Al Jizzeera & The Muhammedan Propaganda Jihad

By Sheik Yer’mami

Misspelling intended:

Allowing Al Jizzeera, a Muhammadan propaganda network, to disseminate enemy propaganda into America’s living rooms is the utmost folly. This is not ‘freedom of speech’ – its idiotic. It is equally bad to have numerous hate-stations like Al Manure (misspelling intended) beam ME-filth all over Europe, where 20 million Muhammedan immigrants are constantly fired up about perceived wrongdoings by western ‘imperialists or colonialists’,- and the call for jihad becomes irresistible to those ‘youths’ who normally torch cars to advance the global jihad.

Not everybody is that smart, not everybody understands what the Muhammedan agenda is all about, and we are at war. Given that ‘war is deception’- we are handing the enemy a major victory by allowing them to spread poison in our society, when we haven’t got the chance of a snowflake in hell to get a reciprocal arrangement.

Charles from LGF has a take on this:

The chances for Al Jazeera becoming a “force for good” are slim to none. The organizations and forces behind Al Jazeera have nothing but hatred for the West, have declared war on us, and are actively dedicated to our destruction. We would not have allowed the Nazis to broadcast their propaganda in the US during World War II, and we should not allow this enemy media front to spread its poisonous ideology in the US today.

4 thoughts on “Al Jizzeera & The Muhammedan Propaganda Jihad”

  1. Al Jazeera does indeed stink, but then again it isn’t a great deal worse than any of the major networks-CNN being the worst of the bunch. With the networks constantly harping on US “atrocities” in Iraq and at Gitmo and the fact that they constantly proclaim how Islam is peaceful I don’t see why Al Jazeera is even necessary to advance the enemy’s cause.

  2. That is true too.

    CNN is shameless and a hopeless propaganda station that foments Clinton euphoria. It is sooo annoying to have this Hillary-thing pushed in your face all the time. With him, the forever smiling face of the yesterday-man, saying ‘buy me, buy me…’

  3. That was a war on nazism, this is a war on terror. The terminology we use in this war is aiding the enemy which should be stated as a war on jihad, the evil intolerant element of islam to spread its form of submission on the whole world.

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