America is indeed sharia compliant

Decision Not to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9/11 Surprises Greek Orthodox Leaders


According to the “Pact of Umar* the conquered Christians had to submit to the following humiliating conditions:

“we shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, Churches, convents, or monks’ cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.”

More on the pact of Umar and the humiliating conditions of dhimmitude at the bottom of this page.

Is the Obama regime and NY mayor Bloomberg submitting to sharia?

Ground Zero Mosque Fast Tracked, Church Permit Withheld

“What about us? Why have they forgotten or abandoned their commitment to us?” asked Father Alex Karloutsos, assistant to the archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. “When I see them raising issues about the mosque and not thinking about the church that was destroyed, it does bother us.”  (Supporters: Church ignored in NYC mosque furor/WaPo)

Greek Orthodox leaders trying to rebuild the only church destroyed in the Sept. 11 terror attacks expressed shock this week after learning, via Fox News, that government officials had killed a deal to relocate the church.

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, once a tiny, four-story building in the shadows of lower Manhattan, was destroyed in 2001 by one of the falling World Trade Center towers. Nobody from the church was hurt in the attack, but the congregation has, for the past eight years, been trying to rebuild its house of worship.

Though talks between the church and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey stalled last year, church leaders say they’ve been trying to kick-start discussions ever since. But amid debate over whether a proposed Islamic community center should go forward near Ground Zero, government officials threw cold water on the prospect of any deal with the church — telling Fox News the deal is off the table.

Confronted with the Port Authority’s verdict, Father Mark Arey, of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, said it’s the first he’s heard that.

“Negotiations did break off last year. We were expecting to hear from their lawyers — we never did. We’re still expecting to hear from them,” he told Fox News. “We’re disappointed. … 130 Liberty Street was promised to us.” (More from FoxNews)


Idiot: Bloomberg Calls Allowing Mosque Near Ground Zero ‘Fighting Terror With Freedom’

Ramadan body count total is now at 584.

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The Psychology of the Musulman

We posted this previously:

Read This First – About the Book Islam and the Psychology (Mind) of the Musulman and its author Andre Servier

This book was published in French in 1922 and English in 1923. It will never be published again. In fact, there are many people who will find this book hateful to Islam and demand it not be available to anyone. We know who ‘those people’ are. But that has all changed. Read more>>

The Psychology of the Musulman

“Islam liberates infidels from their lives of stupidity”- Azzam Tamimi

911 Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf Blames Christians: “The US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end”

“We are entitled to terrorize you until you pay the jiziya with willing submission….”

9/11 imam Abdul Rauf:  Plan for mosque near World Trade Center site moves ahead

Monster Mosque Pushes Ahead in Shadow of World Trade Center Islamic Death and Destruction

To what we owe the Muzz:

Atlas Shrugs

The imam behind the 911 talks one way to the infidels and kuffars on the television and quite another when he is not building shrines to 911. Check out what Robert wrote about him in 2004.

Join the SIOA Facebook group and get all of the information, updates here. Get involved! SIOA CAMPAIGN OFFENSIVE: STOP THE 911 MOSQUE!

Feisal Abdul Rauf (ECTN) Jihadwatch

Feisal Abdul Rauf, a New York imam, expects us to believe that jihad warfare was started by the West and can only be ended by the West. He is therefore either concealing or ignorant of the fact that violent jihad is a developed tradition within Islam and found in core Islamic texts (including but not limited to the Qur’an, as well as Hadith and books of Islamic jurisprudence). In those it has nothing to do with the behavior of infidels. It only has to do with the fact that they are infidels. Take, for example, this quotation from the Muslim prophet Muhammad:

When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them. . . . If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them. (Sahih Muslim, book 019, Number 4294)

That is offensive jihad. It is buttressed by numerous other sayings of the Prophet, by the Qur’an, and by Islamic legal scholars. But Feisal Abdul Rauf puts it all on the West, and gets invited to Australia by Premier Bob Carr.

The US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end, says an Islamic cleric invited to Sydney by Premier Bob Carr.New York-based Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who impressed Mr Carr at an international conference last year, arrives in Sydney today for two weeks of meetings and public talks.

