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Jihad in America's Classrooms: Infiltration, Subversion, Deception

“Destroying Western Civilization From Within”

Members of the Mission Viejo Chapter have produced a report that exposes how it came about that publishers and schools fell prey to deception about Islam and gives preliminary recommendations on how to recognize and stop this deception. 

Click on report  “Islam in America’s Classrooms: History or Propaganda?”

Please share what you’ve learned with family, friends, neighbors, teachers, school board members, local leaders…

How Islam was introduced into our elementary schools:

The Clinton and Islam Partnership

Evidence of Negotiations using America’s Public School Children

Much of this post researched and confirmed by Wes Vernon of NewsMax ,   Paul Sperry of WND and now Bob Unruh 10/19/06

    Sources thoroughly provided

Abdurahman Alamoudi with Willie Clitman & the Goracle…

Abdurahman Alamoudi, President of the American Muslim Council, supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and accused of ties with Osama bin Laden, helped develop “Religious Expression in Public School” which was launched by Clinton in 1995. These “Presidential Guidelines” greatly impact public schools today. Nadine Strossen, President of the ACLU, refers to these guidelines as the authority to support the ACLU’s lawsuits restricting Christmas celebrations and removing Nativity scenes from public schools. Meanwhile all practices of Islam are encouraged.

School districts are pressured to utilize these dubious guidelines, which Clinton sold to America as “issued by 35 religious groups,” including the American Muslim Council/Alamoudi/suspected terrorist.

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US: Spy for Iran Receives 15 Month Sentence

* Free Pollard Now!

Source: AP

Is there a bigger nuclear threat to the world today than that posed by Iran’s possession of nuclear arms? Providing nuclear software to Iran which he stole from the largest American nuclear plant where he was employed, netted Mohammad Reza Alavi, an American [Iranian-born] spy, fifteen-months in prison.

* Debbie Schlussel: New Justice Dept Double Standard: “Jews Shouldn’t Get Bail”

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Victory for Serbia and Justice at the United Nations. AND: America’s Stature Revealed



                                     Bin Laden Mosque in Kosovo

By Julia Gorin

REVEALED: What the U.S. has done to its stature via the Balkans: Yesterday, while 77 countries voted in favor of the Serbian initiative requesting the ICJ to rule on the legality of the unilateral secession of its Kosovo province, take a look at the power team voting against:

Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Albania and United States of America.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

From the De-construct.net blog:

Statement of the Day

“Perhaps 48 countries did recognize Kosovo independence, but it may be worth mentioning that the other 144 did not.”

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U.S.: Who cooked the U.S. Schoolbooks?

Study says US textbooks misrepresent Jews and Israel, glorifies Islam

“…Arab countries never initiated wars against Israel, Arab nations desire peace while Israel does not, Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus and  textbooks tend to discredit the ties between Jews and the land of Israel” along with another 5 tons of garbage. The US board of education better start to get its house in order!


American elementary and high school textbooks contain many “gross misrepresentations” of Judaism, Christianity and Israel, according to a book-length study released this week by the San Francisco-based Institute for Jewish and Community Research.

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Tancredo introduces anti-Sharia "Jihad Prevention Act"


*  America’s Geert Wilders, Tom Tancredo is making all the right noises. Unfortunately, he is not running for the presidency. This is all good stuff, but still short of internment and deportations. But we got to start somewhere: 

 * Robert Spencer: In the wake of Britain’s capitulation to Sharia, this is just the kind of law we need. I am very glad to see Congressman Tancredo doing this, and hope that it will at very least ignite a national debate about this issue.

“Tancredo Proposes Anti-Sharia Measure in Wake of U.K. Certification of Islamic Courts,”

fromBorderfire Report, September 19 (thanks to JW & ZIP):

WASHINGTON, DC – Amid disturbing revelations that the verdicts of Islamic Sharia courts are now legally binding in civil cases in the United Kingdom, U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) moved quickly today to introduce legislation designed to protect the United States from a similar fate.

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U.S. Congressional Representatives' Stance on Jihad and the War of Ideas

By Jeffrey Imm/Counterterrorism Blog

* Wanna see how your congressman voted about using words like ‘jihadist’, ‘jihad’, ‘Islamo-fascism’, ‘caliphate’, ‘Islamist’, or ‘Islamic terrorist’ by or within the intelligence community or the Federal Government?

*   You have a right to know. Click here


Levant and Steyn are fighting for the defining ideal of Western civilization which, once lost, would spell the beginning of the end of all our other freedoms”

One way or another we must stop the fatwa industry in its tracks. 

National Post: Paving the way for ‘soft jihad’


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