Lets built 'em a bridge!

Andrew Bolt:

The boats are arriving almost daily now:

A BOAT carrying an estimated 72 passengers and two crew has been “intercepted” south-east of Ashmore Islands yesterday evening.


Australian Welfare Payments Sent Overseas

The Third World colonists who have been swamping Australia are doing so at public expense, being generously compensated for their uselessness by the taxpayer — so generously that much of the money is getting shipped back home:

Some refugees in Australia are sending welfare payments abroad as part of a multi-billion-dollar industry to help relatives in poor countries.

A report commissioned by the Immigration Department says that many recent arrivals from Africa fear losing social respect if they do not send cash home.

Using World Bank data, the report estimated that up to $6 billion flows out of Australia each year in payments to people overseas. It said that a survey of humanitarian arrivals showed that 70 per cent had sent money home.

In Australia, the Gillard Government knows the truth about its bungled refugee program. The people it’s bringing in are costing billions, with 85% of refugees on Centrelink benefits in their first five years here.

What to do about the intolerable outrage of do-gooder bureauweenies looting Australian taxpayers to provide free money for African villagers who will never even see Australia? Report author Graeme Hugo, a professor at Adelaide University, has an idea:

Prof Hugo said that … the Federal Government should consider making it easier for them to send money to relatives abroad.

“Anything that countries like Australia can do to facilitate that sending back of finances can potentially have good development impacts in theorigin country,” he said.

All you can do is bury your face in your hands.

Queensland’s Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser has called on Liberal National Party (LNP) and Katter’s Australian Party MPs to denounce the Qsociety, which is concerned with the “erosion of Western values and the Islamization of Australia.”

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Australia Needs a Cultural Enrichment Prevention Program

Why import enemies of democracy?

A few shipments back of rejected boat people before the election ought to do it, Labor figures:

HUNDREDS of Afghan and Sri Lankan welfare-seekers are likely to be sent home under Julia Gillard’s tough policy agenda to deter boatpeople. Gillard flirts with sending them back/Andrew Bolt

Click on image to enlarge

With Ms Gillard nominating tackling the asylum-welfare seeker issue as her next priority in the lead up to the poll, another new boatload of asylum seekers reached Christmas Island last night. Locals reported the boat sailed into their harbour with no sign of any naval interception.

Authorities confirmed the boat, pictured below, contained 34 people from Afghanistan, with two Indonesian crew.

Spokesperson for bleeding hearts Julian Burnside insists that we  are “rednecks” if we don’t take people in like Mr Khafaji :

Originally from Iraq but living most of his life in Syria, Mr Khafaji came to Australia by boat from Indonesia in 1999.

Was he not safe in Syria and Indonesia?


Why have they come to such an unclean country, and why did we import people with no loyalty to the fundamental institutions of our democratic society?

LEADERS of the global Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir have called on Australian Muslims to spurn secular democracy and Western notions of moderate Islam and join the struggle for a transnational Islamic state.

British Hizb ut-Tahrir leader Burhan Hanif told participants at a conference in western Sydney yesterday that democracy is “haram” (forbidden) for Muslims, whose political engagement should be be based purely on Islamic law.

“We must adhere to Islam and Islam alone,” Mr Hanif told about 500 participants attending the convention in Lidcombe.

If this is the true teaching of Islam, as these people say, what does this say about the wisdom of importing more followers of such an unassimilating faith?

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How do we make KRudd pay for this?

Define “stopped”

Stopped from going where?

THE navy has stopped the fourth and fifth suspected asylum-seeker boats to enter Australian waters in the past week.

Before KRudd weakened our laws, we’d get three boats in an average year. Now we can get five in a single week. Andrew Bolt

Asylum seekers headed for Darwin hotels

ABC News

Twenty-three asylum seekers are set to be transferred from Christmas Island to Darwin this afternoon.

The six Afghans and 12 Sri Lankans are in family groups and will be put up in hotels or public housing – not in detention.

