Rahim Ghauri Calls Sheik Hilali “Lousy Guy”

Rahim Ghauri, Islamic Council of Western Australia


*Sheik’n some cat-meat

Mufti Sheik Hilali “Lousy Guy”


Rahim Ghauri, leader of the Islamic Council of Western Australia, said the Islamic community should not be held accountable for one cleric’s offensive remarks.


“Some lousy guy stands up and calls himself a leader of the Muslims, calls himself a cleric because he can read the Quran,” Ghauri told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. “Why do people like me (have to) sit here and give an interview because every Tom, Dick and Harry gets up an makes some stupid comments?”


Well, uh, maybe because al-Hilali is the leader of the Muslims in Australia.


Robert Spencer over on Jihad Watch puts it all in context for you:


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  1. Are any of these losers halfway decent looking? They all look like they come out of some horror movie, which is fitting considering that their ideas belong in one.

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