Hamas "innocent civilian" of the day

With thanks to the elder of ziyon 

The EoZ PCHR research team, tentatively titled the “haqq” team (Arabic for “truth’,) continues to unearth more and more so-called “civilians” from the PCHR list that are anything but.

Today’s civilian is #267 of the PCHR list of dead Gazans, Abdullah Talal Ibrahim Aal-Sane’. Intrepid researcher Suzanne found a picture of Mr. Aal-Sane’:

Known as “Abu Hamza,” Aal-Sane’ was a sniper for the Al Qassam Brigades.

Doesn’t he look like an innocent civilian to you?

(Kudos to Suzanne, who is methodically Googling the Arabic names of every victim and discovering facts like these.)

We are now up to 283 fake “civilians” from the PCHR list, and we are up to 62.5% (177/283, including ten that the PCHR listed) of all the “policemen” listed there being known members of the Al Qassam Brigades or the PRC.

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  1. Perhaps this information should be sent to the friendly media??
    We should fight fire with fire.

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