Why is this guy in Australia?

Why did Riz Wakil not stay in Pakistan? Was he not safe in Indonesia? Why is his promoting a “kinder” policy that has already seen a reported 130 Afghanis drown? Why did he insist on coming to Australia, which is not an Islamic country, why could he not stay in Indonesia, which is religiously obliged to accommodate Muslim refugees?

The good news: KRudd’s Obamoment is over:  he will be Gillarded by a SHEMALE clone of himself…. and he will be gainfully employed as a gas detector in the mining industry……

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Australia: $6000 a week to house six African refugee families in waterside accommodation

But the real story is this:

Sowing genuine fear

Purely in order to be able to include $12 billion of (projected) revenue in the budget papers, Kevin ‘Gougher’ Rudd and Wayne ‘Riskless’ Swan, were prepared to deceive the resources industry and risk seriously damaging the nation by sowing genuine fear…The great Budget fiddle/Andrew Bolt

A luxury holiday for refugees

TAXPAYERS are forking out $6000 a week to house six African refugee families in waterside accommodation until the Immigration Department can find them permanent homes.
Nathan Klein/Daily Telegraph

While most people would enjoy a couple of weeks at Windang Beach Tourist Park on the South Coast for a break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, refugees from Ethiopia and Kenya are there indefinitely.

Demissie Desta Tilahum, his wife Alem and his eight-year-old son Nathnael have been living at the tourist park near Wollongong for the past two weeks at no expense. They said yesterday the Government had promised to “take care of everything”.

It is understood the six refugee families were sent straight to the council-owned tourist park when they arrived in Australia two weeks ago. All are now in two-bedroom cabins.

Housing just one family a week in these cabins costs taxpayers $820 per week for two people, plus $110 for each additional child staying and $175 for each additional adult.


Asylum seekers fakers accommodated in Qld motel

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9MSM/Hat Tip Rossco/click on the link for the video

The federal government is defending a decision to house 79 asylum seekers in a four-star Queensland motel, saying they are vulnerable families with children.

They just keep coming: Boats, boats

Five more boat people lured to their deaths/FIVE suspected asylum seekers are feared drowned after they decided to swim from their troubled vessel using tubes and lifejackets.

Family First Senator Steve Fielding has criticised a decision to house asylum seekers in motels.

The Palms Motel in suburban Brisbane has reportedly been awarded a $1.2 million government contract for at least six months to accommodate the group of 79 asylum seekers.

A private security guard has been employed to protect them and other guests, the Nine Network said.

Senator Evans said this had been known for weeks and was consistent with the behaviour of the previous Howard government.

“This has been long established government policy,” he told parliament on Tuesday.

Its all about “the children”, you see:

“We make no apologies that we don’t want children behind barbed wire.”

Great. What about OUR children?

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison acknowledged the practice was not new but said the latest move was due to an upsurge in boat arrivals.

“It happens when all of your detention centres are full,” he said.

“That’s why people are in motels.”

The government’s asylum seeker policy was out of control, Mr Morrison said, adding 16 boats had arrived since Labor announced it was suspending new claims by Sri Lankan and Afghan boat arrivals.

Family First senator Steve Fielding says the move will only encourage more unauthorised boat arrivals.

“First it was Hotel Christmas Island, now it’s Hotel Queensland,” he said in a statement.

“There is no way we should be detaining asylum seekers in hotels because it just gives the people smugglers an extra selling point.”

The immigration department said the group was under 24-hour “monitoring and guarding”.

“They’re not allowed to come and go,” spokesman Sandy Logan said.

“They’ve all been through full security and health checks before being transferred from Christmas Island.”

Mr Morrison said the department should have consulted the local community about its plan.

Doing so would have taken the heat out of some of the reaction to the move, he said


Christmas all year round now:

Five more boats in a week

Signing deals with Indonesia not working too well for Australia’s incurable warmist  PM:

A boat carrying asylum seekers has been intercepted north-west of Christmas Island…

It is believed 35 passengers and two crew members were on board.