Speaking from his New York mosque, Imam Feisal said the West had to understand the terrorists’ point of view.

Not. We have to eliminate them. We have to treat them like they would treat us if they had the power. We have to separate from the “Islamic world”

In a move likely to cause controversy with church leaders, Imam Feisal said it was Christians who started mass attacks on civilians.

“The Islamic method of waging war is not to kill innocent civilians. But it was Christians in World War II who bombed civilians in Dresden and Hiroshima, neither of which were military targets.”

This Islamo-turd does not speak for Germans and he has no mandate to speak for Japanese. Besides, what is the price of goat-meat in Timbuktu?

This is outrageously specious, but it depends on the ignorance of the listeners. The bombings of Dresden and Hiroshima were not justified by the bombers on the basis of Christian theology. The bombings by terrorists — 9/11, 3/11, etc. — are justified on the basis of Islamic theology. By claiming that they are equivalent, Abdul Rauf obscures the Islamic roots of modern-day terrorism, thus hindering the prospects for the reform within Islam that is so desperately needed if jihad terrorism is ever going to cease.

Islam is perfect. It  cannot be reformed.

Imam Feisal said the bombing in Madrid had made his message more urgent. He said there was an endless supply of angry young Muslim rebels prepared to die for their cause and there was no sign of the attacks ending unless there was a fundamental change in the world.

Yes indeed. But displaying a lack of the self-critical faculty that he shares with radical Muslims, he makes no mention, at least according to this report, of the Islamic roots of terror, and of the need for Muslims who truly (rather than deceptively) oppose terror to address this problem.

Where are they? Met any lately?

Imam Feisal, who argues for a Western style of Islam that promotes democracy and tolerance, said there could be little progress until the US acknowledged backing dictators and the US President gave an “America Culpa” speech to the Muslim world.

“Western style of Islam that promotes democracy and tolerance?” Imam Feisal will die and kill to make Islam the dominant religion. Islam doesn’t know any concept of “innocent, democracy or tolerance”.  Take your taqiyya and rub it, imam!

Of course. The historical depredations of jihad, they were all the fault of the West. The fall of Constantinople? Probably because of Byzantium’s support for Israel.

Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences

by Nicolai Sennels

Introduction by Nancy Kobrin, author of The Banality of Suicide Terrorism:

The Naked Truth About the Psychology of Islamic Suicide Bombing

Hugh Fitzgerald

is going to be able to get and hold a job and live happily together with his ethnic swedish countrymen. The last part is of some importance, as we hear all the time that the muslims are here because they are sorely needed in order for the swedish nation to be able to pay the pensions for future generations, but I must say that I have my serious doubts about that”

You still have doubts? I have no doubts that allowing Muslims into Sweden will be a terrific expense, that these Muslims cannot possibly integrate, and what they will take out of the system, making sure they receiveevery possible benefit, part of a welfare system that is amazingly generous (and naive), one that was originally created by Swedish voters and taxpayers, for the intended benefit of other Swedes, but now being exploited by Muslim immigrants whose hatred of bid’a (innovation, that is any new or entrepreneurial acitvity on their own part) and their deep inshallah-fatalism, guarantees they will economically fall immediately behind, so that they will always havee far higher rates of employment.

Meanwhile, their wives, one or more, will breed and breed and breed, as Oriana Fallaci famously warned, and you have only to look at the figures about Muslim population growth, all over Western Europe, to see what is going on.

Muslim immigration has to be halted, and then reversed. This can be done, just. But the countries of Western Europe have to turn off the tap, and make their own lands as unwelcome and hostile to Islam, to its practice, and to its adherents (the fact that a handful, in the mental freedom of the West, jettison Islam and so can fit in, is no consolation).


Times Square car bomb: Alert street vendor summoned police over smoking SUV

Update: Police say they have found an explosive device near the course of the Pittsburgh Marathon, forcing them to detour the final part of the race. FOX

Update: Pamela has lots of pic’s

Playing stoopid: “We have no idea who did this or why,” Mr. Bloomberg said. (NYT)

Remember: the Obama administration sees veterans as potential ‘right wing’ terrorists.

