New Poll: Do you believe burka, hijab, niqab, jilbab is about choice?

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New Poll:

Do you believe the burka, hijab, niqab, jilbab is about choice?

Here’s one women who thinks it is:

Taking away a woman’s choice would be wrong

“Ban on burqas would show support for women’s rights” was the headline on Andrew Oldenquist’s Forum column of July 23.

This hits me personally, because I have been wearing a burqa for 20 years by my own choice. I covered my face for 17 years and do not mind wearing a face veil again. It’s a personal and religious obligation that is very dear to me and is protected by the Constitution. I am proud to say that America never puts me down because of my burqa. 

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It’s about the women – Jun 23, 2009 Radical Islam is worse for women than arguably any other group, except maybe Jews. Women are the ones arrested in Iran for…

Political Correctness Sux

Political Correctness, defined here:

“Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, 
illogical, liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous 
mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely 
possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.” 

Judge Ian Trigger is PC resistant:

Hundreds of thousands of migrants here for handouts, says senior judge

Daily Mail


Hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to Britain just to get welfare benefits, a senior judge declared yesterday.

Judge Ian Trigger said the cost of the handouts has helped to double the national debt.

He spoke out as he gave a two-year jail sentence to a Jamaican drug minder who disappeared from the notice of immigration authorities after claiming asylum.

He told Lucien McClearley, 31, at Liverpool Crown Court: ‘Your case illustrates all too clearly the completely lax immigration policy that exists and has existed over recent years.’

Sentencing McClearley, he added: ‘People like you, and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people like you, come to these shores to avail themselves of the generous welfare benefits that exist here.

‘In the past ten years the national debt of this country has risen to extraordinary heights, largely because central Government has wasted billions of pounds. Much of that has been wasted on welfare payments.

‘For every £1 that the decent citizen, who is hard-working, pays in taxes, nearly 10 per cent goes on servicing that national debt. That is twice the amount it was in 1997 when this Government came to power.’ 

McClearley arrived legally in Britain in November 2001 on a visitor’s visa.

He was arrested in October 2002 after it ran out but claimed asylum and was released while this was being processed.

He then ‘disappeared from the radar of the authorities’, the court heard. His application was rejected in 2004 but he was only arrested this February after police stopped a car he was driving and noticed it smelled of cannabis.

A search of the house where McClearley was staying in Everton uncovered cannabis worth £7,200, a gram of cocaine and a fake passport.

Asylum seekers in Calais 

Mr Trigger also said hundreds of thousands of immigrants came to this country to ‘avail themselves of the generous welfare benefits that exist here’

He admitted taking a vehicle without consent, possessing cannabis and cocaine, possessing a class-B drug with intent and two counts of possessing false identity documents.

Judge Trigger, who is also a part-time immigration judge, told McClearley: ‘The fact that it took nearly two years to process your claim shows how desperate the situation in this country has become.’

The 65-year-old judge said he ‘hoped and trusted’ McClearley would be deported immediately on release.

Tim Blair:

Britain’s collapse continues: 

Women police officers are being issued with headscarves to wear when they visit a mosque.

They are expected to put the scarfs on shortly before they enter the mosque, in keeping with Islamic custom. 

Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts looks particularly happy in her new suppression hat.

 Denmark Defence Minister: Headscarves out



Denmark’s Defence Minister Søren Gade has told Parliament that Muslim women in the armed forces are not to be allowed to wear headscarves as part of their uniform. 

Question remains: why would any Western nation have Muslim women in the armed forces?  

Atlas Links:

In Gaza, Women Rally Against the Hijab. In Europe, Muslims Rally for the Burka…

Choice vs no identity at all:

UPDATE: Protest of Islamic Dress Code for Women in Gaza Courts

Other News:

“Its complex”- you see…

Hijab is my choice 
Israel National News via Counter Jihad
Human rights organizations in Gaza are protesting last week’s decision by Hamas to require female attorneys to wear an Islamic religious robe or a long coat, according to a Sunday report by Ynet. In calling for the terrorist organization to cancel the decree, a local legal group called it an offense to human and individual rights.

The dress code is one of a number of measures recently taken by Hamas. Hamas denied the claims.

Burkhas cut women off from society and steal their identity



By Julia Hartley-Brewer/Daily Express     

110609_1            Burkhas cut women off from society and steal their identity

HATS OFF (or should that be chapeaux off?) to French President Nicolas Sarkozy for calling for a ban on the burkha in France.

The Muslim robe, which covers the head and body and reveals only the eyes, is, Sarkozy said, a sign of the “subservience” and “debasement” of women and is not welcome in his country because: “We cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity.” 

No British politician would be brave enough to do what Sarkozy did or to follow through with what will almost certainly be a nation-wide ban on the burkha. 

Our  politicians are, unlike our European amis, too cowed by political correctness and misguided multiculturalism to speak out on such a difficult topic and risk offending the two-million-strong Muslim population. 

Except the burkha isn’t a Muslim issue. It’s a British issue. It doesn’t just demean the woman who wears it, it also demeans the men and women who have to see her wearing it. 

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Australia's Muslims Shriek Over Proposed French Ban on Freedom Sack

You didn’t hear a word from the ummah downunder about the mass- murders and the brutalities in Iran. But when the freedom sack is threatened,  all the worlds Muselmaniacs come out in defense and threaten us.  And the enlightened progressives, lefty loons like Darryn Hinch and the politically correct media-mafia will defend every perversion, no matter how ridiculous. Watch this space!

  • Memories of Howard and Costello:

Aussie PM &Treasurer to Muslims ‘If you object to Australian values don’t come here’- describes niqab and burqa as “confronting”

Get out more: Aussie Muslims to Sarkozy

* Sheik yer’mami to Muslims: Get Out!