The group will be taken to Christmas Island for identity, security and health checks. It is the fifth boat of asylum seekers picked up in Australian waters since last Sunday.

Please define the difference between “intercepted” and “welcomed”?

Labour ads banned for lying about warming


If only our own watchdogs were as scrupulous:

TWO government advertisements that use nursery rhymes to warn people of the dangers of climate change have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for exaggerating the potential harm.

But back here, any old rubbish gets through>>>

Lets build 'em a bridge!

The Mohammedan invasion of Australia continues, with KRudd’s complicity:

KRudd’s latest boat in the armada

Andrew Bolt:

Yet another:

Another suspected asylum seeker boat has arrived off north-west Australia as the debate heats up on the future of the Christmas Island detention centre.

The latest arrival, a boat carrying 83 people, was intercepted yesterday by Australian authorities east of Christmas Island the same day a newspaper report claimed up to five-thousand detainees could be held on the island over four years.


And yet another again:

Another boat carrying asylum seekers has been intercepted in waters off the West Australian coast early sunday morning.

The government says the boat with 28 passengers and two crew members on board was intercepted north west of Adele Island.

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Australian Border Protection: the navy ships that should be patrolling & securing our borders have become “official greeters” for Muslim invaders…

More boats, more votes for his KRuddness. But hey, not to worry, they’re just  “unauthorized arrivals…”

Andrew Bolt:

Come in and help yourself

Some border protection we’ve got there:

A boat carrying 45 asylum seekers has been intercepted off Australia’s north west coast.

Border protection authorities found the boat about five nautical miles west of Christmas Islandovernight.

So what’s that navy boat we’ve got there? It doesn’t look like a tug…:

The Muslim invasion of Greece, Malta…

Counter Jihad Links:

Malta struggles to cope with Muslim invasion

Italy: Let’s round up the Muslims

“We all know what has happened during the last years, hordes of Muslims have invaded and that cannot be allowed to continue. I criticize the left that has imported the hordes of Muslim and created the Muslim ghettos in Italy. Let them be afraid of then round ups and deportations.” (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

Italy: Imam decries Egyptian Muslim murder – not the Muslim riot

Angry residents in the tense, high-immigrant neighbourhood heckled De Corato when he visited the area on Sunday after the riots. The residents accused the ruling conservative city council of “forcing us Italians to live barricaded in our homes amid continuous drug-dealing.”  One Northern League member of the European Parliament, Matteo Salvini, called for “expulsions house by house, floor by floor”.

Moslem invaders in Athens

Κομιτορεάλ — Kimon / thanks to Counter Jihad

The grim situation on the streets of Athens, similar to that of a third world capital, with more than 150,000 illegal immigrants only in the centre of the city, thousands of clandestine vendors, an army of immigrants to jostle in the City soup kitchens and prostitution, was painted yesterday by the mayor of City, Nikitas Kaklamanis.

“This picture, is not consistent with that of a European capital, and is added to the drugs, outbreaks of tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS due to the presence of too many foreigners in the occupied districts of Athens.

The final blow to the once thriving trade of the city, give the dozens of illegal shops, that opens and closes with staggering rates nationals of countries from Asia and Africa, helping to create the absolute chaos.

If you recognize the crime has increased by at least 16.25% between 2007 and 2008 (it was almost zero before the arrival of the immigrants) you can see that Athens has almost become a “war zone”.

Something not far from reality, are daily clashes between different gangs of immigrants from Asia and Africa.” At the same time begins to emerge the first outbreaks of resistance of Greek citizens in the neighbourhoods of Athens.

