Sheik to run for Iemma’s seat, says report
January 20, 2007
Article from: AAP

CONTROVERIAL Muslim leader Sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilaly is considering running in the March 24 state election for Premier Morris Iemma’s seat of Lakemba.

The sheik will also endorse two Muslim candidates for the Labor-held seats of Bankstown and Auburn, newspaper reports said.

While the mufti has not yet named the candidates or confirmed his own intentions, his frequent spokesman and defender Keysar Trad confirmed he was considering taking on Mr Iemma.

“If the community intimates its desire to run him, we would accept him to accede to the community’s wishes,” Mr Trad reportedly said.

“It is time that politics in NSW received a good shake-up and Iemma’s dilemma will be the dearth of Lakemba voters who are dissatisfied with the shortage of facilities and services and will vote accordingly.”

Sheik al-Hilaly told SBS Arabic Radio from Egypt: “I am consulting with some of my brothers and, on my return, we will agree to nominate a sincere, honest Australian personality whose loyalty is totally to Australia and who is able to make contributions to the Lakemba electorate and NSW in general.”

Mr Iemma said he was looking forward to a showdown with the sheikh.

“I am confident the majority of my electorate, including the majority of Muslim constituents, would back my views any day,” he said.

Lakemba is 13 per cent Muslim. Mr Iemma won 64.21 per cent of the vote in the last election.


  1. Lakemba is in NSW, APF. I believe this is where the large mosque is. Mainly Lebanese muslims. Sheik might know more. I don’t live near there.

    This could be an intersting development as the Labor party has sucked up to the muslim vote. The Liberal party i.e. the party in power federally, is more aware of the muslim situation.

    I am a bit surprised the meat mufti didn’t go for a liberal seat, but then again his chances of winning would be more remote. I doubt he will beat Iemma, but then again Lakemba has a large muslim population.

  2. sorry to correct you Granfam,
    if the Liberal party was more aware of the muslim situation they wouldnt have illegally invaded a muslim country ( Iraq).
    any idiot knows that was a mistake except the Bush loving cronies in the Liberal party. Now look at the mess they have got us in !!! Consider yourself lucky there have been no Australian casualties. If we had been sustaning casualties at the rate the dumb yanks have there would be approx 30 Australians killed by now. Luckily the Aussies are in the less volatile areas ( i.e not the Sunni triangle ). If Aussies were being killed in a war based on lies there would be an outrage in this country because our soldiers are highly trained professionals unlike the dumb yanks who just send in blacks and hispanic cannon fodder.

  3. Jihadi
    you are confusing 2 separate issue here.

    The liberals I am referring to, like Costello, Downer, Rudd etc are more aware of the LOCAL situation.

    I was not referring to foreign policy. This is not the issue on this thread.

    You just get a kick out of telling me I am wrong. Care factor? Zero!

    I tried to answer a question posted by Alarmed Pig Farmer. If you can help answer his question better than I did, please feel free to do so.

  4. Jihadi

    ps just as a courtesy extended to posters universally:

    Try to use their correct screen-names when replying.

    I post under “Gramfan” not “Granfam”. Thank you.

  5. you just don’t get it. The reason why the LOCAL muslims are angry is because our government supports illegal invasions of muslim countries.
    Labor will not support such a thing so naturally the local muslims will be attracted to vote for Labor. It’s because of our foreign policy that this nation has never been so divided. And with Howard throwing his weight behind a fundamental christian group we will saw even more division in the community.

  6. Rubbish as usual.

    Muslims all over the world were angry long before Iraq was invaded.If they are not angry with the west then they are angry with each other.
    example: the Iraq-Iran war, Sunni versus Shi’ite. And now hamas and fatah.

    Can you tell me how the muslim world reacted when saddam hussein invaded Kuwait? Oh I forgot! That was okay because it was one muslim country invading another so that’s fine I suppose?

    I will agree on one thing: Iraq shouldn’t have been invaded. It would have been much better to let them keep their murderous dictator as it seems to me he understood them well and knew how to keep control. What a waste of life it has been – and I mean on all sides – and for what? Oil.

  7. Lakemba is a south-western suburb about 15km from Sydney’s CBD. Dont let the troll change the subject. Hilali running for office, what a joke, it would be an interesting outcome.

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