state media and the political elite.  Read further…

“In the biggest cities, 60 percent of the Moroccan men are jobless. In Rotterdam, one in two Moroccan men have already been arrested twice.” “Increasingly large numbers of partners are arriving from the hinterland of Turkey and the Rif mountains (in Morocco)  Once again new generations of illiterates who do not speak the language. They divorce after three years, and then the next partner is again brought in from abroad.”

Wilders’ PVV party, unfortunately are not leading the polls, but it is clear people are listening, and more are willing to act to change this heading-for-the-cliff’s-edge policies.

NIS News/Islamization Watch/ THE HAGUE, 11/05/10 – Conservative (VVD) leader Mark Rutte believes a coalition between his party and Labour (PvdA) is not possible. The differences between the two parties appear to be too great, he says in an interview with De Dagelijkse Standaard website.

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Fiery Riots in Teheran When Thug in Chief Hijacks Elections

Riots in Tehran as Thug-In-Chief declares victory

Pictures and Latest News From Today’s Iranian Protests


The ongoing lack of American support for the forces opposing the mullahcracy in Iran is unconscionable. Instead of making nice with the regime, the President should be reaching out to these people. Instead of defending the right of Muslim women to wear the hijab in the United States, which no one is disputing, he should be defending the right of Muslim women not to wear the hijab in Iran. “Riots erupt in Tehran as Iranian President Ahmadinejad declares victory,” by Borzou Daragahi in the Los Angeles Times, June 13 (thanks to JW):

Reporting from Tehran — Huge swaths of the capital erupted in fiery riots that stretched into the early morning Sunday as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared victory in his quest for a second four-year term amid allegations of widespread fraud and a strident challenge of the vote results by his main challenger, who was reportedly placed under house arrest.

As Ahmadinejad promised a “bright and glorious future” for Iran in a televised address, supporters of his reformist rival Mir-Hossein Mousavi clashed with police and militiamen in riot gear and throughout Tehran in the most serious clashes in the capital since a student uprising 10 years ago.

Searing smoke and the smell of burning trash bins and tear gas filled the night sky. Protesters poured into key squares around the capital, burning tires, erecting banners and hurling stones at riot police on motorcycles, who responded with truncheons.

  • A slightly different view: 

Why it’s best that Ahmadinejad won

In an article written on Friday during the elections, Daniel Pipes explains why it was best that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be the winner:

The rahbar controls key institutions (foreign policy, the military, law enforcement, the justice system) of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In contrast, the president primarily concerns himself with the softer domains such as economics and education. (A contrast I discussed in 2003 at “The Iranian President’s Power.”) More from Carl in J’lem>>

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