The Collapse of Civil Society

‘No-Go Zones’ Are Increasing Rapidly

Denmark: Police chase car in Muslim ghetto — “Too dangerous to get out of the car in an area like this”

Here is a video clip from a Danish documentory series about the police. In this short clip, a police officer chases a Toyota north of Copenhagen. When the Toyota drives into a Muslim ghetto, the officer encounters another problem: He cannot get out of his car in an area like this.

Muslim parallel societies are truly a direct attack on our countries.

No Free Speech in Berlin, Kreuzberg:

200 radical leftist cowards gang up on 20 dissenters:

200 linke Feiglinge vertreiben 20 Rechte (in German from PI)

No Islam-critique at Marburg Uni:

The meeting “Sex and Scharia” planned for the 27th of  June about sexual relationships in  Islam  with Thomas’s Muzzle,   author of the book “Sex, Djihad and despotism”, in the premises of  Marburg university did not take place. A group of approx. 40 pro-Islamists who infiltrated the hearing distributed  flyers  and managed to prevent the seminar by  means of whistle noise.

Keine Islamkritik an Marburger Universität

Die für den 27. Juni um 20 Uhr geplante Veranstaltung “Sex und Scharia. Zum Geschlechterverhältnis im Islam” mit Thomas Maul (Foto), Autor des Buches “Sex, Djihad und Despotie”, in den Räumlichkeiten der Marburger Uni hat nicht stattgefunden. Einer Gruppe von ca. 40 Störern, die ein Flugblatt verteilten, gelang es, den Veranstaltunsbeginn mittels Trillerpfeifenlärm zu verhindern. [mehr]

Glenn Beck: the Last Two Shows

Glenn Beck TV (June 29, 2011)

The final countdown, folks. One more show and that’s it. Say what you will, but GB stands heads and shoulders above all the talking heads on today’s TV.

Whatever you do, don’t miss …the final episode. Tell a friend, tell a family member…The Glenn Beck Program on Fox News Channel will officially come to an end today, as Glenn leaves his Fox studio and makes his way across Midtown Manhattan to do a special LIVE kickoff event for GBTV…sign up today!


June 29, 2011 (Ann Coulter)

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Handmaidens of Satan

This is prophecy taking place


Dictatorial Allures

The impostor’s failure to lead

Herman Cain released an epic video ad today slamming radical Hussein Obama.
The video includes several great Marxist-praising moments from the past two and a half years. Via FOX Nation thanks to GWP:  Herman Cain’s  Epic Obama Attack Ad (Video)

Israel, the Obaminator’s greatest problem:

UNREAL!… Obama Puts Israel on List of Countries That Promote Terrorism

Body language expert Tanya Reiman told Bill O’Reilly recently that Obama lied – He was no friend of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Reiman said that Obama had “contempt in his eyes” and displayed it with his body language when he was with Benjamin Netanyahu.   It was obvious. (GWP)

The contempt runs in the family:

Michelle Obama’s appearance eon the cover of Vogue featured an odd and unnatural hand gesture. Look at her left hand in the image below: (source)

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Fartwa: Death to Those Who Will Not Pray

Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan: Any Muslim Who Refuses to Pray Is an Infidel, and Must Be Killed (Translating Jihad)
Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan, a member of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars, explains in this short fatwa that any Muslim who refuses to pray has become an infidel, and therefore must be killed.

You’re either in or out.  Muhammad himself used to burn  the huts of those who did not come to prayer:

Muhammad the firebug:


“I would order someone to collect firewood and another to lead prayer. Then I would go burn the houses of men who did not present themselves at the compulsory prayer and prostration.”

In Saudi Arabia, Renewed Discussion On Fatwa Permitting The Killing Of Coworkers Who Do Not Pray (MEMRI) on a tip from Vlad

A 2009 fatwa by Saudi Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, which permits an employee to kill his coworker if he does not pray, has reappeared in discussion on Internet message boards and social networks.

Extremist fatwas such as this raise the question of whether they should be issued by individual clerics, or by groups of clerics such as the Saudi Association of Senior Clerics – Saudi Arabia’s official religious institution.

Source:, June 28, 2011.


