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A Political System to Replace Ours. And Us.

Christians stoned to death in Muslim countries  (Vlad Tepes)


25 Maids to be Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Published April 9th, 2012

Twenty-two death row Indonesian inmates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been exonerated and repatriated back to Indonesia, while 25 maids are still facing death sentences in Saudi Arabia for various offenses. (via Mullah)

The Saudi Witch Trial: 73rd Beheading is a Saudi Woman

Maldives: Female circumcision fear as fundamentalists roll back women's rights

A very revealing article from the Maldives thanks to the Religion of Peace. One could get the impression that Islam is a progressive disease. These former Buddhists and Hindus are totally brainwashed and subdued by Wahabi lunatics from Arabia.

“The Wahhabist scholars preach more forcefully than anyone else can. They have this backing of religion as a tool.”

And then they turn around and tell us that FGM has absolutely ‘nothing to do with Islam’.

Maldives women face more repression under a rising tide of religious fundamentalism, reports Ben Doherty from Male.

“This practice constitutes one of the most inhumane and degrading forms of violence against women” … United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay

When the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, visited the Maldives late last year, she urged that the practice of flogging women for having sex outside marriage – while very rarely punishing men for the same – should be abolished.

”This practice constitutes one of the most inhumane and degrading forms of violence against women,” she told local reporters then.

The response was as fierce as it was unexpected. The next day protesters rallied outside the UN building, carrying placards that read ”Ban UN” and ”Islam is not a toy” and threatened to ”Flog Pillay”. A website later promised to ‘‘slaughter anyone against Islam”.

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Turkish Dancing

Hmm, if music is ‘Incompatible’ with Islam… (‘haram’ in Islam-speak) what makes dancing halal?

From the Religion of Peace

Turk Arrested for Abusing Wife Claims He Was Dancing…

Another kind of dance, another culture:

‘Moderate’ Indonesia Flogs Couple for Adultery…

More Islamic dancing:   Big Love in Turkey as PM Advisor Scopes Fourth Wife...

Malaysia to Permit Child Marriages for Muslims... and yet, there will always be more angry Muslims who keep writing to us telling us that we got it all wrong and that we have no right to tell Muslims how to live their religion…..

SINGAPORE  in dhimmi mode: A 44-year-old self-employed man has been sentenced to two weeks’ jail for leaving behind a card that insulted Islam on a car belonging to a Malay man.

New York Shyster Khalid Yasin: Wilders must be flogged as punishment

* America’s foremost Islamic expert on ‘brainwashing’ is one of many, but rapidly increasing numbers of ‘reverts’ who made it their business to turn our world into garbage…


Feel the tolerance

Will Yasin be tried for “hate speech”? Don’t hold your breath. Geert Wilders has just sent this Dutch-language update onthis story: “Haatprediker: Geert Wilders met geseling bestraffen,” from Elsevier, January 24. A rough translation, thanks to JW:

Hate Preacher: Punish Geert Wilders with FloggingTHE PVV [Freedom Party] of Geert Wilders wants clarification from the cabinet concerning a speech that the Islamic hate preacher Khalid Yasin made Friday at the Islamic University of Rotterdam. The controversial sheikh said there that Geert Wilders must be punished with flogging for his “systematic insults” of Muslims and Islam.

Access refused

PVV-Tweede MP Sietse Fritsma wants to debate about that next week with the ministers Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Justice) and Eberhard van der Laan (Integration). With the PvdA and CDA the PVV asked Hirsch Ballin if it were possible to refuse Yasin access to the Netherlands.

Incitement to hatred

The minister answered that it was not possible, but that the Public Prosecution Service (Public Prosecution Service) could detain him, however, if Yasin incited to hatred during his visit. According to the PVV, Yasin is a terrorist and a “malicious man.” According to Hirsch Ballin, research has not made it clear that Yasin has in the past made explicit explicit calls to violence.


Well, he has now.