Omid rubs it

 Professor Omid Safi, of  “contemporary Islamic thought at University of North Carolina”, is a reprehensible creature.  Professor Safi is recognized as a leader of the” progressive Muslim debate”, (which is nothing but cheap Muselprop)  and is on record of being a liar and a cheap Islamic supremacist. Safi  puffs himself up with degrees, titles, honors, and other academic paraphernalia, suggesting that these, rather than real scholarship, are what count most, but  his record shows clearly that he is a creep and a tosser of the Juan Cole variety. Fittingly, Omid Safi’s Religion News Service blog is called “What Would Muhammad Do?”  (Ironic, to say the least.)

No wait: he’s worse: Omid Safi is an extremely dishonest pseudo-academic of extraordinarily low character.  He peddles soothing nonsense to the easy marks at the Huffington Post about respecting other people, but elsewhere he shows his true colors: he has falsely claimed that Robert Spencer threatened to kill him and his family, after Spencer dared to challenge his smears with the manipulative Muslim Brotherhood neologism of “Islamophobe” and offered to come to the class where he was defaming him to engage in discussion and debate with him and his students.

Omid has a long record of  BS presentations and cheap and hateful Islamoprop, but in his latest exploits  Omid Safi’s uses images of murdered Jews in the Holocaust as Arab Palestinians, in order to smear the Jewish state of a false massacre.

Omid Safi must be a moderate.

The Tundra Tabloids exposes Omid once again, here: 

The question we should be asking here is, what wouldn’t this Arab professor do in order to smear the state of Israel?

Just for the record: Omid also had a go at Pamela Geller  recently, because her ads bother him.

Here’s an excerpt from his blog entry:

4)  The advertisement fundamentally and deliberately distorts the meaning of “jihad.”

The term Jihad is open to the same nuances as the term Crusade.    One may speak of a crusade against drugs, or the Crusades of Billy Graham, or the medieval Crusades.    In the context of the Qur’an, the term Jihad means a struggle that the faithful are told to undertake with their souls and beings.

Would you pay money to send your kids to a school where they are being indoctrinated with trash like this?

But wait:  the U.S. Army is taking advice from subversives like Omid Safi:

Denying Islam’s Role in Terror

As U.S. service members risk their lives to combat violent jihadists abroad, military leaders, both uniformed and civilian, capitulate to stealth jihadists at home. By bending to Islamists’ appeals for religious sensitivity, these leaders ignore the most crucial lesson of the Fort Hood massacre: Political correctness can kill.

The U.S. Army seems to have succumbed to PC-Islamist sensitivities. It has issued a special handbook for soldiers that appears to justify jihad as “communal military defense … when [Muslims] are threatened or under attack.” In addition, U.S. servicewomen have been urged to don head scarves when interacting with Afghan locals while all soldiers are warned to “respect Islam” in order to prevent violence there.


They say they are winning….

From the Elder:

Islamic Jihad refuses cease fire – because they think they are winning

Islamic Jihad put out an announcement saying that they refuse to consider a cease-fire from their rocket attacks. And the reason seems to be that they think that they are winning.

Here are the brave mujahadeen who are too afraid to show their faces at a press conference:

They are certainly winning the propaganda war:

Dutch newspaper captions Iron Dome as “firing rockets into Gaza” (updated x2)

If you think that media bias against Israel is bad in English-language media, check this out from the site:

The caption translates to “A rocket fired from Israel to the Gaza Strip.”

This is the Iron Dome system, where rockets are fired to destroy incoming Grad rockets from the Gaza Strip!

UPDATE: The caption was corrected to “An Israeli Iron Dome rocket is fired to intercept an incoming rocket from Gaza.”


PRC terrorists admit Hamas is not discouraging rocket fire

Hamas apologists love to say that any rocket fire from Gaza is done despite Hamas efforts for calm. While this may be true sometimes, the current attacks – some 180 rockets since Friday – are being done without any Hamas interference whatsoever.

Rubin Reports:

How to Make the `Bad Guys’ into `Good Guys’ By Pretending They’re Moderate Guys


Report: US ambassador to Egypt flees country after violent protests

On Friday, there were violent protests in front of the US Embassy in Cairo.  It appears that they were enough to prompt the US ambassador to flee Egypt

From the land of the plucky little king:

 An Irish Filmmaker sees the light:

I used to hate Israel. I used to think the Left was always right. Not any more. Now I loathe Palestinian terrorists. Now I see why Israel has to be hard. Now I see the Left can be Right — as in right-wing. So why did I change my mind so completely?    Thanks to TT for the tip.

Forty Shades of Grey (trailer) from Nicky Larkin on Vimeo.

What next? Fareed Zakaria as propaganda minister?

Obama Unmasked: Obama fails to Name Anti-Semitism envoy (whom he removed 6 months ago)



Newsweek’s Embedded Obama Campaign Reporter Joins Obama Administration

Just making it official:  his comrades are all the Public Relations branch of the Obama Administration.