Arjun Ramachandran/SMH

burkas                                   Is that the Australia of future generations?

Australian Islamic leaders are dismayed at French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s criticism of the burqa as a threat to “the equality and dignity of the female”, saying his comments do not reflect the reality about the status of women in Islam.

Ikebal Patel, president of Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said the French President’s comments were also tainted by hypocrisy, as his own track-record on gender issues left a lot to be desired.

*  Muslims are the world champions in hypocrisy and terrorism, among other things. Perhaps Patel should be reminded that Sarkozy is the president of France, and France is -not yet- a Muslim country.

Mr Sarkozy expressed support for a ban on wearing the burqa in public during a “state of the nation” style speech to the first joint sitting of both houses of parliament in 136 years.”The burqa is not welcome on the French Republic’s territory. It is not what the French Republic wants for the dignity of women … we cannot accept in our country that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from society and all identity,” Mr Sarkozy said.

Mr Patel said the burqa reflected freedom of choice, not oppression.

* Of course. Ask Aqsa Parvez. Her choice was hijab or death. Or ask this Turkish Kebab griller who just murdered his daughter because “she didn’t follow the Islamic way”… here’s a long list of Victims of Honor Killings…

“Nicolas Sarkozy predicated his whole opinion on the view that Muslim women who wear the burqa are wearing it because they are being oppressed and forced to do so by their husbands – that’s a far cry from reality,” he said.

“Islam does not particularly say everyone has to wear the burqa or niqab, it talks about modest clothing.

“That does not in anyway belittle the status of women; it is purely out of their own choice, so for him to say those words denigrates the religion and the concept of freedom of choice.”

Jamila Hussain, a lecturer in Islamic Law at the University of Technology Sydney, said she believed the burqa and niqab were “inappropriate” in Western countries, but defended the decision of women who chose to wear them.

* Unfortunately it is rarely “choice”- but indoctrination, beatings, threats and consistant “brainwashing” instead… 

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France might Ban the Freedom Sack

Get ready for Freedom Sack Rage!

“I need a hijab, to set me free, I need a hijab for my identity, with my Islamic delusion, and my portable seclusion, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna beeeeee: such a good, such a good such a good Muzzie…”

Why not ban full veil, says French government spokesman

burka                                   Breeders for jihad….

Official’s remarks reignite debate over ability of Sarkozy administration to reconcile secularism with religious diversity

Friday, 19 June 2009

France’s ability to reconcile secularism with religious diversity came under fresh scrutiny today after the government said it would not rule out banning Muslim women from wearing the full Islamic veil.

Five years after a law was passed forbidding children from wearing the headscarf or any other “conspicuous” religious symbol in schools, the government indicated it was prepared to wade into another thorny row over the state’s right to tell individuals what not to wear.

* That’s where the government is wrong: Its not about “the state’s right to tell individuals what not to wear” – its about stopping misogyny, oppression and brainwashing. Its about empowering, liberating illiterate, gullible females. Most of all its about stopping a political movement monster called Islam dead in its tracks./ed

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Norway covers up: because it works so well in the UK, the Hijab will be permitted with police uniform

Norway Post

* Because we wanna be ‘all inclusive’- multiculti-madness continues. Misogyny beats enlightenment:


             Hijab, entry model vs advanced state of madness: where does it end?

The Police Directorate has decided that it will be permitted to wear hijab with the Norwegian police uniform. Police Director Ingelin Killengreen says the move is part of a desire to secure broad recruitmet.

Killengren points to the fact that among new immigrants there is a large number of women who for religious reasons wear hijab.

– By refusing to allow these to wear their headdress, we would in reality exclude in particular these groups from serving in the police force, the Police Director says.

* Malmö Police Ordered Not to Interfere With Muslims

From This:

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"Secular Turkey" Updates


Turkey: Journalist told murderers of Christians that they wouldn’t be prosecuted

Islamization of Turkey Alert: “Turkey: Suspect In Malatya Murders Expected State Support,” from Compass Direct, 

MALATYA, Turkey, October 21 (Compass Direct News) – Lawyers and judges in the case of three Christians murdered here in April 2007 are continuing to investigate whether the attack was masterminded by troubled youths or shadowy elements of the Turkish state.

* We will never know the whole truth on this one…/ed  continued

Turkish court defends quashing Muslim scarf reform

By Ibon Villelabeitia


The Islamization of Turkey is unstoppable
ANKARA – Lifting a ban on women wearing the Muslim headscarf at university violates Turkey’s secular constitution, the country’s top court said on Wednesday, defending a decision against the ruling AK Party.In a legal reasoning that appeared to end any hope for the Islamist-rooted AK Party to revive the sensitive headscarf issue, the Constitutional Court said that while wearing a headscarf was ‘an individual choice and a freedom’, lifting the ban was ‘openly against the principles of secularism’.Continues next page  

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The Trouble With 'Reverts'


Al Jazeera TV focus on Irish family who want hijab in schools

By Claire Murphy Al Jazeera 

The plight of 14 year-old Shekinah Egan who wants to wear the hijab at school in Gorey has been featured by Al Jazeera's English channel. (Picture posed)

The plight of 14 year-old Shekinah Egan who wants to wear the hijab at school in Gorey has been featured by Al Jazeera’s English channel. 

ARABIC news network Al Jazeera has taken an active interest in the plight of an Irish girl who wants to wear a religious headscarf to school.

The Egan family from Wexford, who were caught up in the row over the wearing of the hijab in Irish schools have been featured on the Al Jazeera English channel.

Liam and his wife Beverley requested that their 14-year-old daughter, Shekinah Egan, be allowed to wear the religious headdress to Gorey Community School last September, sparking debate on the issue.

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