Here’s the story from JW:

On the other hand, as for Comedy Central, it is clear their act of cowardice did not protect anybody from those who are determined to attack. Will they respond with more censorship, or decide now is the time for the gloves to come off?

“3 cops, street vendor stop Times Square car bomb from detonating; Gas, clock found inside car,” by Allison Gendar, Rocco Parascandola, Kevin Deutsch, and Samuel Goldsmith for the New York Daily News,

Prank of the day:

If Rush Limbaugh and anyone else who dares disagree with us Socialist Progressives  would just tone down all the hateful rhetoric, this kind of thing would never happen.


Hussein Obama, 1st Muslim president of the US of A…….

Car bomb in Times Square near Comedy Central

Even Janet Napolitano is saying that the car bomb defused in Times Square last night was a “potential terrorist attack.” One wonders what “three propane tanks, consumer-grade fireworks, two filled 5-gallon gasoline containers, and two clocks with batteries, electrical wire and other components” could be other than a terrorist attack, but I leave that to the learned analysts.

In any case, we know that when Napolitano thinks “terrorist” she doesn’t think “Islamic jihadist” but rather “right-wing extremist,” so even if this was an attempted Islamic jihad attack, it might take DHS awhile to find that out, and the mainstream media awhile to report it. But one clue comes from Jihad Watch reader Michael M.: “the vehicle was parked on 45th Street between 7th and 8th avenues in New York City. This is the location of VIACOM, Inc. offices. VIACOM owns Comedy Central. Comedy Central as we all know is the home of ‘South Park’. This information is omitted from every article I’ve come across so far.”

Coincidence. Not.

But the detractors are working overtime, already:

Stop rushing to judgment. We don’t yet know who did this. It might have been a Muslim, it might not have been. WE DO NOT KNOW YET. Don’t start the lynching.

Photo above courtesy The “Silent” Majority No More, where there are many more photos. And Pamela Geller has more details on the evacuation.

Zipper Fish has humor>>

UPDATE: The Telegraph has noticed: “The location is also adjacent to the Viacom building, fuelling speculation that it might be linked to the company’s controversial South Park cartoon which recently depicted Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.”

Note the now-universal mainstream media reference to “Prophet Muhammad,” as if we’re all Muslims now.

“3 cops, street vendor stop Times Square car bomb from detonating; Gas, clock found inside car,” by Allison Gendar, Rocco Parascandola, Kevin Deutsch, and Samuel Goldsmith for the New York Daily News, May 2:

Three heroic cops and a quick-thinking street vendor stopped a madman from detonating a car bomb in the heart of Times Square Saturday night, law enforcement officials told the Daily News.

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Aussie Al Qaeda in NY: ''Big shock, Big shock.''

Where did we ever hear this before?

Nobody knew a thing, nobody ever suspected anything.

He was a senior accountant with Price-waterhouse Coopers. He has citizenship in two of the most prosperous, advanced societies on the planet. How ’bout that gratitude? More on this story. “Aussie on NY terror charges,” by Carly Crawford for the Herald Sun, via JW/Hat Tip Mullah

The tenant who occupies his townhouse in Flushing, Queens, described Hasanoff as a polite family man who, like his wife Wahida, is heavily into fundamentalist Islam.

“She’s very religious and her husband is too,” Fahima Rustam told News Limited at the neat split-level home yesterday.

“I’m scared – he was very nice, very quiet person,” she said.

Family’s shock at al-Qaeda arrest

From The Age (of stoopid)

THE Melbourne sister-in-law of an Australian facing terrorist charges in the United States for allegedly helping to ”modernise” al-Qaeda said she was shocked to hear of his arrest.

New York-based Sabirhan ”Tareq” Hasanoff, 34, who has both Australian and US citizenship, was one of two men charged with conspiring to supply material support to al-Qaeda.

Hadicha Hasanoff, who lives in Meadow Heights and is married to Sabirhan’s brother, Alimhan, said Sabirhan had grown up in Adelaide.

