Kenya: "Islamists" attack church in northern town in effort to seize land for mosque


* For a good Muslim like Yusuf its of course totally unislamic to do something like this during Ramadan, right? But if we dig a little deeper we can find ample evidence that the jihad never stops:

Here is an exceptionally detailed Islamic Tolerance Alert, and also a case study in the limitations on the usefulness of the term “Islamist.” The mainstream media uses it in some settings to describe proponents of Islam as a political platform (for example, in Turkey) who are not at the moment employing or endorsing open warfare; just as often, it is used to describe those who are, as a somewhat “softer” alternative to “jihadist.” In either case, while the imprecision may not always be intentional on the part of the journalist, the reader must note with caution where the term may be used to sidestep the connection of “Islamist” activities with actual Islamic texts and teachings.

In this case, the Pact of Umar looms large, due the far-reaching precedent it set in prohibiting the building of new churches or repairing of old ones. And as always, there is the instruction from the Qur’an itself (9:29) that unbelievers “feel themselves subdued.”

* Islamists destroy Somali church,  will build a mosque on the site of the colonial-era church. (Must be one of those ‘land for peace’ initiatives/ed)

“Kenya: Islamists attack church in northern town,” from Compass Direct News, thanks to JW

GARISSA, Kenya, September 29 (Compass Direct News) – A longstanding effort to replace a church with a mosque in Kenya’s northern town of Garissa culminated in an attack by 50 Muslim youths this month that left the worship building in ruins.

The gang stormed the building of Redeemed Gospel Church on Sept. 14 and pelted the congregation with stones, sending many Christians fleeing while others became embroiled in fistfights. Ten Christians received hospital treatment for minor injuries and were released.

Church leaders said the Muslim mob also destroyed pews, damaged the church building’s walls of corrugated iron, smashed the glass-mounted pulpit and burned the church banner with its stand.

“We had just started the Sunday service when, without warning, a rowdy group of about 50 Muslim youths invaded the church, pelting stones at us and destroying our structures,” said the church youth chairman, identified only as Suma.

Local media reported that the 10 church members were hospitalized, but a district nurse at the hospital told Compass that no one was admitted due to the violence. A church elder at East Africa Pentecostal Church in Garissa, about 400 kilometers (249 miles) from Nairobi, confirmed that the church members were treated at the hospital and allowed to go home.

Tensions between Christians and the Muslim-majority population in the semi-desert town of 20,000 people began simmering after Muslims built a mosque next to the church plot at No. 21 Windsor in June 2007. Purchasing its land on Nov. 1, 1999, the church had begun worshipping there by early 2001, eventually growing to 400 members.

Church leaders complained to the district commissioner in June 2007 that the new mosque was built too close to the church – only three meters separate the two structures – and that it was blocking the church entryway.

“Prior to that, the owner of that land had promised to use half of it and sell the other half to the church,” the church leaders reported to the district commissioner in June 2007. “But in 2007, she changed her mind and gave it to the sheikhs to build the mosque. We reported the matter to the DC’s office that it would not go well with the church.”

Officials had ruled that no further permanent structures were to be set up on the land by either party until a later date to be determined by the district commissioner.

“The church faithfully obeyed, but the Muslims defied the orders and began immediately to put up a permanent structure,” according to the letter church leaders wrote to the district commissioner. The building of the mosque was allegedly sponsored by M.K. Roble, a wealthy Muslim in Garissa, according to the letter.

“The problems between the church and the Muslims began and have escalated since then,” it states.

Government security intelligence had reported that Muslims planned to destroy the church if it continued to operate within the residential area, District Commissioner (DC) Alois Okango told Compass. The administration had proposed a new site for the church to worship, Jamhuri Club, but two days before the attack church leaders wrote two letters to Okango saying they would remain worshipping in their building.

“We would like to notify you that our church members have decided to have our Sunday service at our usual place on September 14 and not at the new site of Jamhuri Club,” they wrote in one of the letters, “because we have come to realize that the new site is only temporary, and we will only move out of our premise if we are guaranteed a permanent place of worship.”

Okango told Compass that to avert a crisis, the administration has decided that the church should relocate temporarily to a site near an agricultural showground. The government also advised the church to sell its property near the mosque and buy another piece of land, preferably outside Garissa town center.

This suggestion, Okango told Compass, did not augur well with church members, who felt they had already established the church at the site and that it was the mosque that should be moving. […]

Land issues alone have not been responsible for tensions in the area. The Rev. Ibrahim Kamwaro, chairman of the Pastors’ Fellowship in Garissa, said Pastor Matolo had offended Muslims when he preached to a lame Muslim man.

Muslims were said to be upset that the pastor persuaded the disabled man to stop going to the mosque and instead join his church. Pastor Matolo’s alleged promise to the disabled man of a better life offended area Muslims, Rev. Kamwaro said.

Muslims restrict churches in Garissa in various ways: Christians are not allowed conduct prayers, sing or use musical instruments in rented homes owned by Muslims. No teaching of Christian Religious Education in schools is allowed; only Islamic Religious Knowledge is taught….

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  1. Don’t be surprised that in the future when Western people get realy fed up, that Mosques will be destroyed. Since violence is the only thing these people understand. Or will there be a civil war against Islam?

  2. I am disgusted by the behavior of the government official. I am calling upon all Kenyan atheists like myself to stop this behavior. These people should never be allowed to be this bold in our own country. We allow them to live in our country and they behave like this? This is ridiculous!

  3. Plenty of examples like this throughout the world. The common factor in all of the violence prone areas is Islam. Islam must have a large ‘Dark side’ compared with all of the religions that it is being ‘insulted’ by.

  4. Ah..Barack Hussein Obama’s beloved “Kenya.” I wonder where cousin Raila Odinga plays into this?

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