Now They Go After The Shiites…

Saudis persecute Shi’ites as unbelievers

As always in these cases, sheik yer’mami is rooting for both sides:

Well, they’ve chased every other religion out of the country, so that leaves the Shi’ites to beat up on. And you know there’s a problem with the vaunted “Islamic tolerance” when Islamic intolerance is so rife even among different Muslims, all the way back to the dispute over Muhammad’s successor. “Shiites in Saudi Arabia discriminated against as “non-believers’,” from Asia News, September 4, via JW. Continued…

LGF Darling Van Jones: I’m Part of the “Global Struggle Against the US”….

Washington (AsiaNews) – Saudi authorities treat Shiite followers of Islam as equal citizens, by stamping out the “systematic discrimination” to which they are subject in the education, justice, work. This is what a report by Human Rights Watch, published yesterday calls for.

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Saudi Imam: 'Drive The Jews And The Christians Out of the Arabian Peninsula'…

  •  Jews in Saudi? I thought Muhammad killed them all…


            Moving to Arabia soon, gonna be a mental toss tycoon…

First Black Saudi Appointed Imam of Haram Mosque in Mecca Accuses Shi’ites of Apostasy and Discusses Driving Jews and Christians Out of Arabian Peninsula; Claims His Appointment ‘More Significant’ than Obama’s Election

Following are excerpts from interviews with Sheikhh Adel Al-Kalbani, imam of the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca, which aired on BBC Arabic on May 5, 2009 and Al-Arabiya TV on February 27, 2009.  BBC Arabic, May 5, 3009: To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit
On BBC Arabic: I View Shi’ite Religious Scholars as Apostates 

Interviewer: “Do you support those who accuse Shi’ites of apostasy?”

Sheikhh Adel Al-Kalbani: “With regard to the laymen among the Shi’ites – this is debatable. But their religious scholars – I view them as apostates.

Interviewer: All of them?”

Sheikhh Adel Al-Kalbani: “With regard to the religious scholars, yes.”


Interviewer: “Are you in favor of allowing religious liberties in general?”

Sheikh Adel Al-Kalbani: “For us, liberty has limits. Would you allow a mosque to be built in the Vatican?”

Interviewer: “Sheikh Adel, the Vatican is the center of the papal church, while the holy places in Saudi Arabia belong to Muslims of all sects and schools.”

Sheikh Adel Al-Kalbani: “But in the Vatican, they do not allow [a church] to be built for the Protestants.”


Interviewer: “Where can Christians [pray]?”

“The Prophet’s Guidance… Dictates: ‘Drive The Jews And The Christians Out of the Arabian Peninsula’… They Should Be Allowed to Live Here Only If Their Presence is Essential”

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Iraqi Shiites Getting Really Shitty

Iraq: US raid ‘crime’ that breaks security pact

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq’s prime minister denounced a deadly U.S. raid on Sunday as a “crime” that violated the security pact with Washington and demanded American commanders hand over those responsible to face possible trial in Iraqi courts.

Iraqi government rushes to defend Iranian-backed jihadists

“I always knew my man Nouri would carry my water for me”

The Iraqi Democracy Project, which I thought was doomed even before it started, was always liable to create a Shi’ite client state for the benefit of Iran, since the Shi’ites have the numbers on their side in Iraq. The whole thing was predicated on a misapprehension of the importance within Islam of the imperative to impose Sharia. Now, in any case, the Shi’ites and Iran are clearly in the driver’s seat.

“Iraq: US raid ‘crime’ that breaks security pact,” by Brian Murphy for AP via JW

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Paki Suicide Bomber Exports 30 Shiites to Allah

Suicide blast in Pakistan; 30 roasted

ISLAMABAD: A suicide bomber on Sunday struck a religious gathering of the Shia community killing at least 30 people and injuring over 200 others in Chakwal area of Pakistan’s Punjab province, a day after terror attacks in the country claimed over two dozen lives. ( Watch ) 

The Times of India has more>>

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Baghdad: Shiites blow up Sunni's and both blame BUSH & the U.S.

* And vice versa, of course. Sunni’s blow up Shite’s too.

*   Should we care? Of course NOT! Its not our business. We are not into ‘nation building’- who made us do that?  Who was the imbecile who wanted to bring ‘democracy to the Middle East?’-  Who was the madman who was obsessed with shining the light upon the Muslim nations, only to enable a few parasites to  give Iraq (and Afghanistan) a ‘democracy under sharia?’

                      Baghdad Eid ul-Fitr bombings kill up to 24 people

Up to 24 people were killed and scores more injured when bombs exploded close to two mosques in Baghdad where Shia worshippers had gathered today to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid ul-Fitr.

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