Marital Rape Fartwas & Sharia

If you (correctly) state that Muslims are religiously obliged to implement  and live according to sharia,  the soldiers of Allah and their Western enablers call you a racist bigot and greasy Islamophobe. But when Muslims live according to sharia and proudly proclaim that it is “their right” to rape their wives and beat them right in our midst, enlightened progressive multiculturalists tell us it is nothing more than another cultural practice that we must ‘respect’. Here’s an update on  marital rape, wife beating in Islam and who is behind it:

Sharia-Sanctioned Marital Rape in Britain—And North America

Andrew Bostom

Sharia Court in the UK: (Maulana Abu Sayeed being seated second, going from right to left)

In response to the specific query, “Is there a such thing as Marital Rape?,” the  AMJA issued fatwa #2982:

In the name of Allah, all praise is for Allah, and may peace and blessing be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family. To proceed:

For a wife to abandon the bed of her husband without excuse is haram [forbidden]. It is one of the major sins and the angels curse her until the morning as we have been informed by the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). She is considered nashiz (rebellious) under these circumstances. As for the issue of forcing a wife to have sex, if she refuses, this would not be called rape, even though it goes against natural instincts and destroys love and mercy, and there is a great sin upon the wife who refuses; and Allah Almighty is more exalted and more knowledgeable.

An ocean apart from Britain—now a recognized Western hotbed for “Islamic fundamentalism”—the same Sharia-sanctioned misogynistic bigotry prevails in a North American clerical organization openly advising US and Canadian Muslims.

Now lets have a closer look at  who these Islamic “jurists” are:

War Criminal Sharia “Judge” Backs Rape In Marriage

Harry’s Place also has video testimonies:

The senior cleric of Britain’s main Islamic sharia court has sparked outrage by claiming that non-consensual sex in marriage cannot be called rape and is, therefore, not a criminal offence. In an interview with the Samosa blog, Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, speaking as the head of the Islamic Sharia Council, said:

Abu Sayeed in 1971

“Clearly there cannot be any rape within the marriage. Maybe aggression, maybe indecent activity… Because when they got married, the understanding was that sexual intercourse was part of the marriage, so there cannot be anything against sex in marriage. Of course, if it happened without her desire, that is no good, that is not desirable.”

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Moe's Jihad News

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  7. Sweden: Europe’s New Rape Capital
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* Who said there is no humor in Islam?


Cartoon In Saudi Daily: Following Fatwa Permitting His Killing, Mickey Mouse Writes Will (with thanks to MEMRI)


Thai Jihad: Ten killed in Thai south on mosque raid anniversary

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Ten people have been killed by suspected separatist militants in Thailand’s deep south in the past two days around the fifth anniversary of a bloody government raid on a Muslim mosque, security officials said on Tuesday. More>>

Today’s Obambination:

The Commander-in-Chief didn’t want to take credit for his boneheaded decision to allow Air Force planes to scare half of the Tri-State area into thinking we were under another 9/11-style terrorist attack, he does the usual: throws yet another guy under the bus. I posted video of this frightening scenario played out over the Manhattan skyline, earlier today.

obamadrivingbusRead the rest at Debbie Schlussel…

Cartoon from Sigmund, Carl & Alfred:


  • Today’s Paki Peekaboo:

Taliban: Peace deal with Pakistan “worthless”

That’s been rather obvious all along. And now that their advance into Buner has been halted for the moment, the peace deal has reach the end of its useful life, in accordance with Islamic tradition, of buying the Taliban time at a moment of weakness: “Truces are permissible, not obligatory….Interests that justify making a truce are such things as Muslim weakness because of lack of numbers or materiel, or the hope of an enemy becoming Muslim…” - Umdat al-Salik, o9.16

“Taliban: Peace pact with Pakistan is ‘worthless’,” by Zarar Khan for the Associated Press, via JW


  • Hamid Karzai, “our man in Kabul”, goes into damage control mode:

Afghanistan Prez says marital rape law will be amended

Muhammad said: “If a husband calls his wife to his bed [i.e. to have sexual relation] and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning.” — Bukhari 4.54.460

And: “By him in Whose Hand lies my life, a woman can not carry out the right of her Lord, till she carries out the right of her husband. And if he asks her to surrender herself [to him for sexual intercourse] she should not refuse him even if she is on a camel’s saddle.” — Ibn Majah 1854

But international pressure can get (some temporary) results.

