Saudi sentenced for six wives


He was a member of the muttawa, the religious police*

JEDDAH: A court in Al-Masarha in Jizan region has sentenced a 56-year old Saudi employee of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (the Hai’a) to 120 lashes for being married to six wives at the same time, 20 lashes per wife.

He has been ordered to memorize two chapters of the Holy Qur’an. The court also banned him from traveling abroad for five years and delivering sermons or leading prayers in mosques. The accused had claimed he did not know it was against Islamic law to have more than four wives at the same time. He told the judge that he had no education beyond elementary school.

He faced the possibility of being stoned to death, a sentence applied in Islam against married men and women for adultery. Under Sharia rules, a man may marry up to four wives. However, the judge in the case, Sheikh Salman bin Yahya Al-Wadaani, said there was insufficient evidence to apply the Had Al-Zina (the sentence for adultery), according to Al-Watan daily.

The man was charged originally in June 2008 after he was reported for having three Saudi and three Yemeni wives. It also emerged during investigations that two of his Yemeni wives were resident illegally in the Kingdom.

The judge said there would be a separate case against him for marrying foreign women without official consent. No Saudi man or woman wishing to marry a foreigner may do so without approval from the Ministry of Interior.

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Slick Willie and the Petro-Dollars

But hey, don’t mention it: the nutroots from the MSM will blame Bush until the cows come home.

NRO/thanks to Counter Jihad: Saudis bribed Clinton with $10,000,000.00

The Saudis Gave At Least $10 Million To the Clinton Foundation

Saudis bribed Clinton with $10,000,000.00

In recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave between $10 million and $25 million to the foundation run by the husband of our current Secretary of State.

“Friends of Saudi Arabia” donated at least another million, perhaps another $5 million. So in short, since 1997, the Saudi Kingdom and its affiliated organizations have provided the Clinton Foundation at least $11 million, and perhaps as much as $35 million.

But I’m sure our Secretary of State held a hard line against them. Remember, it was thelast President who was a pawn of the Saudis, or at least the left insisted that was so.

Other foreign governments contributing to the husband of the nation’s chief diplomat: The government of Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Taiwan’s Economic and Cultural Office, Ministry for the Environment & Territory, Italy and the Sultanate of Oman.

Jamaica is listed as a donation between $50,000 and $100,000, with the specification, “100% pass through for commodity procurement.”

For foreign countries to be able to put money into an account controlled by the household of our top diplomat is an egregious conflict of interest, and  I cannot believe that the Obama administration shrugged its shoulders at this. The Foundation should have been put into a blind trust; there’s just too much potential for foreign governments to try to buy friendship (or access!) under this arrangement.

Also donating $250,000 to $500,000? Denise Rich, wife of infamous Bill Clinton pardon subject Marc Rich.

UPDATE: Freddie Mac donated between $50,001 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Insert your own punchline here: The Clinton Foundation received between $10,001 and $25,000 from the ‘I Won’t Cheat’ Foundation.

This one surprises me: between $10,001 and $25,000 from “Newsmax Media, Inc.”That Newsmax?

And where is Willie Clitman’s wife?  The secretary of state hasn’t been seen since December 22nd:

“Her striking absence from the world stage is a damning indictment of the lack of American leadership at a time of tremendous upheaval on the streets of Tehran, and when the United States is facing a mounting threat from an increasingly dangerous and hostile Islamist regime.”  More>>

My Allah is better than yours: Al Waleed bin Talal in the crosshairs

Saudi University Professor Yousuf Al-Ahmad: Al-Walid bin Talal, Other Owners of Saudi TV Channels Should Be Executed According to Islamic Law

