Jihad continues in Londonistan

 A while ago we heard about a case of wounded British soldiers abused and assaulted in their home country’s public hospitals, by- you guessed it-  people of the Muhammedan persuasion.

Why the Blair government is unable to put their brave soldiers into secure military hospitals remains a mystery, could it have anything to do with egalitarianism in this strange multiculti environment?

Now similar stuff emerges, but not to worry: We are only dealing with a ‘tiny minority of extremists’- of course: 

Muslim Brit Soldier Targeted for Kidnapping, Beheading

January 31, 2007
Richard Esposito Reports:

A British soldier who was both a Muslim and a Pakistani was the target of the Birmingham area fundamentalist plot to torture and behead the soldier in England and then distribute video of the gruesome acts, ABC News has learned.

It is the first kidnapping and beheading plot known to have been planned for execution in Europe or anywhere else outside of the Middle East and southwest Asia in the current war on terror.

Nine alleged kidnap plotters — all reportedly of Pakistani descent and all reportedly members of the same Birmingham mosque — have been arrested in the plot, British authorities said.

The soldier is now in protective police custody, two sources tell ABC News.


Source: British Beheading Plot Was ‘Days Away’

January 31, 2007 10:56 AM
Brian Ross and Alexis Debat Report:

A plot to kidnap and behead a British soldier on videotape was only “days away” and led to the arrests today of nine men in Birmingham, England, a Scotland Yard source tells ABC News.

Most of the nine men are described as British citizens of Pakistani descent who are being held under Britain’s new anti-terror laws.

A British intelligence source tells ABC News that a British soldier had already been selected as the victim, based on instructions the men allegedly received by e-mail from “outside the country.”

The operation began in the pre-dawn hours this morning with police raids at 12 locations in Birmingham. Police said they would not reveal the identities or the ages of those arrested.

Police in England seems most concerned about ‘revealing the identities’ of those arrested. 

4 thoughts on “Jihad continues in Londonistan”

  1. Name those “Asians” already! Hell, those idiots are proud of what they were ready to do-I’m surprised they don’t reveal themselves.

  2. A harsh thing to say,but the police should have waited until after they had committed the act,we may not hear so much of the whining.

  3. These Muslims who came to Europe from other countries like Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt should first learn to appreiciate the United Kingdom for giving citizenship. Are they crazy, can they live peacefully in Pakistan where they see killing and torturing every day. Europe should ban all mosques and teach them the real values of humans. They should be asked what came first, religion or humans. We have seen Red Indians, Aborigins, etc and they are much better than these muslims.

  4. WWW3 is already well underway…ie Islam vs the Rest (I mean the West)…..Bin Laden fired the starting gun – and as per the previous 2 world wars. the UK is leading the way in appeasement and assisting in the creation of full blown anarchy – you would have thought they would have learnt from their past efforts – since they wouldn’t even exist today if it hadn’t been for the USA. But now the USA has the same problem – it has to be like a powderkeg about to go off. it’s just matter of when.
    Oh well – I guess that’s life on this planet….though it’s still not too late for Australia…maybe we need a third political force…I dunno maybe the 3rd…mmm…party…reich ..maybe…of course this would require mainstream media support………

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