Gaza kids ‘training to kill Jews’

*  Not to worry: Olmerde & Condi Clueless will provide them with a state, money and weapons!

*  Note that these kidz are training to kill Jews, not only the ‘evil Zionists!’

*  From the ‘Peace in our time’ department:

Gaza: “We Don’t Play Like Other Kids Because We’re a Part of Jihad , our Mission is to Liberate Jerusalem”……

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Salah al-Din Brigades training dozens of Palestinian children to ‘fight the Jews and kill Jewish children’. Eleven-year-old trainee: I’d rather die fighting the occupation than die at home from a missile. Islamic Jihad threatens to unleash ‘the fires of hell’ on Israel
Ali Waked 

The armed Palestinian groups in Gaza have recently stepped up their military training amid what they refer to as the threat of a wide-scale Israeli operation in the Strip.


 In this framework dozens of children have undergone training in the past few days by gunmen from the Salah al-Din Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees. The training included firing pistols and rifles.


 “I am learning how to fight the Jews and kill Jewish children,” 11-year-old Muhammad told Ynet, “the parents of the Jewish children are the soldiers and officers who kill us here. I want these parents to get a taste of what it’s like to have your children killed, just as the Palestinians experience every day.


 “I would rather die fighting the occupation than die at home from a missile, which is what happened to hundreds of Palestinian children,” he said.

‘A taste of what Palestinians experience every day.’ Muhammad

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German Troops Kill First ‘Person’ in Afghanistan

* Of course the poor, innocent fella was no Talib at all, he was an ‘unarmed shepherd..’

Six years into its Afghanistan mission, the German army has killed a person there for the first time. Reports, though, are conflicting. While some speak of a firefight, others say it was an unarmed shepherd. The incident is part of a wider flare-up of violence in the country.

Indonesia: Muhammedans ready for Ramadan


Zur GroßansichtAFP
Jakarta, Indonesia: Muslims are preparing themselves in the Istiqlal Mosque with a special prayer  for Ramadan. At a time when food prices in many countries are unusually high, we should expect outbreaks of violence. (Interesting. next time you go shopping and you find food-prices high you should instantly start to engage in violence, how’s that?)  During Ramadan, Muslims should abstain from morning until dusk of eating, drinking and sexual intercourse.

Hollywood’s Terror Avoidance

The ‘WoT’ through the eyes of Hollywood


Hollyweird cop-out?

Regent's Park Mosque

Jeffrey Nachmanoff, the writer-director of “Traitor” is tired of Hollywood‘s evasiveness when it comes to international terrorism. “If you’re trying to make an ambitious movie that’s for adults to talk about and start a discussion, [and] no one gets upset about it, then you haven’t really dealt with the subject at all,” he says.

Employing that calculus, very few directors have really dealt with the war on terror.

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NSW Terrorism Trial: Judge Wants Glass Screen Removed Because “They Might Not Get a Fair Trial”

*  Yep. DownUnder we are. Australia is the place where everybody deserves a FAIR GO. Especially if you are Muslim, then you deserve an extra fair go, no matter what the cost…  because the poor buggers are suffering “enough prejudice already..”

Glass screen to go from terror trial

Natalie O’Brien/The Australian


HE judge hearing NSW’s biggest criminal trial has ruled that the glass-enclosed dock used to separate nine men accused of terrorism-related offences from the rest of the court should be removed because it could stop them receiving a fair trial.

Supreme Court judge Anthony Whealy said in a judgment yesterday that the presence of the fixed glass screen at the front of the dock was likely to prejudice the jury hearing the case against the men, who are accused of plotting a terror attack in Sydney.

Justice Whealy said the accused men faced enough prejudices already

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Italy promises 5 billion jiziyah to Libya

*  There are no words…

Italy says sorry to Libya “for damage inflicted during colonial era”

* Why would you apologize to this murderous scumbag? Whatever works in Libya is because of Italian “occupation”…
Imed Lamloum I AFP —

 *  Saif Gaddafi has criticised Lockerbie relatives for being ‘greedy’

*   Gaddafi’s son: We lied about Lockerbie

BENGHAZI, Libya: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi yesterday apologized to Libya for damage inflicted by Italy during the colonial era and signed a $5 billion investment deal by way of compensation.

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Bunglawussi Watch blames BNP for connecting Heroin trade with Muhammedanism

“Fascists blame Muslims for heroin trade”

“In its desperation to have a go at Muslims, the BNP – as it always has – ignores the facts or only produces half-facts to support its racism, its hatred of Islam”  

*…blah blah: which race is Islam again?

* Our advice to anyone who receives one of these leaflets is to report it to the police as incitement to religious hatred. I’ve already done so – if we all do it, we can eventually get the vermin who deliver this rubbish off our streets.

* Blame Muhammedans for the heroin trade (which is a fact) and you are a racist who incites religious hatred. But what about getting the heroin off the streets, wouldn’t that be more important?

* Fact:  “Before the Islamic invasion, it was almost impossible to find heroin in our land.”

* Fact:  “”For all intents and purposes, Muslims are exclusively responsible for the heroin trade.”

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youthsArrested Muslim Thugs

Thanks to the Opinionator

In what can only be described as a sinister etched pattern comes yet another incident of a muslim gang attacking a lone victim. The attack took place in the East End of London. An area once known for its tough but “heart of gold” indigenous British Londoners who inspired the long running TV show by the same name.


Quote of the day:

“No people in history have ever survived who thought they could protect their freedom by making themselves inoffensive to their enemies.” Dean Acheson,former Secretary of State (D)


Filmed at a top U.K. mosque: “Loyalty is only to the Muslim, not to the kaffir [disbeliever]“

More on this story. “Preachers of separatism at work inside Britain’s mosques,” by Sara Hassan for the Telegraph,

* Full article on page 2

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