Following are excerpts from an interview with Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad, a professor of Islamic law at Al-ImamUniversity in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The interview aired on Daleel TV on August 8, 2009.
To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit
“We Should Say to [LBC TV Owner] Al-Walid Bin Talal: Beware”
Interviewer: “A year ago, Sheikh Saleh Al-Lahidan issued a fatwa that made all hell break loose. He demanded that owners [of liberal Arab TV channels be placed on trial] and repent. Do you support Sheikh Al-Lahidan’s demand?”
Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: “I believe all Muslim scholars support him in this.
“I believe that one of our problems is that we continue to bury our heads in the sand, and talk about ‘Lebanese’ TV channels, as if we are being honest. Take LBC, for example. We all know who owns it. We should say to [the owner] Al-Walid bin Talal: Beware. The same is true of MBC TV, Al-Arabiya TV, the ART and Rotana channels – all these [Saudi] channels serve to destroy Islam and the Muslims.
“Regarding these base channels that I have mentioned, and others like them – I have no doubt whatsoever that their danger to the Islamic nation is no less than that of the Zionist Jews, or of the Crusader Americans in Iraq and elsewhere.”
Interviewer: “What led you to such an extremist view? Note that you are equating channels owned by Muslims, by Saudi citizens, with the Jews.”
“The Deadly Poison That They Are Spreading Has Reached the Bone Marrow”
Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: “I wasn’t equating them. I said they are more dangerous. I was being precise. In my view, the deadly poison that they are spreading has reached the bone marrow.
“The people who spread corruption in the land – whether highway robbers, drug dealers, or the owners of these TV channels, who are even more dangerous… These channels broadcast corruption and nudity. They are all people who spread corruption in the land, and they should be tried in an Islamic court of law and sentenced to death. This [fatwa] is clearly in accordance with Islamic law. There’s no doubt about it.”
Interviewer: “The ferocity of this fatwa has cast fear in the hearts of…”
Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: “… of the hypocrites.”
Interviewer: “In everybody’s hearts. Even in the West, it received much attention.”
Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: “Islam itself casts fear…”
Interviewer: “No, it doesn’t. Islam is a religion of tolerance and leniency, Sheikh.”
“We Demand That They Face Trial in an Islamic Court of Law”
Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: “Allah says otherwise. Islam is lenient, but the infidel West trembles in fear of it. Allah has ordered us to prepare: ‘Prepare for them what force and steeds of war you can, to cast fear in the hearts of Allah’s enemies and of your own.’ Our human nature may tell us that stoning is unacceptable, but this is a punishment decreed by Allah. If Allah decrees death – this is how it should be. If the Islamic scholars ruled that the punishment for drug dealers is death, this is how it should be.
“I believe that [the TV channel owners] are more dangerous than all of these. Forget about whether or not they should be killed – we demand that they face trial in an Islamic court of law.
“I call upon the good, honorable businessmen to contribute their millions in order to hire lawyers to file Islamic lawsuits against these TV channels owners, and to persecute them legally. I call upon lawyers and good people in Saudi Arabia, in the Gulf states, in Egypt, in Yemen, and everywhere, to banish them from all Muslim countries.”

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Al Waleed: not Islamic enough!

“We Should Say to [LBC TV Owner] Al-Walid Bin Talal: Beware”

Interviewer: “A year ago, Sheikh Saleh Al-Lahidan issued a fatwa that made all hell break loose. He demanded that owners [of liberal Arab TV channels be placed on trial] and repent. Do you support Sheikh Al-Lahidan’s demand?”

Sheikh Yousuf Al-Ahmad: “I believe all Muslim scholars support him in this.

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Saudi Imam: 'Drive The Jews And The Christians Out of the Arabian Peninsula'…

  •  Jews in Saudi? I thought Muhammad killed them all…


            Moving to Arabia soon, gonna be a mental toss tycoon…

First Black Saudi Appointed Imam of Haram Mosque in Mecca Accuses Shi’ites of Apostasy and Discusses Driving Jews and Christians Out of Arabian Peninsula; Claims His Appointment ‘More Significant’ than Obama’s Election

Following are excerpts from interviews with Sheikhh Adel Al-Kalbani, imam of the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca, which aired on BBC Arabic on May 5, 2009 and Al-Arabiya TV on February 27, 2009.  BBC Arabic, May 5, 3009: To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit
On BBC Arabic: I View Shi’ite Religious Scholars as Apostates 

Interviewer: “Do you support those who accuse Shi’ites of apostasy?”

Sheikhh Adel Al-Kalbani: “With regard to the laymen among the Shi’ites – this is debatable. But their religious scholars – I view them as apostates.

Interviewer: All of them?”

Sheikhh Adel Al-Kalbani: “With regard to the religious scholars, yes.”


Interviewer: “Are you in favor of allowing religious liberties in general?”

Sheikh Adel Al-Kalbani: “For us, liberty has limits. Would you allow a mosque to be built in the Vatican?”

