‘Jihad’ sheik to face new police probe

Simon Kearney/The Australian
January 19, 2007

“Out of context..” – You decide!

THE firebrand cleric (are there any other ones?)

who went overseas just days before some of his cohorts were rounded up in the nation’s biggest counter-terrorism raid is the subject of a new police investigation, after a call for children to join jihad as holy warriors appeared in a DVD being sold in Australia.

Sydney-born Sheik Feiz Mohamed’s radical sermons – available on the internet and on DVDs and videos – have become popular with Muslims around the world.
In one video, running on the hugely popular website YouTube, he admonishes his followers in English for not “sacrificing a drop of blood” as martyrs.


Australian Federal Police said yesterday they had begun inquiries into Sheik Feiz’s DVD encouraging jihad, which is believed to be unclassified in Australia and illegal to sell.

NSW Premier Morris Iemma accused the cleric yesterday of inciting terrorism.

“This DVD goes a lot further than vilification,” he said. “The sort of incitement that the DVD encourages is incitement to acts of violence and acts of terror.”

Sheik Feiz, a member of Sunni Islam’s fundamentalist Wahhabi sect, left Australia for Lebanon in late 2004, just days before federal and state police and ASIO conducted raids in Sydney and Melbourne, arresting 23 people on terror-related charges.

The cleric calls two of the accused terrorists close friends and knew all of the Sydney men arrested.

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And finally, Mr. Slime himself, the odious ‘out of context’ Keysar Trad, in damage control mode:

“Keysar Trad, spokesman for the Islamic Friendship Association, said that the sheik’s comments did not reflect the sentiments of Australian Muslims.

“As a community, it is quite disconcerting for us that these comments are found from time to time and they’re broadcast all over the news,” Trad said. “They certainly give the public an erroneous impression about Islam and Muslims.”

* Translation: Keysar Trad is ‘disconcerted’ that Muhammedan hate-speeches are reported in the news, embarrassing, isn’t it? 

Tell me more, Keysar, tell me more! Like ‘Australians are the dregs of white society…?’ Remember that line….?

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  1. How much of their own blood do these “holies” ever give to jihad? Not a damn drop, because they always live long lives while other idiots heed their words and become “martyrs”. One has to be a total idiot to be in the cult of death just on this point alone.

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