Aussie PM Sends Goodwill Message, Muhammedans Outraged!

From the Herald Sun:

PM moves to defuse hate row

*The honorable Mr. John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia

Gerard McManus and Michael Harvey
January 19, 2007 12:00am
THE text of a Prime Minster’s message that sparked a religious storm has been released in a bid to calm the row.

Prime Minister John Howard inadvertently sparked the storm when he taped a goodwill message for a fundamentalist Christian group accused of inciting anti-Islamic hatred.

Islamic leaders condemned Mr Howard for appearing in the DVD message for Catch the Fire ministries.

The controversial movement has sponsored a major multi-denomination gathering in Melbourne on Australia Day.

The PM’s office has just released text of the Australia Day message which reads;

“Hello there.

“I am delighted to send my good wishes to everyone attending the 2007 United Prayer meeting. Today is, of course, Australia Day.

“It’s a time when we celebrate the freedom and privileges we enjoy as citizens of a great, prosperous and peaceful nation – so blessed with an abundance of natural beauty.

“It’s also a time to reaffirm our commitment to shared values and our abiding loyalty to our nation, Australia. Christianity has been an enormous force for good and has done more than anything else to shape the lives, not only of millions of Australians, but the character of our nation.

“I congratulate Catch the Fire Ministries for bringing Christians from many denominations together for this celebration and I wish you all at very happy Australia Day.

* Pastor Danny Nalliah from Catch the Fire Ministries
“Your prayers for our nation are deeply appreciated.”

But the PM’s decision to back the event has been described as “dangerous”. (You see, Islam has to dominate at all cost, Christians have to be ‘dhimmies’- ‘protected’ people who pay the Jiziyah while being subdued, with willing submission. Criticism of Islam will immediately result in violent, murderous riots and Soliman believes this state of subjection is already in place in Australia)
Muslim community leaders said Mr Howard risked legitimizing hateful anti-Islamic views.

“It sends quite a dangerous message to mainstream Australia that extremist views and hate speech is normal and justified,” said former president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Yasser Soliman.

(Yasser Soliman doesn’t tell us what the perceived ‘hate-speech’ is,- reading from the Koran?)

The usual suspects:

Waleed Aly * Yasser Soliman *Keysar Trad family
The outcry comes as Federal Police launched an investigation into inflammatory comments by Sydney’s Sheik Feiz Mohammed, which included a description of Jews as pigs and calls for children to die as “martyrs of faith”.

The hateful comments appeared in DVDs of Sheik Feiz’s lectures, being sold in Australia and the UK.

Acting Attorney-General Kevin Andrews said the Government was concerned about a pattern of behaviour among outspoken Islamic leaders.

Hmm, by cheering up Christians Howard must be seen as an enemy of Islam. It certainly didn’t take long for the soldiers of Allah to attack, just watch all the ‘moderates’ seething! Curiously, you haven’t heard a word of critique about the London mosque hate-mongers who want to ‘drink the blood of all infidels’ and call Christians and Jews ‘apes and swine who must be killed’….


Here is a letter from one who gets it:

Let me remind you that the court of appeals has overturned all the findings of Judge Higgins that said they incited hatred against muslims. Let me also remind you that many of the accusations that they incited hatred were based on these people accurately quoting passages of the Koran. The suggestion that they incited hatred is only in the minds of some people who cannot accept the finding of the court of appeals.
Posted by: kevin millar of Melbourne. 10:48am today
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Read it all….

…and don’t forget to read the comments: Notice that 90% of the posters are Muhammedans who pretend to be Hindu’s or Christians, seething, whinging, obscuring and trying to deflect away from their vile cult….

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4 thoughts on “Aussie PM Sends Goodwill Message, Muhammedans Outraged!”

  1. Going by his name and appearance, Pastor Nalliah would appear to be most likely a Maronite (Lebanese Christian) – one of many who have fled to Australia to escape from Islamic violence in their homeland, and obviously have good reason to be wary of the advance of Islam in their new home…

  2. I think the US and Australia should merge. We could use your PM as our head of state. Here in the US our esteemed president sends greetings too-to the cult of death! At least one head of state isn’t appeasing the “peaceful ones”-very nice to see.

  3. Vera wrote some poems about it:

    Friday, January 19, 2007
    The out-of-context imam song

    Don’t judge this harshly, I was fairly drunk when I wrote it. Supposed to be sung to the tune of West Side Story’s “Gee, officer Krupke”.


    Dear kindly Western people,
    You gotta understand –
    It’s lack of understanding
    That gets us out outta hand.
    You quote us out of context
    When we say “kill kuffaar!”
    That’s why, of course, we blow up a subway car.

    Gee, infidel swine, we are very upset;
    We never have respect that an
    Imam oughta get.
    We ain’t no extremists,
    We’re misunderstood.
    We are fully moderate and good!
    We are good!
    We are good, we are good,
    We are totally good.
    We are multiculturally good.


    Dear kindly Western people,
    You have yourselves to blame:
    You drew cartoons of Prophet
    Without a trace of shame.
    And then twelve evil pictures
    Did not incite enough.
    So we added three more
    To make the things more rough.


    Dear kindly Danish people,
    Please don’t misunderstand:
    When Israel is bombing
    And shit has hit the fan
    Please give me your protection
    Under the red-and-white –
    Oh shit, I burned all your flags
    I found the other night.


    My dear fellow clerics,
    Try to avoid the worst:
    Before inciting murder,
    Get citizenship first.
    I said the subway bombings
    Were very, very cute.
    Holy shit – now my ass is in Beirut!


    All women are dumb bitches,
    Avoid them if you can,
    Because they have some hormones
    Unlike the real men.
    You also should kill faggots
    And former Muslims too,
    But stay away from pigs
    Because a pig might be a Jew!


    My dear British people,
    Don’t blame us for this shit,
    We are completely blameless when
    The preacher it a twit.
    He only preaches here,
    Has naught to do with us,
    And he hasn’t even
    Blown up a single bus!

    He’s taken out of context,
    He wasn’t preaching hate,
    He only meant that gays should
    Be killed in Muslim states.
    Don’t kill the gays in Britain
    Or even apostates –
    Instead let’s work on making
    UK a Muslim state.

    You damn Channel 4, we are very upset;
    You don’t give us the context a
    Good mosque oughta get.
    We ain’t no extremists,
    We’re misunderstood.
    We are fully moderate and good!
    We are good!
    We are good, we are good,
    We are totally good.
    We are multiculturally good.


    My dear Muslim children,
    It sucks to be alive.
    I’d love to be a martyr,
    But now I’m sixty-five.
    Please meet Allah before me
    As quickly as you can.
    Only by exploding
    You become a real man.

    Australians are awful,
    Let’s tell it to the news:
    Their ancestors are convicts
    And some are even Jews.
    Their women do not wear
    A burqa at the beach.
    And they print out of context
    Most everything I preach.


    You fucking kuffaar, we are very upset;
    You don’t give us the context a
    Good imam oughta get.
    We ain’t no extremists,
    We’re misunderstood.
    We are fully moderate and good!
    We are good!
    We are good, we are good,
    We are totally good.
    We are multiculturally good.

    # posted by Vera : 1/19/2007 03:34:00 PM

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