Poll results: What does it take to destroy Hamas?

11 % voted for “flatten Gaza”

11 % “Kill all Hamas Leaders”

  7 %  “Kill enough of them until they surrender”

71 % voted “all of the above”


New Poll: Can Israel survive Barack Hussain Obama?

* Algeria: 63 injured in anti-Gaza op rally

* Israel acts because the world won’t defend it

* Egypt’s Double Game

* Palestinian supporters desecrate OZ war memorial


* 5 Somali Pirates Drown With Share of $3M Ransom

* In Paris Islamists and their allies took to the streets to smash cars and demonize Jews.

Senior Hamas Commander Killed in Gaza Operation

Amir Mansi, the commander of the Hamas rocket launching program in the Gaza
City area, was killed today by IDF fire with assistance of the ISA. Mansi
was also the leading Hamas authority with regard to the long range Grad
missile launching program.

Amongst other activities Mansi directed and actively fired dozens of rockets
at Israel, killing and wounding Israeli civilians. Mansi was spotted firing
a rocket in the Jabel Rise area during a ground force operation today. The
forces opened fire, killing Mansi and injuring two additional terror

Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation


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Pals: no compromise "on right to overwhelm Israel" with refugees


78 Palestinian Refugee Organizations Write Letter to President Mahmoud Abbas

*  Palestinian man infiltrates Israel by swimming from Gaza

*  Slapstick Jihad triumphs again at the UN Human Rights Council

By Haaretz Service

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They're not immigrants or refugees, they're invaders

They just keep coming:

*  Europe is being overrun by black Africans and Arabs from the Middle East including Afghans and Pakistanis. Few of them are genuine refugees or asylum seekers, more than 90 % are Muhammedans and as such have no intention to integrate or assimilate in the host society. On the contrary, they intend to conquer by outbreeding the host country and with the help of useful idiots they’re pretty much on their way to achieve just that.   When Germany’s Andrea Merkel recently called for only Iraqi Christians to be allowed to settle in Germany she copped flack from all the do-gooders including Church groups who told her that she ‘had no right’ to discriminate. Fjordman recently posted an excellent essay about the new support industry of social workers who depend on this human problem like a drug-addict on the needle. Here are some links to update you on the latest developments:

Immigration: Reunion and Asylum, New Rules in Italy

Immigration: EU Okays Sarkozy Pact, Tougher Rules

Immigration: European Parliament Against Vote to Immigrants

Immigration: Italy; Funding for New Identification Centres

Immigration: 300 Rescued at Sea; Vatican Attacks Gov’t

Immigration: Frattini-Maroni, to Implement Accord With Libya

Immigration: Jesuits, Agreement Italy-Libya Ineffective

Italy: Over 200 Illegal Immigrants Head for Southern Island

How an Italian judge made the internet illegal

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Do we really want 'refugees' like this in Australia?

Death by Mango

Andrew Bolt

It was sold as a death caused by wicked John Howard:

A Palestinian refugee, Akram al Masri, who was deported from Australia in 2002 has been killed in his homeland less than six months after Australian authorities refused him a visitor’s visa. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Mr al Masri who was deported by the Howard Government and denied sanctuary in Australia again this year, has been shot dead in Gaza, leaving behind a wife and four children.

Turns out it was a death caused by a mango – and a culture best kept out of Australia:

IT BEGAN with a mango three years ago. A member of Gaza’s powerful Masri clan had stopped to buy fruit at a roadside stall in 2005, but the vendor did not have enough small change to break his 20 shekel note – equal to $5. The Masri man pulled a gun and killed the vendor, who was a member of the Abu Taha clan.

By the end of last year, the ensuing feud had claimed the lives of 29 people – 10 from neither clan. Sixty had been wounded and homes and businesses on both sides had been torched.

“We want to kill one more to be equal,” a member of the Abu Taha clan told a researcher for International Crisis Group. But then the toll moved to 10 Abu Taha and 11 Masris dead – and the Masris vowed revenge. This is the feud that is thought to have claimed the life last week of Akram al-Masri, 31, who was denied refugee status in Australia in 2002 and then deported.

*  Here’s the spin the Sydney Moonbat herald puts on this story

*  Immigration to probe refugee’s death

*  “Not in my backyard”  Outrage over Mundine’s ‘Muslim retreat’

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