An update on this story. “Afghan’s Karzai says will amend controversial law,” from Reuters, April 27 (JW):

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Women's Biz

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    There aren’t too many ways for the apologists to spin Islam’s very shameful history of treating women like second hand luggage.
  • An interview with Bat Ye’or  (FrontPage Magazine)
    One of Europe’s foremost experts on the Islamization of the continent discusses the OIC, Geert Wilders and the assault on freedom of speech.

  • “Death to the slaves of Christians”: Afghan men hurl stones at women protesting rape law

    300 women had the courage to protest the law, which all too many women were prepared to accept and attempt to rationalize. “Afghan men hurl stones at 300 women protesting law that allows husbands to rape their wives,” from theDaily Mail, April 15 

    France seeks to stop forced marriage, mutilation   By LAURENCE JOAN-GRANGE – AP

    • PARIS (AP) — France’s government launched a campaign Tuesday against forced marriages and genital mutilation, seeking to protect women from practices that quietly thrive in immigrant communities the nation is struggling to integrate. Continue reading Women's Biz

    Hamid Karzai, "our man in Kabul": law permitting men to rape wives under review

     The Times

     “Our Man in Kabool” Hamid Karzai, who is turning more Talibanish by the day, meets resistance…

    President Karzai’s Taleban-style laws for women put troop surge at risk

    Afghan women

    Video: Taleban flog girl | Persecution index – Afghanistan

    President Karzai of Afghanistan provoked international outrage yesterday with draconian Taleban-era restrictions on women and laws that explicitly sanction marital rape.

    A leaked copy of the laws obtained by The Times details new strictures for Afghanistan’s Shia minority. Women are banned from leaving the home without permission. A wife has the absolute duty to provide sexual services to her husband, and child marriage is legalised.

    Video shows radicals beating girl in Pakistan

    ANALYSIS: Karzai is an inconvenient ally

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    Aussie Rape Cleric Abu Hamza's website publishes article saying "the media had no right to question his marital teachings"

    * * Sure not. How dare the filthy kuffars question the good teachings of the Koran, sira & hadith!

    * Update: a case for the Federal Police to investigate:

    * Abu Hamza: Fundraiser for Hamas? In the comments section of IISNA one of his supporters (Fish lips, comment no 4) points out:  “How quick everyone forgets the good Abu Hamza has done for the community in the past 10 years. How quik ppl forgot how he single handedly raised over $300,000 on saturday night for gaza.”-  Hamas is a designated terrorist organization. Why is Abu Hamza not arrested and brought to trial?


    * update: been raped by your hubby? Just laugh it off honey!

    An update on this story. “Cleric Abu Hamza under fire again,” by Mark Dunn for the Herald Sun, January 24 (thanks to DW):

     “It’s not rape, it’s just a “pushy husband”

    EMBATTLED cleric Abu Hamza came under fire again yesterday for his radical views on rape, with his website claiming Muslim wives could “laugh off” unwanted sex and that rape could be confused with having a “pushy husband”.In response to the sex-on-demand and wife-smacking controversy sparked by Mr Hamza’s lectures, his Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia website published an article saying the media had no right to question his marital teachings.

    * Daily Telegraph

    * But Abu Hamza is teaching mainstream Islam, as we can see here…

    * Tim Blair has more…

     “Better to blow your money on a good time, than blow yourself and others up.”

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