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New York: Muslim Mafia Declares Jihad Against the Spotted Pig

Muslims Threaten Breslin Owner After He Laughs Off  Demand to Stop Selling Alcohol

Bar owner: “This is the United States of America and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want.”

Muslims: “we can’t control the behavior of “a few bad eggs, you could get  a brick through the window…”

Muslims threaten New York restaurant for serving alcohol

Yet another stealth jihad attempt to compel non-Muslims to change their behavior to accommodate Muslim sensibilities. “Spotted Piglet Hiccups: Boozy Breslin Clashes With Mosque”

From the Gothamist/via ZIP/Katie Sokoler

The lovely-looking restaurant and bar The Breslin begins lunch service tomorrow, and co-owner Ken Friedman (The Spotted Pig) is planning on serving alcohol despite objections from the Masjid Ar-Rahman mosque across the street. Earlier this month the mosque’s leaders called a meeting with Friedman at The Ace Hotel, where The Breslin is located, and asked, “Can you move the bar?” Friedman’s response makes us want to hurry over to The Breslin right now for a dram of Laphroaig to show our support (and drown out the voices):

I laughed. And the guy said, “Oh, you think that’s funny?” And I said, “Yeah, that is funny, that is really funny, because we’re not going to move the bar just because you discovered we’re serving booze.” Can you name one restaurant in New York that doesn’t serve booze? I said, “This is the United States of America and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want.” He said the mosque had suggested it couldn’t control the behavior of “a few bad eggs”; i.e., we could get a brick through our window.

Friedman notified police of the threat, but just to show he’s not a hard-hearted man, that it’s not all dollars and cents, he agreed to put a curtain over the windows so devout Muslims wouldn’t be corrupted by the sight of infidel inebriation. But the curtain hasn’t arrived yet, so over the weekend he actually taped paper over the windows to hide a gay wedding. A volunteer at the mosque says city law forbids serving liquor within 200 feet of a place of worship and that “not more than 200 feet is between the mosque and the bar.”

But Ace Hotel developer Andrew Zobler tells The Observer, “The law is clear that in order for that to apply it has to be an exclusively dedicated house of worship, and at their space they have both residences and a restaurant, so basically, because of those uses the law allowed there to be a bar within 200 feet. Everyone was aware of that when the liquor license was granted.” And Friedman adds, “They can threaten, but they can’t really stop us.” Yeah, heh, what are these devout, pissed-off Muslims gonna do?

*  We’ll keep an eye on this.  Will the Obamessiah come to the rescue of these Mosqueteers?

Arrest Gaddafi!


Colonel Gadafi’s Traveling Circus is arriving in the US for a visit with his friends at the UN, and he’ll be setting up his bedouin tent at a Libyan-owned estate in an upscale section of New Jersey. Residents are not pleased.

At least New York officials nixed pitching the tent in Central Park.

Gadhafi’s camping trip is a bloody outrage

Michelle Malkin:

Here’s a blood pressure-raising piece on Gadhafi’s luxury tent, which he plans on pitching in the backyard of dozens of jihadi victims. And here’s an anger-inducing piece on Gadhafi’s son scoffing at anger over the release of Lockerbie bomber and Gadhafi hug partner Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. And here’s the sickening scoop on al-Megrahi’s true medical condition.

Growing backlash against Gadhafi camp-out in New Jersey

Protest Gadhafi’s Englewood Tent

Weasel News:

Tutututut Watch: Desmond Tutu: The Arabs Are Paying The Price For The Holocaust…..

Atlas links:


  • Amid chants of “Allahuakbar,” theMuslims also left the severed head of a cow at the entrance of the State Secretariat here as a warning to Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Geert Wilders: The World Needs an International First Amendment and a Ban on All 'Hate Speech' Laws



Robert Spencer:

I was at this press conference this morning at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Wilders stated the case for free speech forcefully. Will post video when available.

Geert Wilders will also be speaking tonight at 6PM EST at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, at an event sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, and Dr. Andrew Bostom.

“Geert Wilders: An International First Amendment and a ban on all ‘hate-speech’ laws; Keynotes Center-sponsored press conference,” a press release from the Center for Security Policy:

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