 State Run Media indeed.

Photo of Tim Graham.

The revolving door between the media and Team Obama continues to rotate. Some journalists on the campaign trail were infatuated with Obama, and that’s certainly true of the Newsweek reporter who covered Obama in-depth (with the promise that nothing he learned would be revealed until after the election). Philip Klein on The American Spectator’s blog reported:

Daren Briscoe, a Newsweek correspondent who was embedded with Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, has taken a job with the Obama administration, according to an email sent to a listserv of his classmates at the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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Hamas "innocent civilian" of the day

With thanks to the elder of ziyon 

The EoZ PCHR research team, tentatively titled the “haqq” team (Arabic for “truth’,) continues to unearth more and more so-called “civilians” from the PCHR list that are anything but.

Today’s civilian is #267 of the PCHR list of dead Gazans, Abdullah Talal Ibrahim Aal-Sane’. Intrepid researcher Suzanne found a picture of Mr. Aal-Sane’:

Known as “Abu Hamza,” Aal-Sane’ was a sniper for the Al Qassam Brigades.

Doesn’t he look like an innocent civilian to you?

(Kudos to Suzanne, who is methodically Googling the Arabic names of every victim and discovering facts like these.)

We are now up to 283 fake “civilians” from the PCHR list, and we are up to 62.5% (177/283, including ten that the PCHR listed) of all the “policemen” listed there being known members of the Al Qassam Brigades or the PRC.

Iran: West Needs Brain-Police to Combat 'Islamophobia'

* Sure thing. Anything to shut you up. What’s next? Demand for re-education camps because resisting Islam causes wars?

According to scholar Bassam Tibi, “at its core, Islam is a religious mission to all humanity. Muslims are religiously obliged to disseminate the Islamic faith throughout the world. “We have sent you forth to all mankind” (Q. 34:28). If non-Muslims submit to conversion or subjugation, this call (da’wa) can be pursued peacefully. If they do not, Muslims are obliged to wage war against them. In Islam, peace requires that non-Muslims submit to the call of Islam, either by converting or by accepting the status of a religious minority (dhimmi) and paying the imposed poll tax, jizya.” 

* Islamic Dictionary for Infidels

West institutionalizing Islamaphobia

Iran Press TV

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki

Iran’s foreign minister says the West is institutionalizing Islampophobia to pretend that Islam is an enemy that should be fought against. 

* Hmm, I guess after 1400 years of Islamic warfare against the world we are still pretending. They’re not. Perhaps he has a point?/ed

“Islamophobia is a theory developed in the West,” Manouchehr Mottaki said in a forum under “Common World: Progress through Diversity” in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana, on Friday. 

“Following the collapse of the bi-polar system of the world, the liberal democrats tried to institutionalize Islamophobia as a theory in the West, because they wanted to indoctrinate the public opinion that there is a new enemy and that they should fight against it,” IRNA quoted Mottaki as saying. 

“Islamophobia is a challenge for all, because the issue heavily influences international peace,” Iran’s top diplomat warned. 

He added that resolving global challenges needs a global partnership, which should bring all the 

Tools sue Al Jizz: 'Sexist' Al Jazeera boss 'ruled like Saddam Hussein' says husband of sacked British journalist

*  Crack me up:  these cocksuckers sold their services to our enemy to  knowingly cook the news and  manufacture Isamofascist propaganda for Jihad TV, only to find out that they’ve been mere tools  in the great game for their Arab supremacist masters. So now they whine and complain that they been treated like s#*t?

That’s what you get for selling your sorry asses to the Arabs.

*  Earlier in the week we had the case of Campbell Brown and her husband Dan Senor, both traitors  who  not only sold out to the Koranimals to obstruct, pervert and distort what should be your  unbiased NEWS, but Campbell Brown was actually whoring around with Saudi Ambassador Al Jubeir for quite some time. These c*#nts should be behind bars for treason…

*  Saudi Arabia Gives Us Old Liar For New Ambassador

* Avi Lewis and other cockroaches like him must be thriving in this environment….

* Saudi Arabia’s most senior judge says it’s permissible to kill broadcasters of “immoral” television

By Sam Greenhill
Last updated at 5:04 PM on 10th September 2008



Ibrahim Helal       

Al Jazeera boss: Ibrahim Helal has been accused of sexism towards white British journalist Jo Burgin

A ‘sexist’ Arab boss at Al Jazeera television had the management skills of Saddam Hussein, a tribunal heard today.

Ibrahim Helal also tried to censor ‘anti-Islamic’ news stories such as the arrest of British teacher Gillian Gibbons in Sudan and the kidnap of BBC journalist Alan Johnston in Gaza, it was said.

Mr Helal is deputy managing director of the Arabic news channel’s English language service which is being sued for £1million by journalist Jo Burgin.

She is claiming sex, race and religious discrimination, saying she was sacked for being a white, British, Christian woman.

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