Interviewer: “Sheikh Adel, the Vatican is the center of the papal church, while the holy places in Saudi Arabia belong to Muslims of all sects and schools.”

Sheikh Adel Al-Kalbani: “But in the Vatican, they do not allow [a church] to be built for the Protestants.”


Interviewer: “Where can Christians [pray]?”

“The Prophet’s Guidance… Dictates: ‘Drive The Jews And The Christians Out of the Arabian Peninsula’… They Should Be Allowed to Live Here Only If Their Presence is Essential”

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Who said Muslims never invented anything?

Patent for killer chip denied in Germany

* Hey, why didn’t we think of that? Here’s the missing Nobel Price stuff that makes your head spin:
The tiny chip can be implanted under the skin
A Saudi inventor’s proposal to insert semiconductors subcutaneously in visitors and remotely kill them if they misbehave will not be patented in Germany.

Hawke's Saudi friend jailed for drink spiking and assault

* With friends like these: Ol’Hawkeye jumps in the ring to bail out a Saudi “friend” who drugged and raped a young woman. Not to worry: the judge said “ the assault was in the moderate range of the offence.”

Gave reference ... Bob Hawke.
Gave reference … Bob Hawke. Photo: James Brickwood  


EVEN a reference from the former prime minister Bob Hawke was not enough to stop a Saudi businessman from being jailed for almost six years for drink spiking and indecent assault.

Safwat Abdel-Hady, 48, will be behind bars until 2014 for administering a stupefying drug to a Melbourne couple he met in the now-closed Barons nightclub in Kings Cross in November 2006. He was also convicted of indecently assaulting the woman, in her 30s, at his luxurious Mosman apartment.

Update: Hawke gets a case of the Rudds


  • Defends Burmese tyrants with everything he’s got: Bob Hawke in action

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Camel Urine Makes Big Comeback in Yemen

Update: Saudis can’t go past Camel Urine

Nano-particles in Camels’ urine may help treat cancer
By Farah Mustafa Wadi
Dr. Faten Abdel-Rahman Khorshid is responsible for one of the Kingdom’s greatest national achievements in the field of science for her work which began with the urine of camels and concluded in a potential cure for cancer. After spending more than five years in lab research, this Saudi scientist and faculty member from King Abdul Aziz University (KAAU) and President of the Tissues Culture Unit at King Fahd Center for Medical Research, has discovered that nano-particles in the urine of camels can attack cancer cells with success. Her work began with experiments involving camel urine, cancer cells found in patients’ lungs and culminated in injecting mice with leukemic cancel cells and camel urine to test the results. 
 More from the Saudi Gazette

Camel urine trade flourishing

* Thanks to all who sent this in. Unfortunately we can’t buy any shares in this venture…

Sanaa, 11 July (AKI) – Camel urine, considered an ancient Islamic ‘remedy’ from the time of the Prophet Mohammed, has become big business for men and women in Yemen.  

The urine has become fashionable recently among Yemen’s young people, who claim that it strengthens the scalp, slows hair loss and promotes healthy hair.

According to the Arab TV network al-Arabiya, hair salons throughout the country are requesting this precious ‘tonic’ and selling it at four dollars a litre – a high price considering the income level of most of the buyers.

“I have been using camel urine since I have been going to elementary school,” said Amal, a university student in Sanaa.

“The first time a neighbour told me that she had been using it (urine) for many years, because it made her hair more beautiful and shiny. Now everyone in my home uses it.”

The use of the urine is not just limited to women. Men have reportedly also been using it to prevent or stop hair loss.

“Many young men use the camel’s urine. I am forced to buy large quantities for my business,” said Hasan, a barber. 

A boom in the sale of camel urine has prompted people to begin breeding more camels, and they are constantly being given liquids in order to collect more urine.

Nomadic camel breeders have benefited the most from the sale of urine. The breeders are usually in the most remote areas of the country such as Hudeida and Mukallah provinces.

Some people also claim that camel urine is good for the liver, a claim discredited by the University of Sanaa that said it was harmful for the digestive system.

The use of camel urine could have its roots in Islamic religion. In the Prophet Mohammed’s “sunna” (or tradition), it talks about the benefits of camel milk and urine.

In a “hadith” (or narrative), foreigners are said to have gone to the holy city of Medina with high fever and the Prophet Mohammed ordered them to leave the city and drink urine and milk from a camel to help them recover.