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UNESCO: Certified Lunatic Farouk Hosny Gets the Boot: Instantly Blames da Jooozz…

UNESCO bid reveals rampant Egyptian antisemitism

Farouk-Hosni-001You can put a monkey in a suit and you can put lipstick on a pig, but you can’t cure a Muselman of his obsessive Jew-hatred

Egypt has a peace accord with Israel and is supposed to be discouraging antisemitism within the country. But the Farouk Hosny bid to become chief of UNESCO reveals just how spectacularly Egypt has failed to live up to that commitment. And that, of course, is not surprising, given the deep Koranic roots of Islamic antisemitism. But that is something no one is supposed to notice. More on this story. “Egypt Ponders Failed Drive for Unesco,” by Michael Slackman for the New York Times, September 29:


CAIRO — For days after Egypt’s culture minister, Farouk Hosny, failed in his bid to lead the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Egyptian newspapers and government officials presented the defeat as a sign of Western prejudice against Islam and the Arab world, the product of an international Jewish conspiracy.

America, Europe and the Jewish lobby brought down Farouk Hosni,” read a headline in an independent daily newspaper, Al Masry Al Yom. The foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, criticized “international Judaism and Western powers” in a television interview. Mr. Hosny himself helped stoke those sentiments, saying, “There was a group of the world’s Jews who had a major influence in the elections who were a serious threat to Egypt taking this position.”

All of Egypt, indeed all of the Arab world, was talking with one voice of outrage and insult.

Or so it seemed….

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Jewish Snakes

Israel Incites Snake Attacks?

This post should be in the early September archives, but slithered by in transition. Lord Voldemort back from the dead? Dr. Dolittle run amok?


Anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic hate propaganda in cartoons published in the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda

Apparently Zionists speak Parseltongue in addition to programming squirrels, pigeons, rats, and wild boars, though the latest critter may have a “real life” mechanical counterpart. You can’t make this stuff up alert: “Jews Train Snakes to Attack Palestinians” by Earl Morningstarr,The Morningstarr, September 8, JW:

Egyptian would-be burner of Jewish books, defeated in bid to head UNESCO, whines — and blames the Jews, of course

Arabs in Samaria have complained that attack snakes are being sent into the area from the Israeli city of Ariel, one woman has been bitten by one such snake. The local Palestinians base this accusation on the fact that a woman nearby to Ariel was bitten by a snake which witnesses say then fled back towards the city. The Palestinians interpreted the snake’s heading as a clear indication that the reptile was a trained assassin working for Mossad.

Iranian police to shopkeepers: Tone down those racy mannequins!

Sharia Alert: Yes, even this is a police matter. “Iran police ‘target mannequins’,” from BBC News

New York Jihad:

Appearing to be more serious by the minute. New York Jihad Plot Update. “Up to 24 More People Under Scrutiny as NYC Tightens Security in Terror Probe,” from FoxNews, September 23 (thanks to Islam In Action

Post-Ramadan jihad in Algeria

After a quiet Month of Jihad, the jihad actually resumes. “Terrorism: Algeria, Several Attacks In Kabylie, Fatalities,” from ANSAmed, September 22

But remember; there is no jihad going on, its all an invention by the religio- Zionist press in order to tarnish the image of Islam….

“Bawer argues that Europe is currently falling victim to a ‘silent Jihad,’ a hidden holy war perpetrated by radical Islamists on Western, social-democratic values”

Will the Islamophobia never stop?

Bruce Bawer is entirely right about this. “Author warns of the ‘silent Jihad,'” by Dan Delmar for The Suburban, September 23 (thanks to JW:

Pakistan, after being paid billions by the U.S. to fight terror (and giving much of it to jihadists), wants the U.S. to reimburse it

The sequel of this post: Paki PM Zardari: “You Can’t Tell Us to Give Up Jihad Terrorism …

The Suppression of Free Speech in Europe

Europe’s War on Free Speech

Its not only Europe that is pandering to the OIC: the Obama czars are working overtime to re-introduce the “fairness doctrine” and there is a whole lot of new “hate-speech” laws about to be introduced that would criminalize criticism of Islam. In case you don’t know it yet, the Obama-bastards are also out to get control over the internet, the last bastion of free speech: Obama Plans Internet Grab: FCC to Embrace ‘Net Neutrality’

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Below is a report by Dale Hurd of CBN News about the suppression of free speech in Europe. Thanks to the Islamization of Europe and the influence of the OIC, “defamation of religion” laws work in one direction only: in favor of Muslims and against everyone else.

Lars Hedegaard of the International Free Press Society and Geert Wilders — two people who are already well-known to Gates of Vienna readers — are prominently featured in this video:

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