Ian Buruma, the new darling of the Islamophobia industry

* Just in thanks to reader Akira: Buruma supports prosecution of Wilders- but defends child porn


* Just about every blog run by  Musulmaniacs features the useful idiot Ian Buruma who accuses Geert Wilders of being a “hater”- all the while insisting that we have to to muzzle free speech to placate the Islamic invaders: from ‘Yusuf rubs it’ to Inayat Bunglawussies “Islamophobia Watch”- Muslims are orgasmic:

“Free speech is never absolute’ – Ian Buruma on the Wilders prosecution

* But Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear…


Why did it take the Daily Mail and Harry’s Place so long to discover this story?

London: 3,000 “Gaza demonstrators” chase 30 police officers while screaming “Islam is peace!”


Actually: NOT! Actually, they screamed things like “Run, run, you cowards…fatwa!…Allahu Akbar!” The above video was first posted here, but the following report, published today, provides more detailed information. With the UK’s Muslim population increasing ten times faster than the non-Muslim population, imagine what Muslim “demonstrations” in the UK will be like ten years from now.


* Here you can watch the riots in Paris

* Here are some pic’s from the Tangled Web

“Police ‘ran away’ from jeering Gaza demonstrators,” by Christopher Leake for the Daily Mail, via JW

* You can watch another “moderate Muslim” speaker here:

Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House Leader Khaled Mouammar: “Peter Kent, Stephen Harper and Ignatieff are professional whores”

No one hates like a crazed Arab:

Remember folks Khaled and The Canadian Arab Federation are recognized as respected Stakeholders and accorded special “victim status” by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. And let’s not forget 20 G’s of your taxes went to CAF to fight “racism” recently.

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Fitzgerald: Ignoramus Ian Buruma accuses Geert Wilders of "hatred and ignorance"

* Perhaps we should mention that Buruma is a writer of worthless fiction. He would be well advised to stick to that genre… His interview in the NYT published February 4, 2007 with Tariq Ramadan shows that he is clueless  about Islam and the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. But what do you expect from the New Duranty Times?

The vicious abuse of the word “hatred” to shut down debate:


Ian Buruma, who has been given to some remarkable pronouncements on Islam, published on Friday a remarkable article in The New York Times on Geert Wilders. The article, “Totally Tolerant, Up To A Point,” was intended essentially to blacken the name of Geert Wilders, to present him – for likening the Qur’an to Mein Kampf – as, by contamination, a Nazi himself, and to present the attempt to censor him, by Dutch authorities as, therefore, a perfectly understandable, even laudable thing.

Here’s how Buruma does it. He starts with the word “hatred”:

“If it were not for his hatred of Islam, Geert Wilders would have remained a provincial Dutch parliamentarian of little note.”

Geert Wilders, you see, is not only a “hater” – the theme comes up again and again, without a single example being offered of a single bit of the Qur’an or Hadith that Geert Wilders might be said to “hate” – but he’s also a self-promoter, riding right into a life of fame, riches, and so on, on the back of his “hatred of Islam.”

* Yusuf -remember Yusuf rubs it?- is Buruma’s greatest fan: he must have missed the Friday khutba to cut and paste all this here…

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