Naomi Wolfe: "I need a hijab, to set me free…"

Feminist discovers misogyny… and likes it!

* Naomi Wolf, prototype for the failed women’s liberation experiment, represents little more than a menopausal female with hormone disorder drowning in a sea of confusion. It seems that these jaded dames are so lost in a world of de-nutted, feminized men that they seek some kind of escape from civilization to cavort with primitives and barbarians, rather than whine to each other about the ‘glass ceiling’ that keeps them out of the executive offices where they don’t belong in the first place, but to which they believe they have a birthright entitlement.

* Fitzgerald: Naomi Wolf and the hijab

*  It isn’t even worth fisking this article. Naomi Wolf is a complete fool, her self-righteousness only outdone by her ignorance. If her ideas were taken seriously by more than a few mindless followers, she would be dangerous to women around the world and Western efforts to resist jihad.

* Here’s a message to you, Naomi: The veil does not make muslim women feel free. The American Constitution makes them feel free. And ask yourself: is it progress when a cannibal uses knife and fork?

*  Another sample of Naomi’s f*kcwit wisdom from the Sydney Moonbat Herald: Naomi Wolf doesn’t apologise for comparing the Bush Administration with fascism.

“We are facing a genuine constitutional crisis” … of course we do: Bushhitler is the enemy, Obammessiah is the answer… (to what..?)

* Sheik yer’mami has a song for ya, Naomi:

I need a hijab, to set me free

I need a hijab, for my identity,

with my Isliamic delusion and my portable seclusion,

I’m gonna beeeee, such a good Muzzeee….

* from the song ‘Overture’

American woman defends hijab, says it makes women feel “free”

Yet, oddly, she herself has only worn it once, to experiment. “Behind the veil lives a thriving Muslim sexuality,” by Naomi Wolf for the Sydney Morning Herald, August 30, via DW

A woman swathed in black to her ankles, wearing a headscarf or a full chador, walks down a European or North American street, surrounded by other women in halter tops, miniskirts and short shorts. She passes under immense billboards on which other women swoon in sexual ecstasy, cavort in lingerie or simply stretch out languorously, almost fully naked. Could this image be any more iconic of the discomfort the West has with the social mores of Islam, and vice versa?

Not really. More “iconic of the discomfort the West has with the social mores of Islam” are probably things like child-marriages, polygamy, men divorcing wives through text messaging, and so forth.

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Al Reuters promotes the 'liberating hijab' in Beijing

I guess with a face like this the burka is a blessing…

Veiled athletes challenge “stereotypes” in Beijing

* There is no end to this stupidity. Everyday there is an endless supply of this indigestible Islamo-prop shoved in your face by dimwitted Western reporters who somehow believe they are doing the ‘culturally sensitive’ thing by twisting the Muhammedan misogyny into some kind of fashion statement.

By Catherine Bremer

BEIJING (Reuters) – The women in Roqaya Al Ghasara’s home town in Bahrain are so proud of their pioneering Olympic sprinter that some of them got together to design and sew a set of tailor-made aerodynamic veils for her to run in.

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