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Who asked them to come?

Another $7.5 million boat

Andrew Bolt – Monday, June 29, 09

Here we go again:

A BOAT carrying 194 people, the largest number in eight years, has been intercepted by border protection 23 nautical miles north-west of Christmas Island…



Some may die and all will cost

Andrew Bolt – Tuesday, June 30, 09 

We may soon be back to where we were before John Howard got tough:

INDONESIAN authorities are bracing for a huge influx of boat people, anticipating as many as 10,000 asylum-seekers are waiting in Malaysia to transit through the archipelago and on to Australia.

This estimate was backed by a Malaysian group that deals with unauthorised immigrants. An Australian Government source warned of the potential for a similar influx to the thousands who began arriving in Australia from the late 1990s.

Another $7.5 million boat

On board were mostly men, understood to be of Afghan or Iraqi descent, who are now being processed on Christmas Island in immigration detention…

It is the 16th boat to arrive in Australian waters this year — during which 867 people have been intercepted by border protection. Arrivals this year are up from the 161 asylum seekers who came by boat last year, but well down on the 5516 people who arrived in 2001.

Do the sums:

(N)ew figures reveal the cost of processing the latest influx of boatpeople is about $38,000 an asylum seeker.

They just keep coming… and they know how to play us!

Abu KRudd – the people smugglers’ friend


*  Not a word about WHO is arriving illegally on these shores, therefore it is safe to presume that increasing numbers of Muhammedan’s  are determined to leave their Islamic hell-holes behind to seek the benefits of an infidel welfare state. Once again: Muslims from the Middle East who have to travel through  two, three or more Muslim countries to arrive here, are not asylum seekers. They are not immigrants, they are not refugees or cue-jumpers: they are invaders. We have no obligation to assist them.

Those who have sworn to protect us are obliged to repatriate them as soon as possible.

Andrew Bolt –

Could there be, like, a connection?:

YET another group of asylum seekers has reached Australian waters – the fourth in a fortnight… Navy patrol boat HMAS Albany intercepted 49 suspected asylum seekers – thought to be mostly Afghan men – two nautical miles off Ashmore Reef, 610km north of Broome at about midday yesterday.

It was the sixth boat to arrive this year, and the 13th since September, when the Rudd Government announced measures aimed at softening Australia’s treatment of refugeesfrom the hardline approach adopted by the Howard government.

This year’s boats have ferried 264 passengers to Australia and 12 crew members – a total of 276 unauthorised arrivals compared with seven boats last year carrying a total of 179 people, including crew.

John Howard’s “inhuman” policies stopped not just the people smugglers but the deaths at sea. If some of these boats lured here by Kevin Rudd now sink, how truly “kinder” is he?

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