Are Americans more ignorant than Europeans when it comes to the freedom sack?

Because the lame stream media insists its all about ‘choice’, rather than opposing the misogynist  lunatics that  whack the crap out of their women when they refuse:

WASHINGTON /AFP— Days before French lawmakers are due to vote on a bill that would make it illegal for Muslim women to wear full veils in public, a US poll has found that a majority of Europeans back such a ban while Americans reject it.

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Retreat From the "Nick?" Not So Fast…..


FORMER sex discrimination commissioner Pru Goward says genital mutilation of girls is widespread as doctors here consider the practice.

By Padraic Murphy and Kate Sikora/Daily Telegraph

“There’s not been one prosecution. People coming here as a refugee or a migrant need to have it explained to them it attracts a jail sentence, we will prosecute you and if they don’t like that they should apply to go to another country.”

The Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetricians will next month discuss backing “ritual nicks”, a modified form of genital mutilation.

With the rise in Somali and Sudanese living in Australia, doctors are seeing more cases of young girls, and women, needing surgery after illegal operations. Backers of “ritual nick” said it was a superficial procedure leaving no long-term damage.

RANZCOG secretary Gino Pecoraro said the policy would be discussed at next month’s Women’s Health Committee meeting.

“We will need to start to think about [its introduction] but we would have to speak to community leaders from Australia,” Dr Pecoraro said.

“If a nick could meet the cultural needs of a particular woman, then it might save her from going through what can really be drastic surgery.

“But we need to make sure we do not legitimise the ritualistic maiming of children.”

But many are outraged, some saying a “ritual nick” is still child abuse and legitimises female mutilation.

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Just a little “NICK”, right?

Warning: Graphic Stuff!

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"Backlash", Muslims Fear "Backlash!"

And since Muslims are so fearful and afraid of this mythical ‘backlash’ there are literally thousands of useful idiots  who will write anything to portray Muslims as victims.  SELWYN CRAWFORD  from the The Dallas Morning News is only too happy to oblige:

Dallas area  Muslims fear backlash over arrests tied to terror plot

Update:  After jihad terror arrest, Dallas Muslims pledge new cooperation with FBI, anti-terror programs in mosques — no, wait…

3 cases of willful blindness:


“Teenager”  Hosam “Sam” Smadi

North Texans were both angry and relieved last month when federal agents arrested a Jordanian teenager in a failed plot to blow up a Dallas skyscraper.

But for area Muslims, the arrest of 19-year-old Hosam “Sam” Smadievoked yet another emotion – fear.

“Being a Muslim in America today is not easy,”

said Hadi Jawad, a longtime Dallas business owner and a volunteer at the Dallas Peace Center. “We feel under siege. There is open season on our faith. Muslims are painted with a broad brush.”

You can write  SELWYN CRAWFORD  from the The Dallas Morning News  here: if you think this kind of reporting sux.

Here, the enlightened progressives from “Harry’s Place” on Wilders UK visit:


One would be forgiven for thinking Wilders paid this rent-a-crowd of nuts to stand there appearing to prove his point in front of assembled MPs, journalists and the world’s TV cameras? He may as well have!

It must be repeated though that these ‘Islam4UK’ types are not representative of the average British Muslim. They are the mirror image of the far-right. So their provocative act was not an own goal at all. They are not trying to improve relations between Muslims and wider society. They are not trying to address anti-Muslim bigotry. In fact, they’re trying to exacerbate it. They also see a “clash of civilisations” and are anxious for the war to begin. They are also fascists.

You see, the enlightened progressives just know that these  ‘Islam4UK’ types are not representative  of the ‘average British Muslim’. They just know. One of the posters on Harry’s goes even further:This is a cover to try and recruit some of the 99.99999999% of British Muslims who entirely reject al-Muhajiroun’s message of hate.” You really wonder who does the research for them….