The Mohammedan Invasion of the West

By Janet Levy (American Thinker)

Modern Day Trojan Horse:  The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration
By Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi
Within the past few decades, mosques have increasingly dotted the landscapes of American and European cities and towns, with mega mosques often overshadowing adjacent, centuries-old churches in predominantly Christian regions.  Islamic schools or academies and a host of Muslim organizations have become omnipresent across the West.
Meanwhile, Americans and Europeans have made countless accommodations to Muslim demands. They have included footbaths; high-decibel, five-times-daily calls to prayer; segregated male-female gym and swimming pool hours; halal food; workplace dispensations for handling pork products and for female head and face coverings; and special, public prayer rooms. Also, shari’ah-compliant financial transactions, the expunging of offensive likenesses of Mohammed or imagined depictions of Arabic characters that connote “Allah,” official swearings-in on Korans in place of customary Bibles, the neutralizing of official descriptive language about Islamists and the jihad, the revision of so-called offensive content in movies and television programs, the removal of representations of pigs from the public sphere, and many other acculturations to Muslim entreaties have all been made in the service of respecting Muslim religious beliefs and practices.

‘Undesirable’ and ‘dangerous’ immigrants who have committed serious crimes in Britain cannot be deported if they face ‘ill-treatment’ at home because it is against their human rights, say EU dhimmis. (Full post below the fold, or go to Daily Mail)

Ann Barnard is looking for good links or citations on any topic relating to Islamic Sexuality

The Gates of Vienna received a request for any topic on Islamic Sexuality from Koran-burning buzzsaw Ann Barnhardt . She will be the keynote speaker at a Las Vegas event in September, for which she needs it.

Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil

So anyone who has any material on Islamic perversions should send it to Ms. Barnhardt. Her email address is posted on her website.

As you may know, WoJ is a treasure trove of information, and you can get yourself  a gut-full of  this stuff anytime you come along for a ride.  How’s this for starters:


“Ghazali, in his book, Ihya’ Ulum al-Din (Revival of Religious Learnings) writes that prayer, a big family and poverty will ensure Paradise (al-Ghazali, 1993, p. 2.28).”

More on Ghazali, from Abul Kasem:

The most appalling narration of Ghazali’s declaration of absolute superiority of men over women is written in this fashion:

“Prophet said – if husband would be covered with pus from head to toe, and wife would lick it, even then wife’s gratitude to husband wouldn’t be fulfilled.”

Your sexual intercourse with your wife is an act of charity. If you throw your semen in lawful things (inside a vagina), you will get rewards. (p.1.236)

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Netherlands: “One dog less” — Young Muslims jeer and mock at Christian funerals, pound hearse with fists

Dead Infidel Dogs

Netherlands: “One dog less” — (Jeering the dead)

Why is this tolerated?  One hint why the Dutch Government has decided to scrap multiculturalism.

Wakademic Rot

Not worthy of the name “academic”

A scandalous attempt by “academics” not just to gag free speech, but to counter inconvenient opinions with a cowardly ban rather than an argument:

More than 50 Australian academics have signed a letter urging Western Australia’s Notre Dame University to cancel a speech by British climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton…

… a letter signed by more than 50 academics has called on the university to bar the controversial speaker, saying “he stands for the kind of ignorance and superstition that universities have a duty to counter”. 

Shame on them. These people are the scum of the earth.

Economic Brown (-out)

Professor Sinclair Davidson explains why Greens leader Bob Brown is a an economic menace:

Yesterday, at the National Press Club, Brown did his best to stoke up anger against investors from “Switzerland, London, Calcutta, Beijing” and foreigners who, according to a study commissioned by the Greens and released yesterday, own 83 per cent of Australian mining companies.,,

Brown may have good intentions but he is economically illiterate. That illiteracy is likely to cost ordinary Australians dearly; many will lose their jobs and their standard of living is likely to fall…. A lesson for Brown

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A Brother for the Brotherhood

No surprises here:

O’turd  to resume formal Muslim Brotherhood contacts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States has decided to resume formal contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday, in a step that reflects the Islamistgroup’s growing political weight but that is almost certain to upset Israel and its U.S. backers.

How much (more) does it take to understand that a Musel-Putz in the white house is a disaster?

Obama Regime Puts Israel On List Of Countries That Support Terrorism

Only in the twisted world of the Obama Administration, where allies are trashed, and enemies are embraced, could the tiny nation of Israel, on the front lines of the war on terror for decades, be on a list of 36 nations which “have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations or their members.”   (Israel On List Of Countries That Support Terrorism– Yid with Lid)

Class Warrior in Chief

“All your private jets are belong to me”

“Keep in mind that the business community is always complaining about regulation. When unemployment is at three percent and they’re making record profits, they’re still going to complain about regulations because frankly they want to do whatever they think is going to maximize their profits.” (O’turd  Channels Marx at News Conference)