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Kuwait: Muslim takes 2 maids home for trial, rapes and returns them next day…

“Not fit for the job..!”

Arab Times

Kuwait : A man in charge of a maid recruiting agency has accused a Kuwaiti citizen of raping two Eritrean maids recruited by him, reports Al-Shahid.
In a case registered at the Jahra police station, the man said the citizen had come to his office and taken the girls on a trial basis. The citizen had promised to transfer their residence if their work was good. The man said he was surprised when the citizen returned the maids the next day claiming they were not fit for the job, taking advantage of the maids’ inability to understand Arabic. After he left the two maids revealed they were raped by the Kuwaiti and his friend.
Investigations are underway to find and arrest the citizen and his friend.

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  • Liberated (by the US) Kuwaiti Professor Likes the KKK and Suggests a Biological Attack on White House

    * Islamic gratitude alert: Kuwaiti Professor Fantasizes Of A Biological Attack On The White House

    * Needless to mention that he is a professor of Islam…

    According to the professor: “One person, with the courage to carry four pounds of anthrax, will go to the White House lawn, and will spread this ‘confetti’ all over them, and then will do these cries of joy. It will turn into a real celebration.” Well, considering the “real celebration” that took place around the Islamic world on 9/11, he’s probably right.

    “On Al-Jazeera TV, Kuwaiti Prof Suggests a Biological Attack on White House, Prays for Bombing of Nuclear Plant on Lake Michigan,” from MEMRI, February 16 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

                       Kidnappers Extend Deadline On US Captives Life

                       Poison Letters sent to Israeli Embassy in Norway

    Following are excerpts from a speech by Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Al-Nafisi, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on February 2, 2009. Continue reading Liberated (by the US) Kuwaiti Professor Likes the KKK and Suggests a Biological Attack on White House

    Exclusive: Radical Muslim Chaplains – Root Causes of Islamic Fanaticism and Terror


    Nabeel Al Awadhi, a Kuwaiti Muslim, calls himself an “’alem” (scientist, Islam-expert), theologian, writer, chaplain, and a pious Muslim who shows Muslims the right path to Paradise.
    Nabeel Al Awadhi
    He wrote in the daily Al Watan, (February 8, 2009), “We Arab Muslims must start thinking of producing nuclear bombs. We can finance that with our petrodollars, and use Egyptian brains to make that dream come true. Our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, ordered us, ‘to prepare every thing possible to fight the infidels’ (meaning Christians, Jew,Hindus, Buddhists, etc.). These people understand only the language of power. We’ll tell the world: ‘Aslem Taslam (either you submit to Islam, or you’ll have to die.”
    Nabeel Al Awadhi is stuffing the brain of one his fans with explosive stuff
    As Ali, a Kuwaiti, read that he said, “Oh my God! Who is going to operate our oil industry, electricity and water plants? They are all operated mostly by non-Muslims, at least in the Arab oil countries.”
    In Hawalli mosque, he said in a Friday preach (January 9, 2009), “It is not true that the Americans liberated Kuwait in 1991. It was Allah. He simply used the American troops to liberate our country. Therefore, we must thank Allah, not the Americans.”
    On Kuwait TV, he told his audience (February 2, 2009), “I know of many cases of Muslims who were infected with cancer. They drank Zamzam water (from “holy”Mecca) and were completely cured. You just need to believe in it, believe in Islam and his prophet.”

    Kuwait "rejects Terrorism in all its forms", calls for its definition

    From our “Islam explained” department:

    * Obviously, they don’t know what terrorism is, so they would like you to explain it to them. Or do they? When you take a closer look, they actually tell you that they don’t want you to take a closer look, because they might not like what you might find:

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 10 (KUNA) – Kuwait late Thursday rejected Terrorism and criminal acts in all their forms and manifestations and urged the international community not to link them to any particular religion, civilization or ethnic group.



    * The good Muslims in this picture blame infidels for terrorism in the form of cartoons. Terrorism for them also means the efforts of infidel nation states to protect themselves against Islam terror,  or resisting the spread of Islam. Killing infidels is not considered terrorism, in fact “Tabari IX:69 – “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us (Muslims).” 

    * Here we go: whatever you do, don’t connect the dots! Just don’t look at Islam!


    Continue reading Kuwait "rejects Terrorism in all its forms", calls for its definition

    Kuwait 'Human Rights' Circus: YouTube Must Erase Anti-Islam Material

    From the “whatever it takes to shut you up” department:


    That is, material that reports accurately about Islamic teachings and Muslims acting upon those teachings. “Uttering profanities against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the worst form of human rights violation in the world.” Worse than murder. Worse than slavery. Worse than torture. Worse than genocide. Because only Islam matters, Nothing but islam.

    Free speech death watch update: “‘YouTube’ must erase anti-Islam material: KHRS,” from Arab Times,  with thanks to JW:

    Continue reading Kuwait 'Human Rights' Circus: YouTube Must Erase Anti-Islam Material