Some go even further, as we can see in the third article from Andrew Bolt’s blog:

So-called terrorists and so-called useful idiots

Gerard Henderson on the excuse-makers:

Last week the ABC 702 radio presenter Deborah Cameron referred to the ”so-called terror trial in Parramatta”. On Friday, after deliberating for over a month, a jury at the Supreme Court returned guilty verdicts against five men on terrorism charges. The jurors were unaware that four other men, charged following the same police investigation, had already pleaded guilty and had been sentenced.


Clearly the jury was convinced, beyond reasonable doubt, that the five men acted in the preparation of a terrorist act. Certainly the evidence, albeit circumstantial, was overwhelming. There were numerous intercepted conversations and telephone buggings and some of the men had collected large quantities of weapons and ammunition, along with chemicals that could be used in constructing explosive devices.

What was a “so-called terror trial” to an ABC presenter in Ultimo was the real thing to the men and women of the jury in Parramatta.

In her initial report of the jury’s decision on The World Today on Friday, Philippa McDonald, even after the guilty findings, was still referring to what had been “alleged” against the men. She editorialised the case was “hugely circumstantial” and maintained it “had to be said that, for a lot of the Crown case, the defence came back with something else”.

There is considerable evidence that members of what is best termed the civil liberties lobby – including some journalists, lawyers and academics – do not want to accept that a few men in Western societies want to engage in violent jihad.

Henderson goes on to name Phillip Adams and some person of even less consequence.

Another Look at the Obamabastard

America, You’ve Been Punk’d

By Pedro Primavera/American Thinker

It’s okay to admit it: you thought you were voting for a more benevolent and wiser version of Tiger Woods when all you got was a smoother version of Chicago-style, brass knuckle politics. It isn’t so much that you voted for the wrong guy; you were lied to by the media.

But you should have known better. Chicago has a long and storied run of thoroughly corrupt political bosses giving envy to any third-world dictator. Barack Obama also ran around with loony-tune communists and wild-eyed radicals including his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who makes the loosest of cannons seem laser-guided. Then he tells us absolutely nothing about himself other than what is in his — not one but two — autobiographies.

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7 years after 9/11 Americans remain clueless as ever about jihad

Reaction to Obsession DVD distribution shows many Americans clueless about jihad


The DVD Obsession is being packaged with the morning paper all over the country, and millions upon millions of copies have been distributed. That’s all to the good, but the reaction to it shows in numerous ways that many, if not most, Americans have no clue about what we’re up against.

* From Robert Spencer, JW

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Mama Moonbat gets the creeps over ‘Obsession:’

Pennsylvania woman deeply offended to learn that there’s a jihad against the U.S.A.  “They’re just instilling fear in us. I’m tired of living in fear.”

Truth offends her, the picture on the cover of the DVD scares her…

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Sorry folks: Muhammedanism is not American, and its not like apple pie…

Fitzgerald: Muslims and America

We have a message: Muslim Americans are as American as apple pie” – from this article in The Guardian about Muslims at the Democratic National Convention in Denver

From the Imam’s article posted December 1, 2005

*  Musulmaniacs discovered America long before Columbus? NOT!

If Muslims are “as American as apple pie,” are they as American as pumpkin pie, the pumpkin pie traditionally served at Thanksgiving, which like Independence Day, Memorial Day, and other national holidays, are not to be observed by observant Muslims, for only Muslim holidays, Muslim history, Muslim everything, counts?

And one more question. If Muslims have no trouble at all being “as American as apple pie” then surely they have no trouble viewing the defining document of the American polity, the Constitution of the United States, as worthy of their complete loyalty. And that includes, of course, the guarantees of individual rights in the Bill of Rights. And since the Bill of Rights is so very close, in so many of its key provisions — freedom of speech, freedom of conscience (which naturally includes the right to apostatize) — to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, can we conclude that American-as-apple-pie American Muslims find it puzzling that all of the Muslim countries (save for the Shah’s Iran, and most temporarily and temporizingly) have failed to subscribe to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and instead have concocted a Muslim version, the so-called Cairo Declaration, which in every essential respect, involving individual rights, fatally vitiates the original, Universal Declaration?

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