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Welcome to KRuddistan

Update: Spin overboard

Update 2: Column – The 42 dead that Gillard can’t see

Australia’s PM Parvenu in chief  KRudd went to Indonesia to pay the jiziya to prevent  further mass-migration of third world migrants to Australia


“The honor of Islam lies in insulting the unbelief and the unbelievers (kafirs).  One who respects kafirs dishonors Muslims…  The real purpose of levying the Jizya on them is to humiliate them… [and] they remain terrified and trembling.” Islamic Jihad

illegal-immigrationArchive photo: Mohammedan invasion of Italy. The more we pay, the more keep coming…

Is KRudd’s failed immigration policy the boomerang that will come around to   hit Australia’s “caring”  Socialist government in the ass?

Since word got around that the  Australia’s Socialists opened the flood gates to third world immigrants, the boats keep coming, and  all know how to play the game. Whether these unwanted Afghans or Tamils  set their boats on fire or use children to appeal to the Australian public on TV, they are determined  to make their way to Australia. And once again, Indonesia, this wonderful Muslim nation parasite next door, sees Australia as the stoopid cash cow it is:

0,,7085666,00Hey Mr KRudd:  why on earth would someone spend 18 months on a leaky boat? Why would “asylum seekers” travel through numerous countries with a similar culture, or religious belief, to cross water to a country that is 60% desert and full of infidels.

Wouldn’t have anything to do with the benefits of living in a Western society now, would it? More>>

Andrew Bolt: Our charity isn’t free:

If we’re saving their lives, that’s most of the argument right there. No question. But let’s not pretend there’s no cost in bringing in people who are often from very different cultures and educational standards:

Refugees are creating a soaring welfare headache for taxpayers with the total annual cost of Centrelink benefits up nearly 40 per cent to an estimated $628 million in just two years.

The hypocrisy is astonishing. What Kevin Rudd promised two years ago:

The Pacific Solution is just wrong. It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money. It’s not the right way to in fact handle asylum seekers or others and therefore we think the best way ahead is to use Christmas Island instead. It’s a facility which is part of the Commonwealth of Australia….There will be no continuation of the Pacific Solution under a Federal Labor government.

What the Rudd Government still jeered as of yesterday:

On the resumption of parliament yesterday, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith challenged the Coalition to nominate which of Labor’s policy changes it would overturn… ”Would you reintroduce the Pacific solution, where processing is done on Manus Island and Nauru?

What Rudd now copies from John Howard, substituting only “Indonesia” for “Nauru”:

SEVENTY-EIGHT asylum seekers who were picked up by an Australian customs ship at the weekend are likely to end up in detention in Indonesia after a diplomatic impasse over their fate was broken late yesterday.

It’s the hypocrisy and spin which is most revolting.

No. It doesn’t end there.

KRudd’s sucking up to Indonesia makes everything worse, much worse. And way more more expensive. Remember: infidels are expected to pay the jiziya with willing submission and KRudd is there today and tomorrow to pay up. It will be years before we even know how much KRudd is paying to bribe Indonesia while occupying the Australian public with the so called oil for food scandal. (As if anybody could sell anything in Iraq without bribing the regime in then days!)

But the damage done will be irreparable….

*  History of Mohammedan invasion

Waleed Aly has a great idea: lets flood the country with Muslims!

Indeed: who could be more deserving of sharing our wealth!

Yes we do have the video, here:

Islamist Waleed Aly proposes to open Australian borders

  • Islamist Waleed Aly , has been propagating the Muslim Brotherhood program since his mysterious self-discovery journey to Egypt.

Previous Exploits:


Refugees know Kevin Rudd has opened the door / The Australian


Pay people-smugglers, float towards Australia’s coastline, set fire to your vessel when confronted by authorities,win residency:

All surviving asylum-seekers from the boat that exploded near Ashmore Reef in April will be granted permanent residency in Australia, ahead of a coronial inquest into the cause of the blaze that killed five of their fellow passengers.

They’ll be loving this in Makassar.

Australia: Islamic da’awa at taxpayers expense — Winds Of Jihad

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