The (Possible) Prosecution of Geert Wilders


by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna


Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report on the multiple concerted attempts by various people and organizations in the Netherlands to have Geert Wilders prosecuted for his unacceptable opinions. There are many within the current Dutch government who would love to see this happen, if only a way could be discovered to legally accomplish it.

VH begins with a translation of an article in, and then follows it with his own compilations from various Dutch media sources:

Court considers prosecuting Wilders

Geert WildersThe court in Amsterdam will decide this year about a prosecution of Geert Wilders on the basis of discrimination. This is what the Court wrote to lawyer Els Lucas. The former PvdA [Labor] candidate for the City Council of Lelystad filed complaints against Wilders several times. Wilders is also invited to the Court to tell his story, the letter states.

In July a special discrimination department of the Public Prosecutor decided not to prosecute Wilders for a number of expressions done in the media, and in his film Fitna.

Els Lucas and two other parties [one of them René Danen’s Netherlands Admits Color] have filed an appeal against this decision. The appeal will be dealt with this year.

*   Jerusalem to Host Ant-Jihad Convention in December,” by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News,

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Dutch TV pulls the plug on Wilders speech: "Moroccans are colonizing the Netherlands"

*  The speech the Dutch are prevented to hear:

Moroccans are colonizing the Netherlands, Geert Wilders argued Wednesday during a session of parliament. According to Wilders the Moroccans did not come to integrate, “but in order to subjugate and dominate the Dutch.”

From Islam in Europe

Vilified: Geert Wilders

“We are losing our land to the Moroccan scum who go through life cursing, spitting and hitting innocent people,” according to Wilders. “They accept all too happily our benefits, houses and doctors, but not our standards and values.”

* Diana West: Losing Europe to Islam

According to GroenLinks head Femke Halsema, Wilders again reached “a high point of radicalism” with his statements. She called his positions “unethical and untenable.’ (Inverted reality and typical Muhammedan projection: accusing the victim of wanting to defend himself, thus, the victim is the real radical, the real terrorist/ed)

According to Wilders there are ‘two Netherlands’. the Netherlands of the cabinet is one of “insane climate hysteria and the unstoppable Islamization.” The other Netherlands, “my Netherlands,” he says, “is that of the people who pay the bills and are robbed and threatened by Islamic street terrorists.”

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

Update: Klein Verzet reports Dutch TV pulled the plug on Wilders speech. The speech itself as broadcast on TV can be seen here (in Dutch)